Saturn Transit Conjunct Natal Mercury: Communication Curtailed

saturn mercury conjunctionA Saturn transit to natal Mercury will curtail communication. I’m under this transit at the moment. In a classic manifestation, my husband is training someone for the next 2 weeks which will dramatically restrict our communication. This is because my husband does not speak freely with other people listening in. This is particularly true, in regards to his wife when there’s another man around.

I also have little time (Saturn) to write (Mercury) for the blog (9th house / publishing), right now. When I do have time, I’am hampered in other ways.

On the upside, structured writing (forecasts and the newsletter) can still be managed as can writing for work (astrology consults and Colosseum).

Also on the upside, the transit will soon peak. Whew!

Does anyone else have Saturn transiting their natal Mercury? What’s happening?

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  1. Saturn’s squaring my Merc (6th house Capricorn) and I have also been jammed for time on my publishing-related project (book). This explains a lot and now I get why it’s been such a struggle. Happily, I got some kick-butt guidance in a Dixie consult and am now feeling like I’m getting back on track – perfectly timed, I realize now that I’ve read in this post that the trend’s peaking soon. Whew! You all are priceless around here – as had this happened to me in the past I would have been bashing my head against a wall!

  2. Saturn is on my natal mercury too. I know it seems like I’m typing a lot here but what I am saying online these days is terrifically dark and depressing, miserable, and sort of plodding also. I feel like I’m writing through a riverbottom. It’s not only hard to get my thoughts lined up and organized, I feel like I’m just not connecting the way I usually do.

    Not speaking to the ex at all — first time in years – and I’m not really talking to anybody else either. Just have no energy to express myself. I want to be left alone.

    1. Hello, I am also experiencing saturn transit to my mercury retrograde, I can relate to your post. I have lost my mental focus in my meditation practice, it began when saturn was applying to my mercury

      1. So, how are you now, Kyle? Did you pic up your practice again after the transit had finished?
        I’ m asking because I am experiencing exactly the same thing, right now…

  3. Saturn is transiting my Uranus, square to my Mercury in Cap. And my Mercury will be transited by Pluto in the near future … not looking forward to that!

    I’m not talking to anyone much either – I’m not in communication with the Man since I put my cards on the table a month ago, I’m not going out at all locally, and I’m faffing about instead of starting a big book project (I have three or four I want to set up or start writing). My head is full of fog and cotton wool!

  4. Oh wait – I am not smart, astrologically. I read that as trend. Wrong! Actually, Saturn will be squaring my merc (and moon conjunct) in the 6th; hasn’t gotten there yet! Guess I’ll be in for more lessons. But it’s okay; it will also be trining my Jupiter in wordy Gemini and my Aqua Sun/Venus/Mars so I’ve got backup. Again, whew!

  5. On my natal chart Saturn squares my mercury. So I’m self-conscious/self-censoring in my communications, ‘natch. In addition, Saturn transit is just now opposing my natal merc.

    So I’m having trouble sounding something other than negative at the moment. I’m glad it’s temporary. 🙂

  6. Yes, I have Saturn transiting conjunct natal Mercury. I am listening more and speaking less. I have communicated very truthfully with a few people in my life, out of necessity, regarding their behaviour towards other people. I also have Saturn square Mercury natally, so I am use to the serious nature of my words and how they affect people. I often censure what I say or switch to jovial Jupiter.

  7. Saturn is trining my Mercury (who is natally squaring Saturn and Pluto).. Actually for me, writing has become much easier than it generally is!!! I’m in university right now and I have a lot of journals to write and papers to prepare and I’m much more on time than I’ve ever been…… Weird!!!?!? However the usual delays are very much still present. I didn’t not get paid for my work (check has arrived yet… mail is late!! As usual!) I did not get my money because I have to wait for formalities to clear… (which will take another 2 weeks) and my car is giving me problems (gas money and all…) So all my Mercurian problems are still there but my writing has improved so it’s not all bad!! 🙂

  8. I’m getting over Saturn transiting conjunct my Mercury. The comments above hit home – I’ve been low-energy and pessimistic, yet mentally anxious and restless – thoughts are constantly racing in my head yet it’s hard for me to focus or calm down. Mercury is at the cusp of my 11th house. I feel like when Saturn went through my 10th, I was most concerned with having a decent, stable job and feeling like my college education was put to use.

    With Saturn in my 11th, I’m most concerned with doing my music dreams – those elusive goals I’ve yearned for but haven’t quite hit the mark. It’s like NOW or NEVER!

    And my Mercury is at 0 deg Libra so it’s been hit by the T-square.

  9. Saturn is opposing my natal Mercury and I have been, mysteriously, without incoming telephone service for the past few days! I hope that it won’t take the duration of this transit for the cable company to determine what’s causing the problem and correct it!

  10. yep, I have it which is really tough coz like alot on these boards its my job!!! writers block, mind going inwards which is great as ob old task master feel its needed, but my kids are totally enjoying the fact that i have also LOST MY VOICE, literally!, sang at a wedding 10 days ago and had laringitus ever since,I also have pluto opposing merc too so yeah, shut the hell up bluelily ;O

  11. Sat. conj. Merc. was quite spectacular, natal Merc. being lord of both Asc & MC. Met some people that I hadn’t seen for many years. And unexpectedly a new door to my old profession seems to have opened. Or am I only dreaming?

    With Merc/Nep/Moon in Libra/1st it has always been very hard to express myself, although I’m an easy speaker. Merc/Nep/Moon give so many ideas, images and emotions that I hardly can pinpoint the essence of an experience. When writing I need hours to find the right words. Looks like Saturn narrows the hazy thinking down. Giving it the structure my Virgo Sun/Ven/Asc loves and needs.

    Makes me wonder about the upcoming Pluto transits, starting next year.

  12. I have talked to my husband for less than 10 minutes total in the last 2 days. Normally, there would have been at least 20 phone calls. Arrgh

  13. Hello – just wanted to say I appreciated finding this thread, even though it’s from a while back. Always helpful to hear real examples not fixed ‘prescriptions’.

    Right now I have Saturn about to conj natal Mercury – in the 3rd house and Sag, so communication and writing are really in the cross hairs!

    At work and home, death and dying are now my main subject matter: I am a researcher now on a project/org that provides palliative care, and a loved one is terminally ill. I am normally a funny, irreverent, talkative type and was working on a novel about the music industry, full of wry humour. But now it seems shallow. I’m considering starting over and writing something much more real and raw, about the strange poetry of family life when one person is dying and another has been born.

    Anyway, I feel like I’ve forgotten how to do superficial jokey chat, and am ‘blocked’ from lighter conversation or subjects.

    Saturn conjuncts my natal Neptune and Sun (also 3rd and Sag) in the near future so I see this is ‘step one’.

    Apologies for this long post but it’s one if those weird times where astroking really helps!

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