Chiron is a Command

healerWhen we talk about Chiron, we often focus on the wound. Here is the perpetual pain, the permanent vulnerability individual to each of us. We peer into our own souls and sometimes even wallow in our own sorrow, comparing our battle scars. What we focus less on is the aspect of the healer.

Chiron doesn’t wound us without purpose. There is no senselessness to this pain. There is, instead, a drive, urging us to heal in the world the pain we bear in ourselves. Chiron is not just a wound. Chiron is a command.

Chiron places in each of us a small, minute piece of the suffering of the world. Each of us gets to specialize in that one aspect. Our role, our duty, and indeed our privilege, is to use our individual expertise to help heal that part of the world. And, taken together, we can collectively heal humanity.

And this is not without individual benefit. There is a growing body of research that outlines what many of us already knew intuitively: When we practice compassion and empathy, when we volunteer, when we serve our fellow humans, we also heal ourselves. One of the more effective treatments for depression, anxiety, loneliness, and many other types of emotional malaise is to step outside ourselves and try to heal in others the suffering we hold in our own hearts.

And that’s the secret to Chiron. You do not have to be healed in order to heal others. Sometimes it’s even better if you’re not. Yes, we should try to understand our own wounds. Yes, we should try to find some semblance of healing. But this is best done for the purpose of then using that wisdom to serve. Did you figure out a way to place that pain aside in order to function better day-to-day? Did you find one of the root causes? Did you figure out a way to find peace in the chaos? Great. Share it. It is our responsibility, our sacred duty, to serve. It is our duty to heal humanity, to share in the great joy and beauty and tragedy that is the human experience. We are what we have. We have to work together. We have to heal each other. And in doing so, we have the greatest hope to heal ourselves.

How do you use your pain to serve?

12 thoughts on “Chiron is a Command”

  1. :O what a post

    “urging us to heal in the world the pain we bear in ourselves”

    the key here. idk there’s so much more i can do

  2. Big question,I listen, everyone has a voice that should be heard
    But for many it can hide ,I batt my eyes invite more ,I circle my hair behind my ear so to show I am listening, and I smile that’s for me
    smiling reminds me I am safe and it’s going to be ok and My eyes
    Give that to others

  3. I should probably be a columnist in a therapist magazine.
    I have Mercury in SCorpio and Chiron in 3rd house, Taurus, which is also my 4th house.

    I offer people the gift of gab – and the gift of putting my finger on the issue. I know when I have left words that heal, words that leave an impact.

    The empathy comes from me not being heard and accepted in my childhood. The wound stems from my Dad, saying things so hurtful to his family… Words really can kill.
    He has Mercury conjunct Pluto – his words can be used in a positive or negative way. He can “hit you” with his words. He can heal you with them as well.

    The scars due to those years are invisible, and I have tried to bring these up in some settings, healing myself with words to others. But speaking of the painful wound to others, to open up and be vulnerable – that is the hardest part – always. So yeah. Serve… Serve as a counselor or writing columns perhaps. And heal yourself. Or just be vulnerable (on a good day, ok?)

  4. Naturally, my mom was alway quiet.

    This can hurt as well. The Silent Treatment is cryptonite to me.

    Healing for me has been going to a therapist, learning how to talk about my feelings, be vulnerable and how to express EXACTLY what I feel without overdoing it or keep silet – especially around men. And yet, I have trouble expressing feelings when I am angered (Mars in 12t house, Capricorn).

  5. Chiron is in my Aquarius 1H opposing my 7H Leo Uranus. I like to help others navigate tough circumstances in their lives through the use of astrology.

  6. I have natal Chiron in Pisces along with Saturn. So I have cone to realize that I am hypersensitive to my environment…all my life I have been learning to communicate and negotiate and it all begins with siblings since I Have Pisces on the 3rd house… Has been tough to learn about long lesson

  7. This is so profound and touching, I had to read it over. I have an exact Venus square Chiron, Chiron trine ascendant, and Chiron sextile Jupiter, and also Chiron conjunct Moon by 3 degrees. My wound is certainly related to love- feeling unlovable, rejected, and the lack of nurturing and attention growing up. I draw wounded people to me. I nurture the heck out of them, I love making them feel safe, but boundaries are hard sometimes. I had a broken heart for years and years… Chiron broke my heart (square Venus, Moon) a long time ago. Carried it around, often unknowingly, causing havoc. A very loving man, with Venus conjunct Chiron, helped heal mine.

  8. Beautiful. For me personally, my Chirotic wounding is in the 10th house- Taurus. I have had very low self-esteem in money making (Taurus) in career (10th). In the past, I always settled for menial positions and made less money what I’m worth due to low self-esteem.

    Recently I landed a job (it took lots of hard work and dedication to get here….I am 36…late bloomer…which is Chiron) in a supervisory position, overseeing people who are doing the same types of jobs I used to do. It is beyond fullfilling. I feel like I can relate to them on a genuine level, without feeling superior to them in any way. They gravitate to me and it fills my heart with humility and love. I am able to genuinely express gratitude for their contributions and I constantly praise them for thier worth. I feel extremely fulfilled with what I’m doing.

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