Confidence & The Sun Exalted In Aries

I have a lot of confidence these days. I’m not sure how I got it or how I regained this quality or state of being, but it is nice.

Some don’t like to seem people with confidence.  I don’t understand this. It’s such a great quality. I will support my claim.

Over the years here, there have been discussions about what you would most like to have, if you could choose your chart.  I answer the same, every time. I want an Aries sun!

Astrologically, the sun is exalted in Aries and why wouldn’t it be. Aries shines as (confident) leader.  Most people are not cut out to lead. They’re just not designed for it. I think my husband estimated once, maybe one in ten people are born to lead. That’s sounds about right. So what if you’re a follower?

If I’m to follow, I want the person leading me to be sure of themselves.  I am not talking about arrogance.  A person who has true confidence, inspires others to be confident. I have a terrific example of this.

My spine surgeon sent me a packet, detailing my surgery. We all know, doctors don’t want to be sued!  So what’s this surgeon do? He states plainly, the outcome of the surgery is tied to his skill level. Are you kidding me? I think his attorney would advise against this, but he’s cool.

You can read this for yourself, here:

Spine 1
Spine 2

Clearly, this surgeon knows he can perform this procedure, correctly. This is plain as day. It’s also one of the reasons, I feel so confident about this myself.

Next time you spot a person with confidence, ask yourself how their confidence can benefit you. I think people miss this. “Oh, that person is confident, let’s tear them down”

People are trying to do this to me, now.  They should be less stupid. Kicking a cripple? Ha! I’m sure that will pay dividends, not.

This blog has it’s sun in Aries.  If not me, then how about my baby?!

How do you feel about confidence, in yourself and when you see it in others?

19 thoughts on “Confidence & The Sun Exalted In Aries”

  1. Love the description of the aries principle! Mine is busted, aka all the afflictions of aries mars there are. On some occasion I can make it work and those are the occasions that are memorable. We had a great experience years ago, climbing the steepest stairs of a very tall building. I didn’t think I’d make it to the top because I hate heights. There was another person in there who was struggling and wanted to quit, to stay in there left alone, a couple of more rounds before the top. Than my aries mars managed to be what it’s normally supposed to be for 1 second and encourage the person not only to go on but to feel safe, giving me her hand and leaning on me. No man left behind. It was beautiful because we all made it to the top sweating and exhausted. And it was a beautiful sight of a sun basked afternoon. Well, it might be a silly story but this sums up what aries is like, for me.

  2. I agree completely! I love my Aries Ascendent and how nicely my chart is laid out all the houses in order and placement of their rulership. It is like a lovely celestial tablecloth.
    Yes, leadership is on my plate and always has been, but I really didn’t fully embrace it until I went through that 8 year Uranus transit in the 1st – UGH I am still feeling repercussions if that journey. (Poor Taurus they just stated it)
    But I made it and I ‘m still standing … and yes leading.
    Love ❤️ Prayers?? and Blessings♈️
    Aries Rising

  3. I was surprised at what you wrote, updated my sense of Aries which has been out of whack for a long time. My first husband was Aries Sun. He was confident, I followed. When we divorced my confidence was blind-sided but I get it now. Slow learner. This post helps me view my relationship with my husband now’s North Node (Aries.) He’s coming into his destiny and I feel that old resistance to his Aries confidence building from a Cancerian natal sun.
    That’s good news for me … informing my fixed nature that there is rood for flexibility and change! There’s a male friend in our community, Aries. He is a leader publishing and informing our island world confidently and on a pay-as-you-can basis. Over many years. I’ve come to respect him greatly. This post about Aries fuels my respect. I’ve learned something I needed to learn today. That’s a good day.

