Characteristics Of People Who Can Readily Connect With Others

I was thinking of a client who makes her living hooking people up.  One key to her success is her ability to connect with people – a lot of people.

I realized I also have this skill. I am generally able to connect with a client who is a complete stranger and deliver them something useful in 30 minutes, usually less.  This got me wondering what it is in my chart or hers that allows us to do this.

I think in our cases, Jupiter is a strong player.  We’ve both very broadminded and accepting of others. We are not judgmental. We both have a strong philosophy around how we deal with other people. There are things we would never do.  Like betray someone for example. I think consistency like this breeds trust.

I am sure there are other components and I wonder if anyone wants to contribute to this.

Do you know someone who can easily connect with… almost anyone?  How would you see a gift like this in a chart?

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  1. I think I’m like that. I guess my Gemini stellium in the 9th makes me a powerhouse for it and it is trine my Jupiter in Aquarius. It’s a really nice feeling to be able to connect people. I think I have done it quite a number of times.

  2. Yes, I can easily connect with almost anyone. I don’t like judging people. It’s no use to do such thing. We are all learning who we are and having a human experience.

    With Jupiter Leo 11th house, I’m wise to understand how important it is to connect with others.

    I expand myself through learning from others. What a gift!

    Thx Universe for having such a chart.

  3. For myself, I’m gonna say my Sadge Sun& Asc. along with Mercury & Venus in Sadge. Also, the Cancer Moon in the 7th. All of the Sagittarius for the tolerance, broad outlook and being able to communicate across cultural lines. The Cancer Moon for sensitivity, listening and an emotional connection.

  4. i see myself as someone who can easily connect with others…

    11th house sun/mercury on Cancer
    MC Gemini jupiter

    Aquarius moon ?

  5. I am a very social person. I always make an effort to connect with everybody. I love people!
    I would agree that Jupiter is a strong player but I will also give credit to Uranus for the acceptance of eccentricity and diversity.

    I have Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in my chart and in Sadge! I also have a Pisces stellium in the 9th house and I’m an Aquarius. I think having mutable energy helps because it give flexibility!

  6. It is interesting the different combinations raised here. I get along with even the most difficult of personalities. I attribute it to my Libra Rising – I am hopelessly kind 🙂 – and my neptune square venus – oh those rose colored glasses :-).

  7. When I want to, I can — 11th House stellium in Aquarius – non-judgemental.
    Also instant-intimacy i.e. people tell me their problems i.e. Pisces on my 7th – my own boundary issues draw them in….

  8. I think the lack of conjuncts or hard Saturn aspects to the Sun, Moon, Venus (and possibly Juno, but I’ve yet to do the research-but Juno does have something to do with partnership, so it’s logical to conclude that possibility). tends to make it easier for other people.

    I have a lot of hard aspects to my Saturn, which I think contributes to a sense of distance and some difficulties-but at least it’s a nice counterbalance to my first house Neptune, if it wasn’t for Saturn I’d hate to think what situations I may have put myself in, so thank goodness for Saturn’s boundaries.

    However, I think my having a Gemini Sun and Jupiter w/Sagittarius rising does aid me in other areas despite my Saturn difficulties, as does my Venus in Taurus. They don’t make me touchy feely by any means, just easier to get along with despite Saturn’s limitations.

  9. I wonder about this Elsa.. I have ASC Gemini trine Pluto in libra and both trine my north node and MC in Aquarius. Also a strong neptune influence with a pisces sun?

    This do it?

  10. Moonpluto, Neptune ON my 7th.. and I see my boundry issues in this at times as well. Opposing my saturn at the end of my 12th.. By progression my saturn is now conjunct my ASC and While I am still conecting I am seeing a difference in my enabling.. like I am not enambling others anywhere near the way I used to. There is hope 🙂

  11. I had always attributed it to my stellium in Pisces and my Neptune in the 1st house, but you got me looking at my Jupiter which is in Aquarius and wondering if that might contribute as well… hmmm

  12. I’m very empathic and empathetic. I have a DESIRE to connect with others and have honed that talent to point where I can connect with them and then be my offbeat self and still be accepted in return (er..most times). Venus in Virgo..I’m observant of what you like and am willing to give that to you in an effort to help or serve. Merc in Scorp supports the ability to dig in and see even what you think you aren’t showing. Pisces Moon..might project a little but has no trouble imagining being in your shoes. 🙂 My jupiter sextiling that moon helps me be optimistic about your situation and open minded enough to look at all the possibilities.

  13. Hi Elsa,

    I have Jupiter in Aquarius exactly conjunct my descendent at 7 degrees Aquarius. I have the ability to do that – connect with people from all places, races and classes. I put it down to being a humanitarian.

    If you look at the chart overall, I have had to learn to be more discerning, like it or not.


  14. I have a kind heart and I think that has allowed me the privilege of being able to connect.

    I don’t know about the astrology of it because I think any sign/combo of planets can be kind.

  15. I have Saturn/Jupiter in Capricorn. I don’t know if that’s what makes me so reserved, but even my boundaries have boundaries…

    I can be very warm and friendly, but when someone violates the social contract by being an ass it’s instant arctic chill. I try not to say anything cutting, and boy can I. I have to sit on my merc in Gemini so I don’t bring a sword to a knife fight.

  16. As a total libra, I really do believe we are meant to connect to each other, our fellow men, and live in harmony. I think everyone has the ability to connect with everyone – that it is in everyone’s chart, just manifests differently (leo, 9th house, jupiter whatever you want to call it) – and the extent to which we allow that ability to shine through is a personal choice.

    It’s like love. It’s like saying I have a lot of love in my life, and I know other people who do too. Love is a feature of every chart. Connectedness is the predicate for this love. Hence, the ability to connect is something that is not a signature to be found in a chart, but the basis of all.

  17. I like that… “the extent to which we allow that ability to shine through is a personal choice.” So many studies point to emotional connectedness as the basis for happiness.

    I’ve always struggled here. I have sun trine moon, so I think my first impression is easy. Lots of Jupiter contacts… Then I have pluto opposite sun on my ascendant, which squares my MC, and all hell breaks loose later. I’m still trying to figure this one out. I’m zeroing in on myself lately. Astrology helps here.

  18. I don’t buy the idea that love is all you need — add work and integrity, too! With merc & neptune and south node all conjunct my Libra ascendant, I don’t even want to connect to ugliness –physical, spiritual or moral. Also, with moon and jupiter in Capricorn & saturn in Virgo (squaring venus in Sag), I don’t really want to connect with laziness. I do love to meet people who inspire, especially those who have overcome obstacles and still maintain a magnanimous spirit. (And generosity melts my soul!)
    I feel universal connections through ideas and music, but not always in person. Is it wrong to be selective in establishing personal connections when you have family, work and other responsibilities? Is this being too judgmental?

  19. “Is it wrong to be selective in establishing personal connections when you have family, work and other responsibilities?”

    I don’t think so. If you lie down with dogs you get fleas and all that. But in my case, I am in a helping profession and it is imperative I connect with the client.

  20. Elsa, you express yourself SO expressively!
    I guess we do reveal our charts through our work — I’m a lawyer who prefers mediation/settlement to litigation. But I do try to help friends through astrology when I can. It takes one’s whole self to read a chart — Elsa, you give a lot!

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