Child With Pluto Rising In Scorpio

“Oh, she gave me a dirty look,” my daughter explained. She was an 11-year-old, 7th grader.

“She did.”

“Yeah, but I don’t care about that.”

“Why not?”

“What’s a dirty look? I’m the one with the reeeeal evil eye,” she said with a chuckle.

“You think that?”

“Yes, Mom. I’m the one with Scorpio rising. I’m the one with Pluto on my ascendant.”

“Okay, well that’s true. That girl has nothing on you, does she?”

“No. If you want to see a real dirty look, you ought to see mine.”

I just laughed. “Did you give her a dirty look back?”

“No. I could have but I just didn’t feel like it.”

“Having a good day?”

“Yeah. And I just don’t care about her.”

Can anyone relate?

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  1. Absolutely. Tt is just awesome to have a great mind set to where nothing can bother you. The bonus to it is that the offender gets more offended by the lack of caring.

  2. Not at all but i wish i could. I know someone like this and he used to scare the living daylights outta me, we used to call him Damien (like The Omen) as he can cut you down to size with just 1 mean look, no words needed. I know him better now and he’s really quite a softie (cancer moon) but he has this other steely, don’t-give-a-shit-what-anybody-thinks (sag sun, venus and mercury in scorpio, mars square saturn) attitude sometimes that i’m just in awe of (having a stellium in 7th and venus in 1st, i aim to please). Scorpio energy fascinates me (neptune in scorpio in 8th so i guess it would) and i admire they’re spunk.

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    the other Kat

    Lmao…Scorpio rising is the source of my evil eye? I had no idea…my boss always tells me “no me gritas” (dont yell at me)…but when I point out that I never raise my voice, she says I don’t have to, I ‘yell’ with my eyes.
    And good for her to save her energy for battles that actually matter.

  4. at my house we call it “giving someone the hairy eyeball.”
    I like what Waiter does at the thousand yard stare.

  5. I’m Gemini with Scorpio too and can definitely relate. I’ve always said I would be great at revenge if I had the attention span to stick with it. 🙂

    And I’m finally learning to laugh at other people’s evil eyes. The more worked up they are, the more amused I get.

  6. This post made me laugh. I can totally relate being a Scorp sun and having a 8th house stellium I know I can do some terrible damage if need be (as a kid my mum used to always say “no dirty looks”) however most of the time I dont bother (Mars in Sag exactly conjunct Neptune). Its not really worth the energy or time unless Im truly upset by whatever has happened.

  7. Yeah I get a chuckle at how uneasy people are around me, but I would be an excellent candidate for say um evil doings. No they are not ready. But It’s not worth a worst off reputation. I strike a pose and make them Uranus. I feel like a star knowing that when I come around things change hmmmm I wonder why? Not! I’ll either run the show or sit back in silence whenever I choose to!

  8. I have Virgo Rising and Pluto in the 12th conjunct Virgo Moon.

    I had been told about my evil eye but really didn’t get it… until I saw it on video LOL. It was an aha moment, and to put it bluntly if I was to caption the pic of it, it sort of looks like a steely deadpan.. please do run along f***tard.. gaze.

  9. Oh my!! I know many Pluto (Scorp) Risings and their gaze are Intense and EXOTIC! Myself being a Sun, Mercury, Pluto in Scorpio – I am PROFOUNDLY aware of my “potent” eyes, that I try not to intimidate and unnerve the more weaker or insecure mortals with my naturally Fierce, Plutonian glance!!! It is my LIBRA rising that caters to and makes me so aware of public/social comfort…so I attempt to “soften” the peepers as much as consciously possible or not look them straight in the eyes (the EFFECT is awe-inspiring and strange to note every time…. so I would rather avoid the soul-quivers a mere glance evokes) ~

    Fashion photographers approach me I believe MAINLY for the peepers that seems to exude some otherworldly and mysterious energies, … Hooray PLUTO!!! 🙂

    Your daughter is an exotic Plutonian lady with an `unnerving` glance for sure …. ~

  10. Scorpio ascendant here and I can relate. I think the nonresponse from your daughter was probably more powerful (or perceived as an insult) than any reciprocal look she would have offered. I think your daughter truly wasn’t invested enough to engage but also understood the impact of that choice.

  11. That’s right.
    If you know people are aiming for a fight, as a Scorpio you just cool put/chill down. No way you’re going to get my hackles up, bossman, I am the boss of YOU, even when you’re at a desk, fired up and firing me on very thin grounds.

    I could sue your ass for it, and I would have it backed by laws, but I am not going into that karma with you, because sometimes your own peace is more important than being right.

    So I smile and wave and you will just don’t know what was going on after I calmly closed the door behind me and walked out, 10 stones lighter.

    That’s the Scorpio way of doing things, I guess…

    1. (Came across him some months later, and just looked at him like he was air, simply stared straight through him. I was laughing my ass off inside of me, while doing it. He was SO WORKED UP at just seeing me and being completely invisible to me, almost like a cock looking to fight me again)

      Seriously, he was the most narcissistic man I have ever met!

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