What House In Your Chart Is Most Emphasized?

Is there a house in your chart where most the planets fall?. If so, your life is most likely centered around the area of life that house rules, or houses if you have more than one house heavily tenanted.  While we all have experience with twelve houses in our chart, you probably have less interest in areas of life shown by the empty house in your chart.

As an example, the 8th house is emphasized in my chart.  I have nothing in the second. It have a lifelong interest in energy exchange, and shadowy things in general…and a notable disinterest in tangible, anything.

Is there a correlation between your life and house or houses most emphasized in your chart?

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  1. I have 3 planets and Pars Fortunae in 9th house. I moved from the UK to Italy when young, married a foreigner. Love travel. Empty 3rd house except for transiting Pluto opp natal Uranus.

  2. Loaded 8th house here too. One planet each in the 7th, 10th and 11th houses.

    Much of my energy is concentrated on 8th house issues. I love research, healing, psychology and astrology.

  3. Twelve days of Xmas and a loaded 12th House! I feel like Lady Liberty- My work life totally reflects the 12th- so does my personal life. We do tons of tithing of time as a family- ditto professional services. Much grace and divine intervention. Giving gratitude every day. Concretely. Mercury, Moon, Neptune, Jupiter straddle Libra/ Scorpio. Rocking that Saturn transit on Neptune!LOL!!All my girlfriends are social workers or shrinks!

  4. I’m a 9th house person. Moon, Mars, and Venus are there. I grew up in a house with shelves and shelves of books. I started making pamphlets at age 7 – I’d go to my dad’s office and use the typewriter and Xerox machine. I left home right after high school and never went back, I consider myself a sojourner. And as a kid, I would *cry* myself to sleep at night, feeling like the whole world was up to something and I was left out!

    Everything 9th house pertains to me.

  5. 3 planets each, 7th and 10th, where I spend most of my energy. I’d like to someday be much better at navigating these areas, though – Lots to learn and work on! 🙂

  6. The houses in my chart that are empty are ruled by planets that make major & tight aspects to my sun, moon & asc. For example, my 8th house is empty, but pluto is in strong aspect to all but 2 planets in my chart (my 8th house is aqu, so uranus ruled and ur. is in strong aspect to more than a few planets as well).

    But the houses that are the most occupied are my 6th & 12th houses and my 1st house.

  7. I have a loaded 10th house with 4 planets, I hope I can figure out how to put its potential to use. I do have an empty 11th house and an empty 5th house. Maybe this is why I lack hopes and dreams. And then, while I can be resourceful, I’m not sure if I’m a creative person or not.

  8. Interesting question… I have a stellium of 4 personal planets in the 8th, which is a succedent house, and 3 planets (Uranus + Moon/Pluto conjunction trine the stellium) in the 4th, which is an angular house, and therefore considered stronger than a succedent house, so I’m going to say it’s a wash and both are equally strong. My day job? Analyst (Virgo 4th House) my profession? Psychic Medium, and I guess since the 8th rules death, talking to the dead, applies…lol Then again… Moon/Pluto in 4th… so, like I said, it’s a wash. My interest in astrology? Aquarian MC

  9. Splash chart for me. Can strongly identify Uranus Asc (12th, mind-freedom-change-breaking molds) exactly opposing Venus Desc (6th, values the duties of partnerships, health, work) in my behavior. But that Uranus makes my 6th values erratic at times. The 12th has Uran/Plut and the Pisces fifth has sun/merc. So, lots of psychic, foresight. Looking forward to finding out more about the natal and what’s possibly in store for 2013 when I order the reading tomorrow, yay.

    My guy has a difficult stellium in the 10th of uranus, mars, sun, merc. When I first saw his stellium, I though is this “forced changed in careers; identity tied to work”?, and I swear over the years, this has been the case with him!

  10. 9H stellium. My religion and beliefs. Preacher father and I’m trying to be a shaman. I’m just like him 😉 lol. I can’t get away from religion even if I tried, so I’m stopping trying and embracing it.

  11. And also traveling! I’ve been traveling ever since I was 5 with my father, and I absolutely love it. I plan to travel the worlds and learn different cultures, teach my children about the world. ”do as the romans do”.

  12. I have a 5th H stellium
    I love being a Mom, also Neptune in my 5th H makes me very creative.

    And I also have a 6th H stellium.
    I’m very health conscious. I believe health is the most important thing.

  13. Five planets in the 7th house (4 Libra and Venus in Scorpio; also have Sun in Libra in the 6th).

    I am so focused on OTHERS. The bad news: I’m a chronic people-pleaser, and very concerned with the opinions of others. It’s so hard for me *not* to take other people into consideration when I make decisions (and I take a long time with those, too!)

    Bright side: I never have trouble finding someone to fall in love with, and my friends are always asking me for relationship advice 🙂

  14. 3 plnets in 9th house, saturn conj mc in virgo, jup and merc in leo. Traveled lots as child, not so much after my education. Maybe when jupiter or pr. mars gets there again.

  15. Absolutely! I have two to three all starting from the 9th in almost every house through the third. The thing I have found is not only do asteroids fill in the gaps, but the resonate in the opposite house. I had found out I have Ceres and Verged too in my Cancer 8th house. This combined with my planets makes so much sense and I just could not figure out before why I felt compelled to nurture. Now J know why and how. It’s been one of my best astrological discoveries about myself.

  16. Four planets & both node in the 7th : sun, Pluto conj Jupiter, mercury. Could there be any question about what has consumed my life 😉

  17. I have 6 planets in 1st house Capricorn. No other house has more than one planet in it. Identity crises have plagued me for most of my life.

  18. 5th house, last half of Virgo (sun pluto) and first half of Libra (jupiter, uranus). Mercury is within 2 deg of 5th house (libra).
    I’m a mom of 2 boys. Not sure I’m a good mom. I’m not creative that much too.

  19. 4 planets in the 3rd – interested in writing and letters, read 3 newspapers everyday. Like short little trips to gather information from seminars.

    I soak up the impressions from the daily flotsam and jetsam and make intuitive judgments in my work.

  20. Born with loaded 1st House Virgo, Mars/Uranus both at 10 degrees, Pluto at 13 degrees. Very loaded 10th House Taurus/Gemini, MidHeaven at 17 degrees Taurus, Sun at 17 degrees Taurus, Venus at 24 degrees Taurus, Jupiter at 3 degrees Gemini, North Node at 14 degrees Gemini. If anyone can tell me my Life/Work purpose based on these Houses, will be eternally grateful! : )

  21. Four planets in 1H, three in 5H. I feel like it’s all about me, but guilty (Saturn opposite AC). Even my sun is in the fifth house. Art, music, I can be a little performer at times, I love to make people laugh, and I am drawn to artsy people. I have one planet each in 3, 6, and 9. I really like my Neptune in 3. It’s like a hammock sometimes. Of course I am Mercury ruled….

  22. My empty houses Piss me off. How dare they! Moon in first. Uranus and Pluto in second. I’m not counting asteroids so nada in the third. Neptune in fourth. Mars, Jupiter, Vertex, N. Node in fifth. Sun and Venus in sixth. Mercury in seventh. Asteroid mayhem in the eighth. Love my vibrator. Nada in ninth. Saturn in tenth. That’s all, folks.

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