Competing With AI Astrology Consultants

zoltarYou can now hire an AI astrologer. People are most definitely doing this.  In some cases, they have no idea.

I learned of this when someone sent me a screenshot of a conversation they were having with their “astrologer” via a mobile app. I was beyond appalled and you know I don’t use language like this that is overused! I mean to say, I was really GROSSED out.

This was because this “astrologer” was telling this poor girl to send them X, or Y or Z amount of money, if they wanted to know how to deal with their, A or B or C, horrible, upcoming transit.  It was like a menu in a salon. How much pain would you like to have removed? The girl was in panic.

I’m not sure I helped much by suggesting her astrologer was a scammer, though I meant to. She was upset enough, the information may have left her further confused. You get invested in something like this, you don’t want to know the truth.

I guess there have always been and always will be shyster astrologers but this is a new (to me) breed and these machine will improve.

Luckily, they can only go so far. In my mind, the “far” is not very.  Nothing replaces a flesh and blood person who thinks and cares and feels.

Also, there’s a point you get to when you study astrology, when it all comes together. It’s no longer mathematics. I hold the chart in my hand and I know what it says.

I’m just telling you, AI is coming for my job, too!

8 thoughts on “Competing With AI Astrology Consultants”

  1. It’s the same with YouTube astrology ( some I like) but a lot of them are rehashing others words , it’s never a deep understanding. I might not do consults that often (mix of mood and money and lack of forethought) but the ones I have done with you or anyone else on this site stays forever. Also the unbelievable psychological vault of value here in your blogpost are irreplaceable. I reference to them daily in either my mind or my conversations( with credit). I think people will fast get tired of this sameness AI gives.

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    Clifton Greene

    That’s why I want to be an organic farmer. Just a small garden like Elsa has. Surely technology can’t take that away. Although Monsanto at al sure will try

  3. This may sound mean but I can’t stand most astrologers for the reasons you stated Elsa, especially the YouTubers. There are only a couple astro sites I visit regularly and this is one of them. Please keep being awesome 🙂

      1. *final edit

        Iathinah, even. Could I have butchered your username any more? Walking away now…

  4. Automated translation still cannot properly translate a simple paragraph from let’s say “Northern Ontario French” into English. (It can’t even get so-called “International French” right either.)

    So I am not holding my breath for AI astrology. Nuances, context, free will options, etc. – the depth and breadth cannot even be ~approximated~, never mind *attained*.

    But yep, wherever there is money to be made, snake oil WILL be sold. It just takes a different form from century to century. And there WILL be *takers*. There always is. Sad.

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