Venus Saturn: Will I Ever Find Love?

venusaturnThere are certain aspects in astrology that have a bad reputation. Venus is aspect to Saturn is one of them.

Many sources will tell you that you’re doomed in love if you have Venus in Capricorn, Saturn in the 7th, Venus in the 10th or Venus conjunct, square or opposite Saturn. That’s it! You’re going to be deprived of love! You’re going to be Cinderella with no prince coming, ever, ever, ever in your life – reason being, you are unlovable!

Now this is bullshit, but astrology has a lot of power. It has authority somehow. So when people read stuff like this, they internalize it. The effect is very similar to having a parent or some other authority figure tell you that you can’t dance, or that your nose is too big for your face. Things like this really affect a person in a way that is profound.

I have been asked to teach a class on this topic and I am finally going to do it. No one wants to touch this topic because it’s seen as sad. It’s not sexy. There is no good news that can be told.

This is also bullshit. It’s just not true.

Do you have this kind of programming? If so, please consider signing up for my workshop – How To Find Your True Love & Soulmate With Venus Saturn

In this class, I will address the Venus Saturn signature from every angle. I’ll use charts of people in the class to illustrate the challenges this combination presents as well as offer real solutions to each of them.

I don’t care how bad off you are. Anyone who takes this class is going to leave with an advantage they did not have before, and that’s at the very least.

I did not put off doing this for five years so that I could do an “okay” job. The class will be fun. It will be sexy; and with a little bit of luck and some effort on your part, it will quite likely change your life.

Get more info: Check it out! We start on October 16th!

This class is completed – you can buy a transcript here. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Venus Saturn: Will I Ever Find Love?”

  1. I really need this class more than anyone and because of my bad spending habits I can’t afford it 🙁 (and for paying bills) but anyhow I’ll wait till you do it again .. I hope people really get something good in their way of relating to people after it!

  2. btw, I just wrote a song about “finding love” I wrote “saturn’ and “venus” in there, haha I’ll probably jam it with some other guys on sun and put music to it.. thanks elsa for the idea 😀

  3. Thanks, Elsa! It’s unclear how the course is being presented… Is it through videos or blogs? What’s the format? Also, for how long will this info be available? My partner would LOVE to take it (is an astrologer, too) but is about to begin another intensive course beginning tomorrow. Can one “buy now, study later”? is the question. Thanks.

    1. Sorry! The course will run from Oct 16-Nov 30. It will take place on a message board, it will be written and it will be accessible through December 10th…you can just sign on and read whenever you like.

      I will also make a transcript available. It will contain the official class content, but not the discussion. 🙂

  4. cant join class- but would like to read excerpts of your discussion, if you allow the readers of blog ..

    you can use my chart if required- i have Venus in Aquarius (4 deg 5th house) quincunx Saturn in Cancer (2 deg- 10th house) .. I am always at cross-roads- love seems to take wrong turn- and career seems the only likely choice to invest in.

    I have venus conjunct jupiter in 5th house- and I always tell myself- hey- jupiter is supposedly lucky so one day I might too (cindrella is very apt word).

  5. i have venus square saturn natal..venus in aqu 19 and saturn in scorpio 16..this is exactly affecting me now..i need this reading very badly..plz help

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