Interpretation Of Progressed Moon In Each House

little girl moonAs your study astrology, it’s a matter of time before you come across progressed charts. These charts are so interesting. They offer a different perspective, delineating a person’s evolution.

Your progressed moon changes signs every 2.5 years. You can read about that here – Progressed Moon Through The Signs. Your progressed moon changes houses in the same time frame but these changes are not likely to be in sync.

Your progressed moon can change signs one year and then change houses the next.  If you think about it, you’ll see how this correlates with how a person moves ahead in life. You advance on one level and then proceed to upgrade some other area of your life. Evolution takes place in stages.

While the sign of the progressed moon give insight into how a person feels, the house where the progressed moon lies, tells the area of life that evoke emotion. Here is a short treatment on the progressed moon in each house:

PROGRESSED MOON IN 1ST HOUSE: “You could be extremely concerned about yourself, and objectivity can be difficult. You feel a great need to “belong” and to relate to friends and loved ones. You are likely to put unrealistic social expectations upon yourself during this time, feeling guilty if you cannot keep within the rhythms and activities of people you want to relate to. You can be emotionally very “giving”, but also very “taking”…”

“The emotional focus will be on all matters of finance and personal worth. Your partner’s financial condition can be strongly involved in your material picture…”

PROGRESSED MOON IN THE 3RD HOUSE: “There can be concern, thought, and frequent travel in connection with pending change. All things written, communicated, or surmised through critical evaluation come to the foreground…”

PROGRESSED MOON IN 4TH HOUSE: “A dimension of subtle inspiration can be expected, and affairs of the home, house, residence, changes of location, and the emotions can be affected. Domestic affairs are definitely in the forefront…”

PROGRESSED MOON IN 5TH HOUSE: “…any new beginnings made during the Moon’s period in house four will be structured and solidified in terms of emotion, children, creativity, friendships, and speculation…”

PROGRESSED MOON IN THE 6TH HOUSE: “You may need to take more time for examining your motives in your work and service, especially with any employees you may have. If there are health challenges, the emotions will play a part..”

PROGRESSED MOON IN 7TH HOUSE: “…it provides another turning point, moving away from self-improvement influences, and emerging into public expression. There could be new partnerships–or renewed and invigorated relationships, resulting from the period when the Moon crossed the fourth house cusp…”

PROGRESSED MOON IN 8TH HOUSE: “You could begin to feel more emotional about life and death, and you could experience the death of a loved one or an acquaintance. Remember, death in astrology does not always mean physical death…”

PROGRESSED MOON IN 9TH HOUSE: “…it might bring extended travel, legal experiences, or philosophical and religious development–or, perhaps, just mental expansion in these matters…”

PROGRESSED MOON IN 10TH HOUSE: “…crossing over the Midheaven into the tenth house can signify emphatic changes and adjustments in the profession or in the position of personal honor and self-esteem. At the first progression, if it is before adulthood is reached, the home and perhaps the parents could be affected…”

PROGRESSED MOON IN 11TH HOUSE:  “…the personality will be concerned with its reception by others. New objectives, hopes, and wishes will be formulated, likely with a spouse or very close friend…”

PROGRESSED MOON IN 12TH HOUSE:  “…the personality begins preparing for a new cycle of personal development. Self worth from the last cycle is sensitively measured and evaluated, and the deeper part of the nature is strongly awakened. There can be a feeling of confinement and an emptiness, as of waiting…”

These mini- interpretations come from the progressed chart report. You have to admit, it’s pretty interesting. Over time, you’ve “felt” it all!

For a full interpretation of your progressed Moon as well as the rest of your progressed chart, check it out. You will not be disappointed!

Where does the moon fall in your progressed cart?

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