She Attracts Predators & Feels Overwhelmed

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Hi, Elsa.

I envy you your `knife` so to speak. I have started dating again after a divorce and keep finding creepy guys I have to shake off.  Not everyone, mind you, but I keep finding myself bolting to the parking lot and leaving after some jerk goes over the line. I would like to stay and have fun (eh, I sing karaoke) but the vibe of the night gets all thrown off and I have to go home and puke up the energy.

I’ve gotten so I don’t even want to go out unless someone I know is there because it’s so predictable. a new flavor every night.

I would blame my mars, but I dunno. How can I get the predators to back off? Wear my combat boots _every_ night lol? They don’t seem to be as effective as they were when I was young.

Jerk Magnet
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Hi, Magnet. This may sound harsh but it’s not intended this way. You’ve known me a long time so I know you know this. I state it for people reading.

First, forget about my knife. You and I could not be more different in this regard. I have an overconfident, brainy Mars.  I’m like a teenage boy with a hard on, directly, ready to rock! In contrast, you have Mars in Pisces in the 7th house, squaring Neptune. Lots and lots of fog.  You have to work with what you have.

Saturn in Pisces is currently transiting your Mars.  This indicates it’s time to define what you want and work on maturing your method of operation when in pursuit of what you desire.  I’m reading you would like to have fun and date. This can be your target (Mars) goal (Saturn).   Right now, your efforts aren’t succeeding and it’s easy to see why.

bar sceneFirst, you’re going to a bar.  That’s fine, but be realistic. A LOT of people go to a bar to hook up. The whole scene is designed to facilitate this. Denying this (Pisces) is not helping.

Are you going to the bar to hook up? I don’t care one way or the other but cut through the fog on this!  Exactly what are you doing?

Regardless of your motive, if you go to a bar, you should reasonably expect there to be people drinking there. This includes men and a good number of them are going to be horny.

Note, you will not be in control of them.  “Oh, why do they do this?” the damsel wails!

The answer to that question is too easy. Point is, you are a grown up and if you go to a bar, it will be up to you to navigate the environment.

Rather than do this, you’re avoiding doing this, which classic Mars in Pisces and classic Mars square Neptune.

Your Saturn transit pressures you, STOP. Either stop going to bars OR stop avoiding setting a boundary (Saturn) with these men (Mars).

How? It will probably be a lot easier than you expect, should you decide to take this on.

The man approaches you and you tell him, you’re not the droid he’s looking for.
You tell him he’s wasting your time; he’s not the 5’6″ blonde that you’re looking for.

You tell him you’d rather have a dreaded disease than deal with him or you do what my Aquarian friend did once, when a man put his crotch against her ass, while standing in a line. “BACK OFF ASSHOLE!” she yelled, so loudly, he flew backward and stumbled.

Most men back off if you clearly communicate, you’re not available.

You’re a super brainy Aries. Time to learn to set a boundary!!!!

Good luck!

11 thoughts on “She Attracts Predators & Feels Overwhelmed”

  1. I will say this as someone who goes to karaoke bars and is a spectacular creep magnet: don’t go alone as a female to a bar. Know at least one person in there who will have your back. If you’re going alone, this is probably going to happen, unfortunately. At the very least if you can’t recruit a friend to bar nights, make friends with a regular at the bar or preferably the DJ.

    1. Oh my God. This was in a casino in Vegas. We were cashing in our chips. This gal’s husband was at the window and she and I were standing next to each other, behind him. She’s real short, he was behind us and I guess he pushed his dick into her upper back. She shouted this (not screamed it, like a girl). I jumped out of my skin and landed in place, while he flew backwards into the people behind him. All faces were shocked. The man took off. I started laughing and the people standing around just accepted the situation.

      I have had it in my mind to use this move, if needed, ever since.

  2. yeah if i want to expand my repertoire and learn how to talk to people again i can’t hide behind my friends in the same place all the time. just gotta embrace my inner b*tch lol. i’m looking for growth now. i’ve been stuck too long. besides, i like singing. it keeps me humble 🙂
    thanks for linking this- i’d figured you’d answered the question but i hadn’t managed to find it

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