Leaks Like A Sieve

Here’s another frustration. Why must people leak like sieves? There are so many occasions, I badly want to share something with someone. I badly want to tell them something that will empower them greatly, but if I do, I know they’ll talk all over the land. This will come back to bite me hard so I’m forced to remain mute. My husband doesn’t struggle with this is at all, which is irksome, but perhaps meant to instruct me.

Really, if you can’t keep your mouth shut, the only things I will ever say to you are things I want broadcast. If you leak like a sieve, you’ll be used like a sieve – what else would you expect?

Do you ever wonder what people don’t tell you, because of your big mouth?  You just can’t hand someone an ace, if they’ve not got the sense to tuck that thing away.

Here’s another frustration.  Why must people leak like sieves?  There are so many occasions, I badly want to share something with someone. I badly want to tell them something that will empower them greatly, but if I do, I know they’ll talk all over the land.  This will come back to bite me hard so I’m forced to remain mute. My husband doesn’t struggle with this is at all, which is irksome, but perhaps meant to instruct me.

Really, if you can’t keep your mouth shut, the only things I will ever say to you are things I want broadcast. If you leak like a sieve, you’ll be used like a sieve – what else would you expect?

* disclaimer… no, I am not mad because someone has done this to me recently. I have not talked to sieves for many, many years, other than to spread information – this is a lesson I learned many years ago.  Tonight’s frustration comes because I would like to tell someone something, before they die. I think it’s important, but it’s not something that can get out, nor is is something they can keep in…because that’s just not their style.  I am sure some of you recognize yourselves. Life is interesting, always.

Can you keep a secret?  Why or why not, and where is your Mercury?

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  1. I have merc in Sag on my MC, yes I am a preacher, but I have enough Scorpio to keep a secret. I try very hard to preach only big happy things. It was a hard lesson to learn that the truth may not always be a good thing to preach or broadcast.

  2. I don’t know why this is & I have struggled with it, always. It seems the people who are the worst blurters are also the best at telling everyone just how great they are at keeping secrets.

    Whenever I have overriden myself in the belief that what I’ll say has a higher importance, I have been squarely shot, in the wierdest/ worst of ways. It is NOT worth the grief/ fall out.

    My motto, after years of trying to find a way to “solve” this issue is: “Silence is Golden”.

  3. I have Mercury in Capricorn (like my Sun) in the 7th house. I have great respect for the confidences people make to me and feel that it is my responsibility to keep my promise.

    Let’s say A tells me something in confidence about B. At a later date B informs me of that same thing. Even then, I would never give any indication that I knew, and even less that A had told me.

  4. I can keep other people’s secrets very well. My own secrets, not so much. I have Mercury in Libra retrograde square Neptune.

  5. Elsa, my Mom was a Sadge with Mercury also in Sadge conjunct her South Node, her Saturn, and her Mars. I loved her with all my heart, but I learned never to tell her anything that I didn’t want the whole world to know, because if I did, then she would somehow manage to tell the worst possible person at the worst possible time.

    Part of me still hesitates to open up and tell others anything too person, and I keep secrets almost too well!

  6. I have Sadge merc, saturn and sun. I always made the mistake of telling my Virgo sun mother my personal stuff. My mothers merc is in the sign of big mouth!! Whatever that is!!
    I learned the hard way never to tell her anything.

  7. I leak like a sieve! I’m around Scorpio types all the time, all their secret $hit drives me up the wall! I think it’s an ego thing, their $hit is so important no one can know. Really, I just don’t get why everything has to be such a secret with them! I like truth no matter how ugly! It is what it is, like it or not. If everyone shared, there would be no need to hide your stuff because you would see everyone else has the same stuff! I have Jupiter in Sag. Can you tell?

