Is Life Ever Simple?

zodiac puzzle brightLast night I told my husband, I missed the time when life was simple.

“When was life ever simple?” he countered. “I’ve never known life to be simple.”

That sounds good. It sounds authoritative but I was immediately able to go back and outline a time in our life that seemed “simple” to me.  We had lots of love, lots of work, lots of conversations, lots of responsibility, lots of joy… this is “simple” in my mind.

Back then, I woke up in the morning knowing what I was supposed to do and why. I was happy 95% of the time. Gleeful, even.

If you feel you’re in the right place, doing the right thing, there is a good amount of peace that comes with that.  Take this away and it becomes complicated.

Astrologically, I would give this to transits in my case. I have a simple chart, even with a packed 8th house. I’m naturally content to a large extent so it takes a transit, or a number of them, to gunk things up.

In contrast, my husband has a harsh, Cardinal T-square in his chart. I think this explains our fundamental difference.

Is your life simple? Has it ever been simple? What are your ideas on this?

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  1. I’m not sure what a simple chart is, Elsa. Mine and every chart I’ve seen always seems to have some toil and trouble at sometime.

  2. I totally agree.
    My life used to be simple,no matter what.
    I was usually happy, nothing got me down for long.
    I realize it must be the harsh planetary squares, opposition.
    Lunar and Solar eclipses that happened in both my houses , Taurus sun ,Gemini Moon.
    I m beginning to feel like a Soccer ball being tossed around.
    But life was simple back then…

  3. I was just talking about this: how I want to be in the right place at the right time, or at least to feel that I am. It’s been a long while.

      1. Now I don’t even know who I am… haha!

        I had this exact same conversation yesterday. EXACT. Apparently, I’m to look into this topic though I don’t really know what to look at…where, what, why, etc.

        Staying tuned…

  4. To answer the question, in yesterday’s conversation we agreed the feeling (of missing simpler times) originated some time into adulthood for us, and we could also point to times that seemed simpler than now.

    I wonder if it’s due to a real material shift or a shift in perspective. Or both.

    1. For me, life is infinitely more complicated. Common sense is rare but beyond that, series of events (both words plural) have upset so many things in so many ways, nothing is simple anymore…except maybe baking.

  5. My chart is a battlefield. When a transit triggers one planet, even if one of the “good guys” or a sextile, it triggers at least one thorny opposition or quincunx or square. The “good guys” are in detrimental or afflicted positions so when i get something that is simple it’s usually a temporary reprieve, or pure illusion. I know im not really going through life round n round in circles just because that’s an impossibility of this reality. but it does feel like a spiral as far as I’m aware. I’m looking into fractal reality. Like Mandelbrot put it, and astrology seems to go with it, “My life seemed to be a series of events and accidents. Yet when I look back, I see a pattern.”

      1. Thanks Elsa! I like yours too ? amusing and a kick in the nuts when you feel like you must. Gets me mad, then I get it’s because it either applies, or Im being too condescending with the people to whom it does. You’re an italian mamma, im Portuguese. Not too difficult to get along I suppose ?

        1. True! My husband speaks Portuguese. He went to high school in Brazil. He meant me a year later… sure was glad to find some FIRE!

    1. I feel you..I’ve 18 cap sun w/uranus oppose 16 cancer..all t square moon Saturn neptune conjunct libra..pinball..always feel challenged keep all the kids in the room off sugar lol

  6. My life is simple when I am with my 6-year old son, and his friends. We play, fart, have incoherent but fun music sessions, hunt for toads and geckos, ride bikes, etc.

    It is the adult with no ability or time for inserting childlike novelty that makes life twisted.

    To me, the smartest thing anyone can do is love. When that is gone, things get messy, really fast, due to power struggles, control, and more.

  7. Ha! This makes so much sense to me because I remember the days when I thought life was simple and I wasn’t burdened with anything. I’m attributing the burdensome part of my life to pluto in capricorn because around the time it went into capricorn, my life was no longer happy and easy. I do have an easy chart though.

  8. Good morning All. Elsa. I feel like I need a reading from you every morning lately, and here you are. I must not have an easy chart. mars 0, mercury 11, saturn 16, sun 23, ascendant 24, 12th house Capricorn.

    So pluto is coming back again. So I too am feeling like a sock turned inside out. This is going to end right?

    last January, a hospice patient I had for a year, died. Pluto on my rising.

    Will my current hospice patient die when pluto crosses again this time ?

    I was worried I was gonna die.

    This may be another thread but I just confirmed the (life saving in my case) supplement NAC is probably being removed from the OTC market by the FDA. Link:

    Im so tired of all the extra work I have to do to avoid the toxins these agencies allow, in my air, and water, and food. Making accessing medicine outlaw.

    I am already feeling flat. This feels like a personal attack. Like the agencies who have power are trying to finish us off.

    So yeah. Where is the fun? Where is the love?

    When Pluto is in first house?

    1. I feel for you. Now I’ve decided, I feel like a sock turned inside-out and stuck in a dryer vent. Ha ha ha.
      I don’t think Pluto transiting first will be “love” but I do think I’m ready for it.

    2. Avatar

      What terrible news… it seems like such a promising supplement. It’s even helping people with COVID! Maybe a teeny tiny silver lining… it’s things like these that help people to wake up and see that the government doesn’t have our best interests in mind.

      Hopefully you are able to stock up?

  9. I think trying to keep things simple has its merits. But there’s no doubt that we are all complex creatures. There may be simple times in our lives, but they are fleeting… Which adds to the layers of complexity!

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    I feel like my life has gotten simpler since discovering astrology and really studying it over the last couple years, and having a reading with your Elsa, in early May of this year. Life is simple when you know about yourself!

    Also, as an Aries sun, Mars in Aqua with Cap planets, learning new things and putting new info to use is an absolute addiction for me. This makes life simple for me. When I don’t have this, life doesn’t make sense, like I’m grasping for meaning in something but I’m not sure what. Right now, my “addiction” is learning astrology. Now that I have that, I have a clear goal in sight and life looks simple.

    1. Avatar

      Sorry if this is not the right place to ask… but I seem to be blocked from posting in the forum. Do I need to reach a certain status before I can post there? I really want to become a more active member here!

  11. Keeping things simple and doing the right thing can still feel relentlessly uncomfortable and miserable and difficult. Doesn’t mean don’t do it, but there’s often nothing peaceful about it.

  12. My life has never been so simple as it is now. Retired, everyday is like groundhog day. I am just floating in a fog.

  13. I was just considering Neptune so I can’t decide. ?. I have a hard time looking at the past. I can’t relate to it anymore. There is no way for me to judge past experiences with where I am at now. It doesn’t make sense. I must have changed.
    Sometimes when I drive thru a city in the summer evening as the cool air is moving the heat out, I do get nostalgic about living in that environment. Walking about and going to places and I think I could do that again. But when I put myself there now in my mind I realize I wouldn’t feel safe. Too much guns and random craziness. So in that scenario, life is less free, less safe, and yes less simple.

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    I remember simpler times when I was younger and I didn’t know anything else now I have more experience and I really value doing better because I know better and that is inherently more nuanced and difficult. To find some balance I do less and I do whatever it is with intention. I’ve had some really difficult transits-Pluto crossing asc and with all that death came some rebirth and some seeds to plant later in better soil.

    1. So true. Starting out in life with no experience. i only knew what I was told and I followed the dotted lines of that. Some of that, actually quite a bit, did not pan out for me so I had to go my own way. What others professed was not simple for me. All part of becoming.

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