Pluto Transiting the 7th house in Aquarius

femme fatale blondIs Pluto in Aquarius transiting your 7th house? On the chance you don’t realize it. Pluto is very slow moving. It will stay in sign (or a house) for 15-40 years. Pluto will be in Aquarius for roughly 21 years so don’t panic!

This transit is long, slow and deep. There may be an event that signals the shift between houses, but it’s not likely. Pluto works underground, and in your subconscious, slowly transforming the affairs of the house it’s transiting.  You can expect whatever it is you’ll be dealing to slowly come to the surface.

The 7th house is primarily concerned with relationships, but also balance, fairness and give and take. If you have any pathology in these areas (and who doesn’t), you can expect to the problems to be exposed and it can be horrifying.  I’m talking about meeting your shadow, most likely in the form of another person.

As an example, let’s say you meet someone with whom you become obsessed.  It could be love, it could be hate, it could be love/hate. Let’s say it’s love. You meet this person and you love them to the bone and this is when the problems begin.

You find yourself trying to control this person; you want to own or possess them. You may be become paranoid around what they’re doing or thinking or feeling. You may be consumed with jealousy.

The transit can also play in the opposite way.  Someone becomes obsessed with you. It’s often both. You’re upset because someone is obsessed with you, while you turn around and obsess about your object of focus.

When this phenomena becomes conscious, it’s disturbing. You wonder how you can be so similar to this other person who stirs so much hate in you. You hate everything they do, while you do exactly the same thing?

Here’s a bit more on this scenario which you’re bound to encounter at some point during this transit.  Just so you know, you’re not the only one.

8th House: Facing Your Own Horrifying Disposition

It’s common to attract and be attracted to power during this transit; with or without “taboo” features. One way or the other, you’ll discover the deep, unseen exchange of energy that takes place between people.

It’s possible to marry with Pluto transiting your 7th  but if so it will be a Pluto-flavored. A relationship that fundamentally changes your life.

This could take the form of a “till death do we part” type union. The marriage could be tied to the sharing of resources, but it could also be a lot darker.  Don’t marry a man who is interested in your daughter, okay? It happens!

People are always worried about death when Pluto comes around. Will my spouse die?

It’s possible but it’s also possible when Pluto is not transiting your 7th house!  Put it this way: if everyone who had Pluto transit their 7th, lost their spouse, then we’d know.  There is no such association with this transit.  It’s not about physical DEATH; it’s about TRANSFORMATION, which requires the old self die.

To be clear, you could easily get married and have a baby with Pluto transiting your 7th house.  Death of the ingénue you were allows for the birth of a wife and mother!

It’s also common to find yourself involved in power struggles. It may be you against the other but relationship triangles are very common. I’m not just talking about cheating and/or betrayal.  The triangle may be you, him and his mother!

The common theme is that your interactions are deeply complicated. In the latter scenario, you’d be the lover up against the “blood” tie.  That’s Pluto for you. Nothing superficial about it.

As for the sign distinction, Aquarius tends to surprise people. It’s quirky.  You’re bound to meet some very interesting and powerful people with Pluto transiting your 7th house.  The type of person you’re attracted to could change radically.   You hate tattoos and here you come with your tatted up girlfriend!

It’s about experimenting and making your own rules; rebellion too.  A teenage with this transit may bring home a string of dates to shock dad and mom. Sexuality may also come into play.  Basically, Aquarius is going to what it wants; Pluto is concerned with taboo. Let the games begin.

Pluto is also associated with healing and beneficial exchanges of energy.  You may meet someone who truly empowers you during this transit. You may also be the one supplying the energy to shore up the other person.

You may also pull a stint as a “femme fatale” or have a woman like this come into your life.

Relationship Triangles, Venus Pluto & The Femme Fatale

By the end of the transit, you’ll have a much better understanding of the underpinnings of relationships.  You’ll be aware of your own pathology in this area. Hopefully, you’ll also understand the power of love.

Good luck!

10 thoughts on “Pluto Transiting the 7th house in Aquarius”

  1. Can you do Pluto transiting the 1st House in Aquarius? I’m going through this now. Pluto is opposing my Leo Moon in the 7th house. I really thought this transit would be all about my marriage, but instead I’m having so many health issues and wondering if I will even survive. I’m having trouble with eating food with Gastritis and Sibo. Multiple times I’ve ended up in the ER the past couple of months.

    As far as my marriage, it’s transformed to an even better place. I’ve been dealing with such serious debilitating health issues and my spouse has been here for me and our love has grown even more. Also things are flipped, I used to be so focused on my husband’s health and making sure he ate right, took care of himself, researched his health issues etc. but now he is taking care of me. It feels strange, I’m used to being in the caretaker role and hate having to rely on someone else, even if it’s my husband.

  2. “The triangle may be you, him and his mother!” – jackpot!
    natal pluto cusp 7H opp sun exact.
    i am now about to experience pluto sq both. Your post makes me smile. dc/7h scorpio. yummy. 🥳🥐😆

  3. My natal pluto is in scorpio placed in 4th house. I am cancer rising on 29 degeee so whole this capricorn transit was actaly in my sixth house. This year on very begining it entered my 7th. I also have placed Natal Saturn in Aqua there. Any insights?

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