  8. !! I just got told a secret earlier by Dina who leaks like a sieve! lol. She knows she does, that’s why she had to tell me. It’s a secret dealing with M-Ant. I can keep a secret. And if I somehow accidentally hint around it, I know how to deflect the bullet hard. Change the subject really fast and don’t look back. I know a lot of secrets that I still keep! Mostly my own secrets.

  9. I am a drop-box for these things. I love/hate it. I am honored and yet I rage about it.
    I want to sieve, and can’t. :::holes in my armor:::

  10. Depends what it is….a sieve after all is actually a filter,

    gossip is not good for the giver or receiver
    Something that will hurt someone shouldn’t be shared

    Information is the human species unique eay of connecting. It can represent who has power, who is respected, who is relied on, who is included, it is an energy exchange, for some people having information they have to leak it is their way of feeling important and connecting to their fellow human beings. Is this wrong, can be, or is it to be understood in an empathetic manner. Maybe they don’t have other ways of connecting. Or maybe they are just damn malicious.

    But if its something someone is ashamed of or hasn’t dealt with then perhaps it is a good thing they learn to let it go and not care what others think or make of it, after all this is the sign of learning to be comfortable with yourself.

    There are very few things in life people haven’t heard before as the human condition is not exclusive, I’m pretty open (about my own stuff as I will respect a confidence) and almost every time I’ve shared something “personal” it has helped someone, sometimes greatly. What is my slight uncomfort in comparison to helping another?

    Secret stuff can be very insidious. If you need to tell someone something and it’s “secret” go to a therapist.

    Gosh a deathbed dilemma, Elsa that is really truly tricky!

    Sadge Asc

  11. Depends on how perceptive people are. As much as I broadcast and talk/write non-stop, there is about five times as much information I keep under wraps.

    Not everyone can tell the difference though. I keep a lot of secrets. The thing is, if it’s an ace, and I might not have the brain to recognize it as such, but if told I will act like it never happened.

    I think this is a Neptune 8th house thing. Things just disappear into thin air. Mercury in Pisces, 10th.

    The whole walks like a duck, must be a duck thing? Nope. Neptune.

  12. I’ve been like a sieve (or at least more sieve-ish) during this Neptune transit opposite my Mercury and it’s been very disconcerting for me! I’ve hated it. :/

    My SOP is tell-nothing — Saturn (in Virgo, in the 3rd) conjunct Mercury, Neptune (in the 6th) trine Merc, and a shit-ton of Pluto. If (very big if) I remember your secret, I won’t let it slip.
    Unless, yanno, stressful Neptoon transit. 😉

  13. I wonder who is the sieve here…the one who can’t keep it the her/himself and tell it to someone else, or that someone else who is telling others ur secret?
    I think that if u don’t want others the know first u have to do not tell it to anyone.
    Hoe can u expect other to keep their moths shut when u cannot keep urs.
    It’s simple when i don’t others to know about me i don’t tell….when i tell i take risk cause the only person u can change is urself…not others….others u take as they r…that’s the fun of diversity…we cannot be all the same.
    Mercury in scorpio, fifth house, trine with jupiter, moon and saturn.

  14. I have a lot of Sagittarius in my chart. So unless I am specifically told to keep a secret, I usually share thoughts and feelings.
    Oh and the secret has to be something that does not burden my conscience.

  15. I can definitely keep a secret. I think it’s low-class to be a gossip and I think it’s shit to betray someone’s trust. I get very uncomfortable when someone attempts to tell me a secret they’ve heard from someone else..it gives me the heebie-jeebies. With my own “secrets” I’m pretty much a blabbermouth. I really don’t see them as secrets though, just part of who I am. People talk shit about me anyway, always have, might as well put in my two cents..help’em get their gossip straight. 😉 I’m a Virgo Sun and my Mercury is Leo.

  16. My secrets have secrets and no one will ever know any of them.

    Like many others here I am sometimes appalled by the number of people who seem to think I am the perfect repository for their “junk” and alternately and sometimes simultaneously honored that they consider me worthy of holding their secrets.

