Where Is Your Chiron?

louisville sluggerI just dug up the notebook I was writing in when I started learning astrology. I was surprised. It’s not boring. In fact, if anything, it was probably better because I was so succinct. Here is my observation on Chiron from a million years ago: “Wounded Healer – good at helping others with; terrible at dealing with yourself.”

I’m an 8th house Pisces Chiron in a grand trine with Saturn and Neptune. Other people’s disasters and sticky secrets don’t ruffle my feathers one bit.

Where is your Chiron? Does the description above fit for you?

15 thoughts on “Where Is Your Chiron?”

  1. 7th house Chiron. I’m healing everybody. Friends/family are constantly calling for a remedy. However, it doesn’t dawn on me to practice my own ‘medicine’ when something aches once in a while.

  2. Thanks, Satori. It’s not just the physical healing. People call me when they’re down emotionally and I’ve come to the conclusion I inherited something from my mother–she always made people feel good.

  3. My chiron is in h11Aqua, it sextiles my 8th house scorpio Saturn, which trines my Pisces asc. I heal myself when I internalize other people’s pain and use it as a teaching tool, and help them learn from it so they can transcend it. Sometimes it’s emotional pain, and sometimes it’s physical pain.

    I am most effective at this when I apply traditional rulership/Saturn to Aqua, vs. Uranus which is opposite my chiron and in detriment. I don’t totally disregard Uranus cause with some people it does require being radical.

  4. Yes, that sounds about right Satori. Chiron in Pisces in the Third, conjunct Mars/ Merc n Saturn.

    I could make a brick wall feel better, but when it comes to me? Er.. well… not so much. Boo!

    I approach reading my old stuff with some trepidation, but mostly I pass muster. Who knew I was so cool back then, eh? =D

  5. Chiron/Mercury/IC…in a T-square with Uranus/MC and 8th House Saturn.

    It hurts.
    It hurts.
    It hurts some more.

    I hurt other people when I talk about my pain. There is something about that Chiron/Merc conjunction that causes other people to get thoroughly disturbed when I communicate my pain. That shows up in the T-square. People either distance themselves (Uranus) or they think I”m weaker than I am so try to fix me (Saturn).

    I am just talking. I have to. This is what I do…communicate my pain.

  6. That is succinct Satori. I have Chiron in the 3rd in Aquarius. I feel like the odd person out in my immediate environment, no matter where I am but I always try to help others feel accepted and comfortable with me, no matter where we are. People tell me things all the time. Lean on me for comfort or tell me things out of the blue about their lives that might shock others….but not me.

  7. I have Chiron in the 8th in Aries conjunct Mars and Jupiter and opposite Uranus. This conjunction is also trine my Asc (conjunct Regulus) and Venus. People look to me for help and leadership and I try to give that. When nobody will start a necessary hard conversation, I will. There is something of a warrior-priestess energy to this aspect and I tend not to receive help back unless I’m incredibly clear and ask for it multiple times and very specifically.

    I have had people get incredibly angry when I show vulnerability. People don’t want to believe that I need help. It destabilizes people when I need help, which causes me great pain and loneliness. But at the same time, this is also good luck (Jupiter) because it tends to weed out people who are totally shitty at helping me. I have also had the incredible good fortune of saying things to people that they find spontaneously healing (Uranus on the 3rd house cusp).

    Thanks, satori, it was helpful for me to articulate that. Not succinct, though! 🙂

  8. My Chiron’s in Leo in the 3rd House. Conjunct Venus+Mercury, sq. both my Moon+Pluto, opposite Saturn+Midheaven.

    Him squaring my Moon and conjunct Venus f’ing *HURTS*.

  9. My Chiron is in Taurus (3H), opposite Jupiter in Scorpio, sextile Pisces Sun and inconjunct my 8th house Mars, to name a few aspects… Yes, the above very much speaks to me. I’m very good at helping others through their communication issues and issues around assertiveness. And through doing that, I think I’ve begun to work on and understand my own issues in these areas… I hope that continues.

  10. I’m glad you found your notebook! I’ll bet it’s fascinating!

    Pisces Chiron here too. Mine’s in my 4th house trine my Neptune/Moon.

    It seems to be a lot about Mommy issues… Either being a Mom or dealing with Mom traumas.

  11. Chiron in Taurus, conjunct ASC, opposition Uranus, trine sun.

    I have chronic pain and two compressed disks in my spine, which cause other pains…but since I’m so “young” most people don’t believe that there is a problem.

    Definitely better at helping others than I am at helping myself. Also better with other’s money than I am with my own.

  12. Thanks, Satori!

    My chart is one yod. The apex is Chiron tightly conjunct my Taurus moon in the 5th house. You have helped me already in seeing what this energy looks like to others. I am THE rock for my family. When people work with me in a creative setting, they bring me their stories I address the difficulties they have. I would seem that few believe or realize that I need a hand sometimes, too. But maybe its because I don’t much communicate the need. Getting much better at this and establishing better boundaries, lately. 🙂

  13. I’ve got Chiron in pisces on the 8th as well, conjunct Jupiter, trining Neptune on the IC, and opposing Pluto.
    Hard to say how it transcribes into my life – its part of me being an empath for sure – difficulty with energetic boundaries. Interest in life and after death, and right now I’m in hospice a lot with my Dad who is dying and witnessing an awful lot of death. I’ve noticed I’ve been very lucky with other people’s money too!

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