  4. I love my Aries sun! I also have Aries Jupiter. I definitely think I’m confident in most cases, and I’m sure it can be off-putting to those who aren’t as much, and I’m sure I’ve been read as arrogant sometimes. Oh well! My Aquarius Mars doesn’t care what you think about me, haha. Years ago, a guy I went to church with wanted me to help teach the middle school confirmation class and told me that I’d been “hiding my light under a barrel.” I thought “what the heck is he talking about?” But in a way I had been, I had not stepped into my natural leadership role and in hindsight I can see that now.
    I also think of Aries with some saying I read; “As they say in Texas, If you done it, it ain’t braggin.” I’m glad Elsa’s surgeon is confident in his skill set, yay!

  5. My Late Husband an Aries. Leader of the pack.The most confidant person I have ever met. When he owned his own business he said he would surround himself with people that were more intelligent than him. How more confidant could one be not to feel threatened by that?

  6. “How do you feel about confidence, in yourself and when you see it in others?”

    * I love people with true confidence. My progressed Sun was one of the best experiences in my life!!

    Everytime I meet an Aries Sun person it’s such a treat 🙂

    * I find people who are mega arrogant a bit too much/over the top…some arrogance or normal arrogance is ok 🙂

    * People with superiority complexes (aka with an inferiority complex and toxic shame feelings that need constant checking/managing via making others feel small)…I’m not that keen on spending lots of time around them…they sting you!

    * I think I have good enough confidence.

    When I was young my confidence was a mix of a small facade (to cover my hurts and vulnerabilities) and some genuine confidence (Sun in Pisces ruled by Jupiter in Aries; Sun trine ASC; lots of Jupiter and Mars aspects (mostly good); positive Venus aspects + Venus in the 4th + the move of the progressed Sun into Aries at age 12 was powerful!)

    Of course I have my moments when I doubt myself after making big or medium mistakes and I can lack confidence for an hour or some hours. Neptune square Sun and opposite Moon can get one down when self-doubt creeps in…I’ve learned to know that those moments are fleeting and that I’m ok.

    I think I always had more self-confidence (confident in one’s abilities) than self-worth/self-esteem (confident in one’s worth and valuing oneself) till my self-esteem improved with life (age), after lots of psychotherapy, after I found the right vocation and after I found the right partner (my *secure base/attachment*)

  7. I’m not American and had never heard of Selena Q until last week when an astrologer mentioned her in a vlog. I looked her up on YouTube and couldn’t believe how Aries she was. Only in her early 20s in this clip but look how confident she is when she moves! Also, only an Aries or Sag could pull off that outfit!

  8. Your surgeon sounds very cool. I really like it when people tell me confidently that they know their stuff.

    Once I took a cat with broken hip to vet and I was terrified that if it had surgery it wouldn’t succeed.

    The vet who was an ex marine kept telling me, ” I play to win” and that
    my cat “soon would be playing football.”

    Well, he was right. Cat was just fine.

  9. I would like an Aries sun ?. I admire unwavering confidence in others. I’ve always had a high self efficacy, but certainly need to work on acquiring a consistent, high level of confidence. I have much air in my chart, and little fire. I have found my confidence to rise when I’m around fire signs ?.
    It’s great to read your confidence is high/healthy. What a beautiful place that must be ?.

  10. Aries in the sun is a wonderful place to be, i can see it in my sister. I love that she has it there, but i also know she has a taurus moon which is exalted. I also got her chart correct and found out she really has a Pisces venus which is also exalted. its right 0 degree so close to Aquarius, but still pisces. She has a chart that is full of exaltation and everyone that knows her says that she is a gangbuster and is my parent’s consolation prize LOL …because she was the last daughter and became so successful too, in everything she does. So strange she married a Libra sun with Scorpio moon and cancer mars, (i got his moon sign correct) with a Virgo venus. She married a man with so many FALL planets…’s like the universe wanted balance.. and they found eachother to give balance. her exaltations helped his “fall” planets. its so weird and strangely surreal, and beautiful.

    1. i also am reminded of another astrologer who said that Leo sun males in particular are best when they shine, to marry a woman who is “lessor” more like the balance like above. Because it gives them a purpose to live, a purpose to be the courageous one and help the lessor. Its not exactly lessor people, since it sounds negative. But like a King who helps his people, or those who are in need of help. (those who lack the confidence and are easily influenced by the bad of life, and must have a great and loving leader) They show their sun sign to the fullest extent.since both Aries and Leo are best in the sun sign. so they have similar features.

