Chiron And Authenticity: How I Learned To LOVE Myself – And What Does That Even MEAN

nemChiron in Pisces explored hidden damage in ourselves and how we connect to all of life. This encompasses cultural programming and the ways we hurt ourselves behind the scenes. In Aries, Chiron has crossed that divide from the end back to the beginning. We’re starting over in Chironic spring on the Aries point. We are back to self expression and who we are.

Back to self expression and who we are? How depressing! I’ve been working on myself forever. I’ve combed philosophy, religion, spirituality, science, sport, over and over. I’ve amalgamated systems and strung together therapies over a lifetime. I’ve got a massive garden of colorful post it notes to tell me how to DO this thing. That’s tiring, tired to the peak crisis of an existential Lily Von Shtupp. Weary of self help.

But I recently read a blogger who wrote: What if there’s nothing wrong with me?

With Chiron damage expressing in a straightforward Aries manner, this fits. Who are you? GREAT! Okay, be that.

That’s why the Pisces transit was so powerful at the end of the zodiac. We’ve assessed all the possibilities. Guess what? Now we go back to simple. Step out of the Pisces bath clean and leave all that shit behind. Take a deep breath and see what’s left. That’s you. Now be you.

You know how you can do that? You look at whatever is left and accept it. That’s it. I don’t care what you think is bad about you. It’s not. I promise you. If you’re something you think is bad? You’re looking at it wrong. You are who you’re supposed to be. When you stop trying to be something else, what you are WILL SHINE BRIGHT. THAT is your best you.

Can you catch the game saving fly when you’re freaking the hell out? No. You cannot. So stop stressing it. Drop your shoulders and stop caring if you’re the person who makes the catch. Do what feels right. That’s how you be YOU. You can only be the best you when you stop reading cookbooks that weren’t written by YOU. You are the ingredients, the process, and the chef. You enjoy the meal; and if you like, you can share it with others.

When you’re into that and start BEING you? You know what happens next? You don’t even have to DO it. You just do it naturally: You start loving you. Because you’re awesome.

You know how people since forever say: Oh you have to love yourself first. No, you have to BE yourself first. You can’t love what you don’t see, know, and feel. Have you met you? The real you who’s not masking with all this armor you picked up trying to be a better whatever? Just leave it behind in Pisces. Get to know what’s already there. It doesn’t need any fancy anything. You’re the raw food miracle diet of YOU. You don’t need any gilding.

Start over now! Be authentic! You’re the real deal. I love you. You know how I can say that and know it’s true? Because I love me now. And that’s how this works.

LOVE. Authenticity is the first step. It’s the Chiron bridge back to yourself.

30 thoughts on “Chiron And Authenticity: How I Learned To LOVE Myself – And What Does That Even MEAN”

  1. Loved finding a Second Dose of Satori focused on Chiron now & EmmasYouTubes … the best sort of example of Being Really ‘You’
    This is such great medicine for Chironics:)

  2. Super great! So encouraging.
    And a refreshiing approach, perfect for spring. New things, new way of looking at old problems.
    Thank you Satori!:)

  3. Avatar
    the laughing goat


    My fave… “Step out of the Pisces bath clean and leave all that shit behind.” Great advice I will be following.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  4. Thank you for this, Satori!

    I am ME. And I love me for ME. I Hated, absolutely HATED Chiron in Pisces on my self worth House (2H). YUCK! Cost me a fortune every time I was left out and stranded in the snow behind them.

    I see exactly what you describe as a reflection on my Instagram account the past week or two. I didn’t understand why I got so bloody grateful for all I had and how I felt about my BF breaking up. Even if I miss him, it’s hard to let go and all that craziness, I remind myself that I did not loose myself, I only lost someone who couldn’t see me for me and didn’t love me for ME.
    I am so bloody grateful it almost makes me sick. *LOL*

    At least now I understand this forthright energy coming out. Authencitucity, baby. I can’t ever be anything else than what I am and who I am. I refuse otherwise, but that’s what people around me have tried to change. Go bloody change yourself, assholes….

    1. Hey…

      Am I the only one thinking of the soundtrack “Let it go” from Frozen here?

      Chiron into aries is like that – let that SH*T go…..

  5. Another meaningful post, Satori! Thank you.

    I love that Tr asteroid Chiron is finally entering Aries. No more navel gazing and pondering the “what ifs?!” Adopt the Aries’ Mars influence while singing “This Is Me” from the movie ‘The Greatest Showman’ and unapologetically JUST DO IT!!

  6. With Tr Chiron transiting Aries, people are more likely to “come out of hiding” and reach out for help. Current status quo pain outweighs the fear of the unknown and trying. Enough is enough.

  7. What awesomeness!! Thank you yet again Satori! So uplifting!!

    Chiron through Pisces Was quite rough on me. It coincided with my 2nd house. I am sooooo done with that whole thing!!!

    I am eager to get into Aries and my 3rd house, and the Universe has obliged by sending me the perfect person to usher in and hopefully keep going forth in this new arena…

  8. I am finding with the transit of Chiron in Aries (but still in my first house) that layers of my public self are dropping off and my more direct manner is shocking some and that’s okay. No more social niceties, getting down to expecting more from others to share the load.

  9. Satori, THANK YOU for this!

    I have natal Chiron Rx on 0 Aries, and the final exact pass of my Chiron return happens this weekend. It has been a very difficult, low-energy year. This was the kind of reminder I’ve been needing.

    Did you realize, when you wrote the bit about stepping out of the Pisces bath, that the Sabian symbol for 0 Aries is “A Woman Just Risen From The Sea; A Seal Is Embracing Her”?

    Noice… ;~)

  10. great post satori. aries 12th house here and tr chiron is conj natal venus rx and merc, and sextile natal chiron in the 2nd conj… moon!. considering the current transits and the upcoming new moon in aries i am re-learning to love myself, speak myself, again, indeed. not exactly out in the open, unapologetically so, but still. i can already accept a compliment without deflecting it too much. its a start! thank you for this post!

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