5 thoughts on “Commitment-phobia: Cruise to nowhere in love”

  1. Interesting post. I’ve got Venus conjunct Saturn. The only reason I would get on a water vessel of any description is to get to the next shore. Preferably it’s not too far away as I get horrible seasickness. Plus I am wary of UV reflecting off the water. ?

    Suffice to say that when I dated, and I dated many, there was only 1 purpose to it: I was conducting a series of interviews for my future spouse. ?

    1. I’ve been on a half dozen cruises and two cruises to nowhere. I’ve always lived in landlocked states so…

      They have them in San Diego or they did. You just get on there and enjoy the water… the people I went with played cards. Gambling. It’s legal on the water, see? One of those trips was free. I won enough playing cards to cover the fare for all of us. Four people.

      Jupiter in Pisces. Are you feeling lucky in the water – yes I am!

      1. You are lucky in water! Good on you! ? I’ve got Pluto in 12th and am terrified of water! Especially since I was told by my mother’s fortune-teller friend that there’s a good chance I will die in water! ?

        1. What the heck is it with psychics, astrologers, mediums, etc and grim water deaths? My mom was told to “watch me around water” by an astrologer. I’ve heard from others who have been told the same kind of thing. I feel like it’s just general good sense to be careful around water no matter the portents, amirite?

          1. Yes, it is general good sense. But I also tend to pay attention to what is in the 7th, open enemies (synastry, transits, I have nothing natal) and 12th, hidden enemies – my case, chart ruler Pluto. ?

            We all have to go sometime. I prefer that when the time comes I am like one of those sun dried tomatoes soaking in olive oil. Aged and less acidic. Relaxing in my own fat and doing nothing much. ?

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