The Aries Point: Cardinal Signs And The Seasons

Spring“That’s my baby: She can be all four seasons in one day.”

The term “The Aries Point” at its core refers to the position of zero degrees Aries. It is the one degree position out of 360 in the zodiac. If you have a planet between zero and one degree Aries, you have an Aries Point planet. If you have a planet at one degree Aries, you have a planet conjunct The Aries Point. I’ve seen what I consider sloppiness in the language surrounding this, talk of orbs for an Aries Point planet. There is no margin or orb for exactitude. It’s either exact or it is conjunct. Now if you want to talk about orbs for the conjunction, fine, no problem!

The Aries Point is where the Sun enters the beginning of the zodiac each year. It is Spring! The zero degree of all four cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, is the ingress of the Sun into the sign, and into each new season. The Aries Point is actually the marker of the first season; the Sun and the solar year are born anew. At zero degrees Cancer comes the summer, and so on. These are the cardinal signs, the signs of beginning action, beginning a cycle. Planets and chart elements that fall at zero degrees of the cardinal signs, or conjunct, are infused with the powerful energy of the birth of a season.

Each of these cardinal points represents the beginning of each part of the life cycle which resonates with the seasons. As Aries represents the beginning part of life, Capricorn represents maturity and the beginning of the last maturational season. Where each cardinal zero point falls in your chart, by house, is exemplary of these stages in your life.

Do you have planets that fall on or near the zero degrees of the cardinal signs?

56 thoughts on “The Aries Point: Cardinal Signs And The Seasons”

  1. My ascendant is at zero degrees Capricorn. Tried to do some research on this and came up with very little.

  2. My Aires Point is 00 in Aires and my Part of Fortune is 00 in Libra 2nd House of my Chart
    Not sure if u can help me with this my Astro teacher is not available for this at this time and it appears the Aires Point Transit is direct ly in alignment with mine which I would appreciate any discernment regarding.
    Thanks you, your language seems to be the most accurate as far as my studies have shown.

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