Black Moon Lilith and Jupiter in Synastry

mask fantasyWhen Jupiter and Black Moon Lilith meet in a synastry chart, the effect is quirky and explosive. Whether the aspect is a trine, opposition, or anything in between, you will be powerfully drawn to make something big together. So if you see Jupiter and Lilith in aspect in synastry, what do you need to know?

·         Your story will be epic. Jupiter rules the stories we tell about our lives, and Lilith’s story is one for the ages. There will be a strong temptation to view your relationship in near-mythical terms. Your story may be difficult at times, but it is also BIG and meaningful.  With more challenging aspects, you may be tempted to frame your conflicts as a fight between good and evil. This can be mitigated by keeping in mind that you are co-creating your reality side by side.

·         Your darkness will grow.  Jupiter expands anything it touches, and Lilith is the dark feminine incarnate. As such, the Lilith person’s darkness is expanded, at least in the eyes of the Jupiter person. This can result in the Lilith person being scapegoated or otherwise sacrificed for the sake of Jupiter’s story. Beware the exaggerated shadow. However, with less challenging aspects, this placement can help the Lilith person to work through their own stories and become a more fully-realized person.

·         Your responsibility will be great. Because of Lilith’s darkness and Jupiter’s expansion, this is not a relationship you can just set in motion and leave to its own devices. This relationship will require constant maintenance to ensure that it does not go off the rails. This aspect has so much potential to be positive or destructive depending on how it is handled. Make sure you treat both yourself and your partner with care and make an effort to truly see them despite the Lilith veil. Darkness aside, there is a whole person in front of you.

While the nature of the relationship depends on the whole chart, this aspect will undoubtedly drive the story. With Jupiter and Black Moon Lilith together, you’re guaranteed a challenging, though-provoking relationship that will have a great story and help both people grow. There’s nothing small here!

Have you experienced Lilith and Jupiter in synastry? What was it like?


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  1. Thanks for these insightful post Midara. One more aspect that haven’t been much explained. My partner and I have this aspect, trine both times. My ♈ ⚸ trine his ♌ ♃, and his ♌ ⚸ trines my ♈ jupiter. I’ve never noticed this aspect before even though I looked at our synastry million times. And it’s interesting that two fire signs are repeated in both cases so energy is amplified.

  2. Forgot to say this is all true, especially the part about working very hard on a relationship. We’ve been inseparable since we met, but being completely different characters (♓ and ♊) with different backgrounds, we are constantly learning about each other and adapting. On the other hand bond is too strong to ever give up.

  3. Well, this is new.

    My friend/ex and I have this. My 8th Pisces Lilith trine’s her 3rd Scor Jupiter. Her 4th Sag Lilith conjuncts my 6th Cap Jupiter.

    Her and I have traumatic pasts, and met each other suddenly. Her last keeps her from having healthy male relationships, and we both are slowly working towards being vulnerable with each other and others.

    It has felt as if something much larger wants to manifest. She massages and runs a float biz, and I will have a Psy degree and be licensed, was looking into holistic methods for healing and BAM met her.

    We will see.

  4. Avatar
    Suzanne Deangelo

    Dark Moon Lilith is right on the money. Must be vigilent of the darkness expanding. And, of Jupiter scapegoating. Very insightful, without my conversation being overly detailed. Thank you, so much. I’ve been forewarned.

  5. Jupiter and the Black Moon are not unlike Jupiter and Saturn – expansion and contraction.
    There is an urgent emotional hunger for manifestation, contraction, and physical embodiment in the Black Moon that is seeking the insights and cooperation of Jupiter.

  6. I was watching the full Sabrina the teenage witch Netflix series which is a lot darker and more witchy than the original.. it has a portrayal of Lilith.. oddly she doesn’t end up being as independent as she says at all.. it is generally a very dark and feminine show, I guess.. but also overwrought and campy

    1. I love that show and feel deeply sorry for Lilith. Though I am mostly just blown away by the epic Cardinal house. Sabrina is the ultimate Aries, Hilda is clearly a Cancer, Zelda a Capricorn, and Ambrose is arguably a Libra. A bunch of Cardinals all living together, all working to their own ends. It’s great TV.

