Mars Conjunct Uranus In Taurus: Effects On Your Finances

Taurus DegraziaAs expected, Uranus in Venus-ruled Taurus has brought volatility to the stock market.  We’ve also got digital currency on deck, a new breed of investor and virtually everything is the money realm is upset and unsettled at this time.

Mars has now ingressed into Taurus. The planet is bearing down on Uranus, which is now squaring Saturn.

I got into dialogue with a client on this topic. I was able to bring my view of this situation down to earth, by recounting the experience of a man I know:

“…Uranus is in Taurus heading to square Saturn. Expect far more losses in the financial markets of all kinds. Reality will shock people, hit in ways they don’t expect. I’m talking about collateral damage.

Case in point, man with a business has credit line he does not need or use.
Bank gets in trouble / cancels line of credit to alter their balance sheet.
Man is surprised but doesn’t care.
Within two weeks, man’s credit cards are canceled due to drop in funds he has available.
He’s jaw-dropped.

This is the kind of thing that is going to destabilize everyone, directly or indirectly…”

You can see all the elements here. Surprise (Uranus) and restriction or contraction (Saturn), out of the blue sky.  There’s a lot more than this to be said but this illustrates the kind of unexpected thing you can expect!

Here’s another angle – what is currency? Right now, currency to me is hooking up with someone who can repair my six month old washing machine. I do like clean clothes!

Mars entering the arena is going to aggravate this situation and speed it up. We’ll probably see situations where people or entities feel, if they’re going down, they’re going to take others with them. On one level, Saturn Uranus is psychopathic!

This doesn’t mean the energy can’t be put to good use. I’m a big fan of it, when places in the hands of an individual.   Click the tag for more on that.

How are you seeing this play? Got any stories?

20 thoughts on “Mars Conjunct Uranus In Taurus: Effects On Your Finances”

  1. This all happens and has been around my ascendant with the transiting Taurus-Scorpio north node – south node axis moving into the mix then.

      1. And my ascendant is 16 degrees Scorpio. Pluto squaring my chiron too..escalation feeling of being cut off from familiar territory into unchartered waters..

        1. 1956 birth year here. Our chart angles mirror. Have Pluto back and forth over my MC sextiling natal Saturn and squaring Neptune.Saturn moving will square and trine the two again.

  2. I have Taurus on 4th house with Mars conjunct Uranus visiting!! My rental house in another state burned….total loss!! This will certainly hit the finances.

  3. Miranda Garrett

    Omg this is what I’m scared of forreal I was told In the chart 2 years ago that and unexpected even was gonna come didn’t say money losses but said losses and it was gonna be challenging and but in the end I was gonna be okay but like I’m worried like no other .. Uranus and mars in the 8th house are conjunct it’s gonna hit my Saturn in the 5th house I worry about my babies worrying my self legitimately sick 🤒 😭

    1. I know the feeling. These are all hitting me in the exact same houses as you. Also just went through a year of Uranus oppose my natal Uranus w/ the squares to Saturn. Saturn oppose natal Saturn. Been to hell and back. Had a wildfire come through and burn two of our buildings. Our house was spared, thank God! I do have hope/faith that the worst of it is over and this upcoming conjunction (the north node is also there) is just a formality. A reorganization of sorts. Hang in there! We’re gonna get through this.

  4. hopefully this might help with some breakthroughs at work (eh, mercury in the ninth getting revved by mars with all this eccentricity…)

  5. I only thought that this transit was hitting the stock market and we just hang on until it turns around. We had very little debt then the TV died, then the hot water heater died, I need a new pair of glasses, my husband broke his glasses this morning! Ch Ching. Little debts turn into bigger than expected. Thanks Uranus in Taurus. On top of the rest of the incredible stress we’ve been under for over a year, just UGH!

      1. Those numerous items add up to big bucks & destroy the budget!! Maybe no more surprises!! Good luck Cindy.
        Pluto has given me some health issues to deal with also…I hope u have escaped Pluto causing problems.

  6. This smacked me yesterday. Wanted to pay my flat’s levy.
    Bingo! There WAS no money for me to pay it…

  7. I invested in AMC stock over one year ago and have been diligently studying the markets, how well street and hedge funds take advantage of us all, and maybe there’s another investor in here. I believe MOASS is imminent and the market crash will absolutely
    Trigger it. Fighting for fair markets and financial freedom for all!!

  8. Someone just brought to my attention that on July 5th, the day of this post, CERN in 🇨🇭 just restarted the Haddon collider after a 3year hiatus for maintenance. BBC called these improvements revolutionary since they apparently found new particles.
    At the same time, look what’s happened in Sri Lanka, and I hope you also heard about massive farmers’ protests in the Netherlands as well. Mars Uranus NN in Taurus. Claiming back the land?
    Saturn/Uranus I think of CERN Gotthard Base Tunnel inauguration ceremony in 2016 (apparently these guys work in 3s). if you didn’t watch it, you’re in for quite a spectacle…
    (just throwing in some pluto stuff for you Elsa 😉

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