  11. Avatar
    Clifton Greene

    There is nothing better than a competent and confident doctor and nothing worse than the opposite. “I think his lawyer might advise against it, but he’s cool.” Well it’s HIS Ship!!! Anyway, I’m glad to see that you are in good hands Elsa.

    1. Thanks, Clifton. The PA is also super confident. I face-timed with her. She was all set to talk to me about the two surgery approach. “I know it’s weird, but we really know what we’re doing. Whatever questions you have, I’m hear to answer them…”

      I had very few questions but in the course of this, she told me she was not a doctor, but a PA, but she is in the room for every surgery, “so I will be there, making sure you’re okay…”

      She also told me that she would be in my room to check on me, after. “I’m going to come see how you are, and when you see me, I want you to say, I know that girl!”

      They just know what they’re doing. If there is a way for it to be done right and done well, this is the team.

  12. Quoted from your blog post: “” Next time you spot a person with confidence, ask yourself how their confidence can benefit you. I think people miss this. “Oh, that person is confident, let’s tear them down”

    People are trying to do this to me, now. They should be less stupid. Kicking a cripple? Ha! I’m sure that will pay dividends, not.””

    My confidence has been my biggest strength though it has caused many personal hurts as well. Envy and jealousy are very powerful, so few people have confidence that their envy/ jealousy of it is ugly especially when they act on that envy/ jealousy.

    My confidence became emasculating to my now exhusband. I used to tell him he should relish in it and take pride and use it to his benefit but his competitive nature and immense insecurities took it elsewhere.

    My confidence can cause communication issues because I speak with such confidence, and act with such confidence, it makes people feel that they are not able to question me, that I am inaccessible, and causes others to feel they have nothing to add or contribute. It makes people feel less than, which causes them to defend themselves….

    Confidence can be added to the road less traveled and the people one meets there are often of like mind and friends for life.

    Much love and hugs to you for suffering at the hands of those who want to tear you down. It’s hard, I know, and you truly deserve better. I’ve spent much of my life simply walking away in those instances to retreat to my nest, lick my wounds and go on to face another day, or another mob, or another bully with the full acceptance those people will never go away. Sometimes I am inspired to take action against them, or speak up and to them, and have “served it” many publicly nad privately when it’s something that has a negative impact on my livelihood or deep personal relationships. Otherwise I stay quiet for the most part and carry on in spite of it all, as you appear to do as well. Bravo!!!

  13. Confidence is situational with me. My confidence in someone or something has to be proven. Do they know what they say they know? And when I sign up for something for someone, I am straight up about that. I am confident I can do that, or I haven’t done that before but I think I can do that, or I am not confident that I can provide that. It’s all part of a decision making process.

    And sometimes I go into situations, not being confident in someone or something because I just don’t know. And then sometimes I am confident in someone because it has had repeated success, but then there is a change and the results are no longer a success. Then I have to move on and find another provider. Losing confidence, I hate that. But people change. I know I have. I do like having confidence so I usually ask around about what experience others have had which segways into reputation.

    You have confidence in your medical practitioners and that is great.

  14. I am thinking back and giving a shout out to those who helped me build confidence. Actually, they just helped me define myself as an asset. They read something in me and pushed me through doors. It was all those Scorpio bosses and those with scorpio placements. They really seem to see resources. They did not do it to be nice, they did it out of what they needed and it aided me in coming to understand who I am, what I have to offer. I do not have that gift. I have to experience people and learn the hard way. Went thru many doors only to end up out on a limb. This is the first read I have ever gotten on my native Saturn (blockhead) in Scorpio. I can find the resources to get things done, but I cannot read that in people, I have to think and test and try again. So mars rx in pisces, take it slow, don’t get sucked in. Think, judge, decide, then move. Aargh

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