      1. :O you have a point

        I kind of admire Sabrina cause she always steps up to the occasion during a crisis.. I’d argue Hilda is a Taurus 😀
        I could say Zelda is a Scorpio I don’t know why.. I bet Blackwood is a Capricorn

        They really all work to their own ends. Sabrina is never protected much from anything. I like how whenever she disobeys something she goes straight to Ambrose to talk it out. They have such a good rapport.

        What about nick and harvey? 😀

        That show is so intense and suspenseful.. many times I wanted to turn it off but kept on

  7. My BML is conjunct my SN in Cap 11th house, trine my partner’s Jupiter in Virgo (8H).

    I would say that my self destructive tendencies are actually kept in check with Jupiter, as the Virgo part is able to pull through in our heated moments. It also creates two Giant control- and perfectionist fanatics.

    I might have achieved more with him than anyone else I have been with
    Here the Virgo stuff might make him afraid of failing and not being perfect, but the Virgo part is also actively quite the help with her discerning abilities, to prune the irrelevant stuff out.

    Of course, when the expectations isn’t quite aligned, we clash!
    All in all though, I feel stronger and better with him than I have been with anyone, but that could be our pretty solid synastry too, as well as a quite nice composite.

    The only thing I am afraid of is that the Lilith in me would start to become beholden to all the Virgo helpfulness, and in her thirst for power will hurt the Jupiter too much. She can be quite demanding, and Virgo can be quite a force to be reckoned with when they are critizized too much….

  8. “There will be a strong temptation to view your relationship in near-mythical terms.” …… the hidden meaning of my avatar.

  9. Husband has 29 degree cancer Jupiter and I have 28 degree capricorn black moon lilith. I see it played out and more obvious as time goes on. He gets me fired up. I’m a Pisces with libra moon and I like to be nice. With mars and Venus at 3 and 7 degrees aries that gets activated with his mars at 6 degrees aries(and 2 degree composite aries sun), niceness is out the window. I feel like I was way more popular before joining my husband. Our composite chart has Jupiter conjunct saturn at 5 degrees libra, on my moon in my tenth house. With black moon lilith in capricorn I can really see reputation and business part come out. Last year my progressed moon was conjunct my black moon lilith when I went off on an adult who said mean things about my son and his friend. This guy was fighting with my husband and didn’t realize the kids were around the corner in ear shot. My son was so sad and defeated when he came home. He was 10 years old and made declarations that were totally heartbreaking. My husband’s energy level didn’t help. (Hubby is gemini rising with Jupiter in the third trine mercury, filibuster anyone?) I went off on a tirade and made no sense online(I typed it in under a minute without any forethought, my mercury is in aquarius) I didn’t even adequately explain that this guy belittled two 10 year old boys. I deleted my statement realizing it made no sense but someone screenshot my statement in the first minute and spread it online. It sucked at first but then as the story spread the truth worked it’s way out. It ended up not working out for the person who screenshot and the ‘adult’ who was mean to my kid.
    Another way it our Jupiter/black moon lilith opposition works is in family business. My dad is handing over his real estate company to my husband and I. It started last year. Hubby is really good at it.

  10. My BML is conjunct both his Jupiter and his North Node, and phew…
    My BML is in Aries 2nd House. His Jupiter and North Node are both Aries 4th House. It definitely is challenging and requires a lot of growth on my part, because he really does call out my bad habits that I need to break (without saying anything, I just feel called out if that makes sense). You described Lilith and Jupiter in synastry, as well as Lilith and North Node in synastry very well. Thank you for sharing, because there isn’t a lot of information on Lilith aspects in synastry, how they play out, their purpose and how to best navigate them. This was incredibly helpful!

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