Can You Change Your Fate? Also, A Comment On Envy

bloom.jpgAngie writes on Let The Victim Speak:

“Are you saying your “fate” is to ‘collect and contain negative energy for the collective’ and if so, do you believe one’s fate can be changed?”

Angie, I don’t mean to be persnickety but I never said “fate”. I try to avoid the word because many people give it a meaning that I don’t mean. This is what I said:

“I think I was born into service and one of the things I do is collect and contain negative energy for the collective. I collect it and then process it and transform into something usable (and often quite valuable) that I offer to the collective.”

And this is what I meant:

First, I have a packed 8th house so the idea I am going to be exposed to and absorb (mostly negative) energy is a given. So I am going to collect this stuff but not for long. It is Taurus that holds on, yes? Scorpio / the 8th house transforms so I am going to take that negative energy and do something with it… in my case I am going to make hay.

I am going to fuel my life (and yours) with the stuff and this is not in anyway special. Basically, you give a plant shit (fertilizer) and it blooms. This blog is one of my blooms so this process is normal although I would claim to have consciousness of it that is above the norm and perhaps way above the norm, thanks to astrology and the fact I encountered it when I was a kid.

Now you asked if I can change my fate and I am not sure what “fate” means when people use it but if I take a guess, my answer would be no. I am always going to attract energy (of all kinds). I will never be able to attract only good energy although I know the difference a mile away. I mean I see your nasty ass coming, don’t think I don’t.

So I am going to get the energy (the shit or whatever) no matter what. But once I do, I have nothing but choices how I utilize it and this is where free will comes in. I choose to send the energy through the alchemical process that I embody and produce a nice product out the other side.

Now I don’t think this has much to do with “fate” which is why I called that out (not to embarrass you). I grew up playing cards and tend to think in terms of them so what I was saying in that last blog was, these are my cards and this is how I play them. And if the “cards” I’ve been dealt are my “fate” then I would say, no they cannot be changed.

I would also say I would not want them to be changed because I am like the overwhelming majority of people who went put to the test admit they would not want to trade their lives for someone else’s… which makes envy pretty damned stupid, huh?

What do you think? Can you change your fate?

14 thoughts on “Can You Change Your Fate? Also, A Comment On Envy”

  1. Sometimes I think about having tons of money and no worries about bills, then I think that is not my lot in life. If I did have a shitload of money I would prob go nuts,lol. I don’t think I would change my fate either. I am a direct result of all of my life experiences, good and bad.

  2. I too have a packed 8th house (Sun, Mars, Mercury & Saturn split between the signs of Pisces & Aquarius.) I have had very little negative to deal with, I think. I don’t know what in my chart makes that different for me.

    As to changing your fate, how can you ever know? How do you know that what you ended up with after you put in all the energy to “change your fate” wasn’t what you were fated to end up with all along?

  3. Elsa – I loved the way you summed that up – ‘collect and contain negative energy for the collective…and transform into something usable.’ That really spoke to me (me with an 8th house Saturn in Pisces (R) and an 8th house Chiron in Pisces (R). I am almost envious that you are able to articulate that mission of yours – and that you have absolutely got behind it (or simply just let if flow) and are living it. Good for you – good for everyone you connect with.

    I got a bit of plutonium floating about too which ensures my enduring fascination with change/transformation. I am not a believer of fate.

    But one thing that occurred to me earlier today, I recalled reading somewhere about the links of the emotional to the physical in terms of illness etc. It must be Louise Hay… Anyway it said that hernias can be an indication of ‘carrying an emotioinal burden’ (as well as ruptured relationships). With love.

  4. “Anyway it said that hernias can be an indication of ‘carrying an emotioinal burden’ (as well as ruptured relationships). With love.”

    aerial, thanks I read that too. At first it did not resonate but now I think it does. I had THREE hernias. One on each side and also a femoral hernia which may be a birth defect?

    I just mention because of the Pluto Moon.

    God knows I have done plenty (of lifting) to cause myself a hernia so I really don’t know but I wonder what the fact they are repaired now portends.

  5. As I came back to the site I thought – silly me, I should have said the bleedin’ obvious which is, also caused by lifting!!

    Yeah, it will be interesting to see how you fare now they’re on the mend. Stronger than ever?
    I hope that it goes very well for you and it’s a speedy recovery.

  6. Well, I don’t know how long you’ve been around, aerial but I have been known to strap 10 pound on each FOOT and walk around like that.. all day. 😉

    Not only that, I’ve done it for years…

  7. Well, I got engaged at 23 in hopes of changing my fate (that of being a Venus Saturn who has no hope of anything working out until at least 40). Hah, that just didn’t work. I would also like not to be obsessed with the things I am obsessed with, but that’s not going to happen because that stuff is all over my chart. So…no. Stuck.

  8. Elsa,

    Sorry for implying you said the word fate. I should have put stars around the word instead of quotes. I wanted to emphasize the word because recently someone has thrown the word to me in the hopes that I can explain it. I’m really not sure what it means either. Then I saw your post and thought I’d ask you.

    I am a beginner to Astrology so if I understand it correctly… Astrology shows us what our natural tendencies are. If we see that we tend to jump the gun, be too defensive, build walls, have a short fuse, etc. and we purposely try to change these things about us, can we change our path? This was the questions thrown at me.

    Also, thank you for responding in such a huge way. Wasn’t expecting it. 🙂 — Angie

  9. angie- she wasn’t upset at the choice word. you tossed out something that got used as fuel for the engine. so thanks from all of us! 🙂

    the energy someone’s got isn’t going to change, but you can conciously decide how to use it, which does change our path pretty dramatically in some cases.

  10. Angie, no need to apologize. Er.. Saturn is in Virgo and I have to take responsibility for everything I write… but I also have to NOT take responsibility for things I did not not write.

    Um.. Saturn = boundaries and Virgo = communication.

    “If we see that we tend to jump the gun, be too defensive, build walls, have a short fuse, etc. and we purposely try to change these things about us, can we change our path?”

    Well yeah. 🙂 It’s that old adage, “If you don’t change what you’re doing you’ll wind up where you’re going.”

    If you like where you’re headed, then fine. If not, best get your ass in gear… or give up of course. That’s always an option.

    And then when you get where you were headed and you don’t like it – blame others!!

    ha ha ha, sad but true for many, maybe even most.

  11. er…speaking of sat in virgo, sorry…realized my comment sounded kinda like i was speaking for elsa. wasn’t intentional.

    nice to meet ya, angie.

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