    Mercury in 1st house of Libra (2nd planet of Venus, Mercury, Moon stellum). Mercury sextile Uranus, semisquare Pluto, trine Chiron (tight), semisquare Ceres and conjunct Part of Fortune. It’s complicated! lol

  17. My memory is like a sieve, so most secrets I’ve been told, I wouldn’t be able to repeat because I don’t even remember them. Mercury in Pisces trine Neptune.

  18. I have Merc in Scorp Rx in my 2nd, keeping secrets is what I do best or better yet not even blab. My brother and his gf told me that they got engaged and told me not to tell anyone. I only told the Virgo cause I was going mad happy at my phone. I haven’t told anyone or even spoke with them about it. I guess for myself its the stamp of ‘don’t tell anyone’ that let’s me know that someone is confiding and it isn’t up for everyday discussion and what I discuss with people isn’t told either unless there’s a group dissatisfaction. Oh… I blab then, I’ll tell all
    (Pluto Scorp 1st, Aqua Mars 5th) we can make changes collectively.

    Plus its the way in which people behave like sieves that brings it in a different perspective. If someone tells you something that’s confidential and you’re then talking about them in a bad way and they hear about it… well don’t expect them to trust you or tell you anything AGAIN!! I don’t tell my mother anything cause she blabs to whoever will listen (Libra Moon) and then taint it to her perception! She thinks my business is her business so that she has something to talk about. I don’t tell my brothers gf anything either (Gemini sun) she blabs quicker than anything. Forget hearing from the horses mouth.

    Sorry for the rant… This has also been on my mind too!

  19. “I think that if u don’t want others the know first u have to do not tell it to anyone.”

    Yep. I’ve learned this the hard way. Like starkttn there is a mountain I just don’t reveal. I will cop to seeking to control the information flow–Merc/Saturn.

    1. A person could be spared a lot if they were known as someone who could keep a confidence.. But some cannot keep a confidence, or they can, but only for a finite time. Consequently, there is no choice but to withhold….whatever. Various things. Things that might save them a lot of trouble, or unlock doors, or just be mighty interesting. 🙂

  20. Gad. So true, Elsa. I’m basically being paid to keep secrets now, with this new job. I’m glad it’s easy for me to do so.

  21. “You tell me a secret, and I cant remember it.”

    @plutonian – I do that too! Neptune. But I willfully forget it. I’ll not treat you differently based on what you’ve revealed to me (either knowingly or unconsciously).

  22. Ha! Yes. Merc. 12th house. Even if I wanted it to get out people wouldn’t hear. They can’t even hear ME when I try to be clear as can be about non-secrets.

    I think people sense that about me and dump their secrets with me.

  23. I talked to a friend about this…We agree that I am a chatterbox, but not about things that matter because people try to use me or unload on me when I act like I can keep a secret or when I’m coy.

    Strange…but it is better when I act lightweight, as I have enough info coming already.

  24. merc in scorpio 11th house. a lot of people tell
    me their secrets. i dont tell anyone. i have never had
    to face a situation in which the secret was
    terrible or a heavy burden. in a case of immenent
    death- i would figure out a way for that person to
    know (if it was necessary)- and let the cards fall
    where they may- but i would have to be pretty damn
    sure that what i would somehow communicate was
    something true and necessary and i was not being used.

    my partner has merc on in dc in sag conjunct jupiter and
    it is opposite saturn in gemini on the ascendent… he is mr.
    top secret.

    i agree with the post of alot of scorp merc energy is just
    too damn serious…

  25. I can keep a confidence, but you have to tell me up front that it’s a secret and specifically ask me to keep it to myself. Otherwise, at some point I’m likely to assume that if you told me about it, that means it’s okay to talk about with anybody. I’m not too proud of that right now.

  26. 12H Mercury/Jupiter –keep secrets VERY close to my chest and for the altruistic sake of “some things are better left unsaid or not otherwise known” 😀

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