Client Testimonial: “Less Fluffy Bunnies”

zodiac braceletNP writes:

“I have so many amazing things I could say about having a consultation with Elsa but as I tend to ramble I will try to keep this short and to the point! This is absolutely, by far, one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Elsa is an incredibly gifted Astrologer, one who sees clearly right to the root of the matter, and can lift the veil for you. Ya know, the veil you can’t seem to see beyond, never quite knowing what is on the other side. Constantly trying to peer through and see in, but always coming up just short or coming to the wrong conclusions. Well, Elsa is the Veil Lifter if there ever was one!

I’ve been trying very hard to understand myself better, to know how I can be me and work with myself rather than seemingly against. I tried desperately to life that veil to a better me, a me who was living a full life to the best of my ability. Without her help I know for sure that it would have been damn near impossible to understand things so well. When things are happening right now, you need answers right now. Elsa cuts through the nonsense and tells you like it is in a way you can understand, with the up-side and down-side all spelled out for you. In no at all way was she harsh, but she didn’t sugar-coat things either and that my friends, is priceless. When you are on a quest for the truth, well, the less fluffy bunnies in the way the better. Elsa, you are a gifted, compassionate, and straight-talking Astrologer who I am so so very fortunate to have found, I could never thank you enough. The only thing I regret? Waiting so long to go for it and get that first consultation! I still kick myself for that! To finally see a way, to actually see what I have been doing wrong, why, and how to overcome it, and to know that I can do it… these consultations are priceless!”

Thanks, NP!

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