Neptune On The Midheaven: Known Me For 30 Years And Has No Idea What I Look Like

Neptune tourists“You are motherly but you don’t look motherly,” my husband said.

“No?  What then? Do I look like business?”

“No, not business.”

“Well then what do I look like?”

“I don’t know.”

“No idea?”

“No idea. I’d have to think about it,” he said.

“Do I look trustable?” I asked. “Do they trust me when I walk into the court?” (I think Cap rising desperately wants to be seen as credible)

‘Hell yes, you can be trusted.”

“Okay, whew!”

A few minutes later I asked again. “Well? Did you figure it out? What do I look like when I go out? What would people guess?’

“P, I don’t know. I’m going to have to think about it for a couple days at least.”

35 thoughts on “Neptune On The Midheaven: Known Me For 30 Years And Has No Idea What I Look Like”

  1. Thanks, you guys. I am not petite, it’s the camera angle! And Loonsounds, yes. I am a trick MF – so tricky I trick myself and have no idea how. 🙂

  2. I have never seen you when you aren’t smiling, but on your videos, you look like an extremely friendly, engaging, compassionate person. Also, there is something about your eyes in which I do see many truths which are way deeper than can be experienced in the brain. Also, you have a sparkle in your eyes which makes you look a bit mischevious. (sp). You look petite, as if you could wear just about anything and look good in it, and you have a look of ‘classy.’ You pull together a look of extreme competence and expertise, but as to the last part, I don’t think I can tease out your looks from what you say and your voice, which is strong, clear and articulate. You must have a powerful Mercury.

  3. Where I live there are lots of people of Italian descent, I mean loads, so physically, here, you’d fit the archetype of an Italian mother. I, with my Anglo-Puritan genealogy, whose ancestors first wrangled territory from the natives, I am the one whose body type (taller than most of the men, whiter than white skin) sticks out like a sore thumb.

    I so loved the South when I lived there, where for the first time in my life, most of the men were taller than me.

    Changes in latitude, changes in attitude and all.

  4. I’ve also got Neptune on my MC….Aquarius rising. I don’t know what I look like either!
    You look like a happy person, which is a nice thing!

  5. :). It was meant to be a compliment. There is a book called the Mists of Avalon, sort of ancient by now by Marion Zimner Bradley. That’s who you remind me of, once I thought about it.

  6. Ok, so I have Neptune conjunct Midheaven, too, also conjunct Mercury, (that’s a triple) all in Libra, and I am soooooo confused. Trouble is I just can’t decide what it is that I’m so confused about, and I have a confused way of explaining it. Help me, if you dare/can.

  7. Funny. I read your post wrong (as I’m wont to do with Mercury Rx).

    I thought you wrote RUSTABLE. I was all, no way, Elsa, you aren’t rustable at all! Er, yeah.

    Well, I don’t know what you look like, but rusty IS NOT IT…lol

  8. You look to me friendly and fun from what I’ve seen on the videos even when talking about Plutonic topics. You have a very contagious smile.

  9. I also have Neptune/Pisces on the Midheaven. Sun in Pisces. Mercury in Pisces. You look transparent, not invisible. We are like the light that illuminates dreams/

  10. In the pic on the astro dispatch blog you look very neptunian. I like that pic. That is the pic I saw that made me get my first consult with you.

    By neptunian I mean nurturing by the way. I hope you are not mad at this.
    My communication wires are a a bit crossed these days

  11. This is very interesting…. but cool. 🙂

    I always love the way you just twinkle and smile in your videos… very lovely… and your hair is just faboo! 🙂 sorta wild, but sorta put together.. Idk.. I just like it.. wish my hair did that.

  12. The first thing which struck me about your face is that’s it’s exceptionally mobile and responsive Elsa, and I think that’s why the Soldier can’t put a label on it. It exudes ‘vital intelligence’ if I can put it that way

    These qualities in your face are what attracted to me to the blog
    (that and being so Italian looking, as I have a real thing about Italy and Italians, so much so I suspect my birth father may have been an Italian POW)

    Some people have faces like dough!

  13. I think you look very friendly, kind, loving, and generous. I can tell in your videos you have a kind, loving heart. You also seem very direct, like you have no problem censoring honesty, and really, how can you? You definately have a twinkly sparkle in your eye. You’re just adorable. Your friendly face is what led me to posting on the internet, something I would rarely do. Your videos are so cute. I bet your a very protective mother.

  14. I think you come across intense, passionate, focused, intelligent, quirky (will let out humor unexpectedly), emotional, and fearless most of all! But at first it was hard to get a bead on your presence in your video. But you warm up to it and when you do, it’s very engaging!

  15. Physically you remind me of my mother-in-law (though 25 years younger)- she is Italian and no-nonsense and has had a challenging life, but she held her family together through thick and thin.

    Tough but sweet, sincere, is what I think …just from the months I have watched your video posts.

  16. I asked my husband this question today – told him he’d had 2 years to think.

    He told me to give him another 2 years to think so I laughed.

    “This is assuming my lipstick is on right,” I’d said to qualify…

  17. Neptune on the MC. that’s interesting. my sister’s ex-husband has Neptune conj his ASC from the 12th. Similarly but to the extreme — he had an issue with recognition.

    My sister made reference to some celebrity looking like a high school chum of his she’d met at a cookout or some function a few months earlier(and someone he saw periodically).

    Her (ex-)husband could not make an assessment, because he could not remember what his high school friend looked like. Someone he had known most of his life. no word of a lie.

    yet my sister, who had only met the guy once, could make the comparison.

    (caveat: her ex- is personality disordered, so has no core self. so it’s an extreme manifestion, among MANY “extreme” characteristics & behaviors of his)

  18. I always think you look Earthy as well. And associate the color red with you, frequently.

    Then when I found out you had all that Libra and you had pictures of yourself in dresses, I thought you look feminine.

    And there’s the Jupiter Rising, it’s comforting that you smile a lot and your eyes sparkle

  19. I have a feeling that if I saw you out walking, the energy shift would be different. Meaning I can see you while you are speaking to the camera but I don’t think you would appear the same if, say, I was standing behind you in the check out, or driving beside you as you rode by on your scooter. Maybe that’s how Neptune/MC works, I dunno.

  20. I know you’re not fishing and from what I’ve seen on the blog, you don’t like compliments/spotlight but damn what I see is a pretty pretty woman, in every picture from childhood to today’s pix, pretty pretty pretty!

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