Confronted With My Lack Of Invisibility (Saturn Neptune)

I’m a early morning, bird. I like to shop for groceries, soon after the store opens. I often pull into the number one parking spot, because I am the only customer there.

Today, I asked one of the stock men about ordering more blueberry tea. My husband loves it and it’s rarely in stock. There is only one store in the area that carries it.

He told me he would order extra, and beyond that, he’d hold a case for me in the back of the store. I’ve chatted with this man before. There is a good feeling of mutual respect between us, so I wasn’t surprised. I worked for Frito-Lay for years. I have an affinity with people who work in grocery stores.

He also suggested that I get a rain check at the check out. The tea was sale today. I agreed to do this.

He came to the check-stand as I was getting the rain check. “How many do you want?” the cashier asked.

“There is four to a case,” the grocery man, said.

“Four, please.”

“If there is anything in this store, that you ever want, you come to me and I’ll get it for you,” the stock man said. I thought he must be in charge.  “Anything at all, I’ll take care of you.”

“I appreciate that. Thanks!” I said, smiling. I was in a happy mood today.

“Well, you’re one of our best customers,” the cashier said.

“Yeah, she’s in here all the time,” the grocery man, remarked. “She’s usually in a good mood, but sometimes she’s like this,” he said, putting his hands on the side of his face, like blinders.  “She comes in, and she’s all focused. She doesn’t want to talk.”

I blushed, hotly and shook my head. “Uh, yeah. Yeah, I do feel that way sometimes…”

I wanted to say more, but I couldn’t think of what, fast enough. I realized they were not asking me to explain or defend or justify myself.  It was friendly.

I left the store feeling disoriented, anyway. Neptune! I forget that others are sharp, when I’m in a daze…or narrowly focused as the case may be.

This is a Saturn Neptune story. If you have these energies, mashed in your chart, you just can’t control your public image, or even remain aware that you have one.

Who can relate?

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  1. I have a Capricorn Neptune, and have had Neptune transiting my 10th half my life. I used to never notice when people noticed me. I was always so surprised when someone I had never spoken to would know my name. It happens a lot. Now I’m finally starting to realize that people see me. Maybe because Neptune is finally at the end of my 10th?

  2. I can relate a lot to your story, I have Neptune on my Capricorn Ascendant, and Saturn in the 12th house, Uranus conjunct the Ascendant from the 12th, all of them square my Pisces Moon. I always seem distracted and with far away look, Im very polite to people and I like them but I never notice if someone observes me, I seem distracted but Im just focused on something that is important to me. I see reality as a dream most of the time. I have the best intentions in my heart, but most of the time I need to explain my self to people, because Im usually misunderstood. I noticed Im very serious while writing this so here is a smile 😀 P.S. Even though Neptune causes a lot of misunderstandings in my life I try to focus on the positive vibrations of the planet and I experiment with the way I look, and the clothes I wear. Its fun 🙂

    1. I also can relate to that. Sometimes comfort is very important to me.
      I especially like wearing sunglasses. They help me to hide in summer 🙂 p.s. being crazy is not such a bad thing (im making excuses for my self 🙂 )

  3. Have that wide square in my natal. I am always in awe of how people see me…. This tough chick. I have so much water in my chart I sit with Kleenex watching Lassie movies.
    Also I hear “you’re crazy in a good way. But totally intimidating.”
    Yeah…. Scorpio ascendent, Pluto/Uranus on MC gives the masses a different view.

  4. I have Aquarius Saturn Square Scorpio Neptune. I run into people who always say they remember me from here and there. It’s been like this all of my life, but I’m still not really comfortable with it. I sometimes wish I just looked like a normal human being…

  5. I have Neptune in Libra right on top of my ascendant and conjunct Saturn (and Mars) in Scorpio (1st house). I tend to be surprised when people remember me, and sometimes even avoid approaching people I’ ve met before because I’ m convinced they won’ t remember who I am – and that would embarrass me. I also recognize the dressing up/down thing. If I’m not feeling social, I can go to the shops in any old clothes, no make-up and not care at all, it’ s as if I’ m convinced nobody can see me 🙂 I feel invisible, I want to be invisible, so I must be invisible. At other times I take great care of my appearance.

  6. er, yeah. i’ve stopped trying to get hung up on it, any more. i’ll put my costumes on, for what i want to project, but that’s where my control stops. (er i have a gemini planet on the midheaven 🙂 people see what they choose to. and i don’t notice things maybe i ought to…

  7. I have an 8th house Saturn square my Pisces (Neptune) Sun. I’m hardly ever aware of my public image but I’m learning that it’s very different from reality. I’ve been blindsided by unjustified complaints about me several times. People hardly ever complain directly to me though… they go behind my back and complain to my superiors about things I haven’t even done. Apparently, I look grumpy. I’m probably the least grumpy person I know – lol.

  8. i was just thinking about my own lifelong sense of/desire for invisiblity this morning! i have neptune conjunct sun in early sag opposite saturn in early gemini (in a t-square with mars in pisces, i’ve recently realized–thank you elsa) and i pay very little attention to things outside my own contemplative world. yes i assume no one is paying attention! but today is my birthday and my solar return chart for the year has jupiter at the top conjunct the midheaven in leo. so i was wondering if that means more visibility. but now i think it probably more likely indicates just a lot of fun work since saturn is moving in to sag and everything else in the solar return chart is still below the horizon except the north node which is in the 12th.

  9. I claim a trine from Saturn to Neptune only because Neppie hits the leading planet in my sun-Merc-Saturn conjunction. I feel that thing! *laughs* Could be my Pisces MC, though.

    I absolutely relate. I’m convinced I’m invisible even when people are talking to me — it’s my mask they’re interacting with, see? *smiles* It keeps me sane, though. If I’m invisible, I can dance in the aisles if I want. 😉

  10. I have moon (capricorn) conjunct neptune. People often imitate me or my facial expressions back at me, and I get all confused and ashamed, because only then I realize how different they see me, in comparison to how I imagine it. I would never ever think that thats how they perceive me.

  11. I was born late 1976, where there was a sextile series involving Saturn, Pluto and Neptune. I’ve often wondered how this affects people born around the same time I was, especially those having personal planets tied to these aspects. For me, I have Sun conjunct Pluto. I suspect Andiy Shevchenko, who used to be one of the best soccer players of his generation – he received Ballon d’Or, which used to be the European Best Player award, in 2004 – and is a national icon in Ukraine, has his Sadge Moon conjunct Neptune. So, I think this is generally speaking a good influence. You may become an inspiration to other people, whether you think you earn it or not.

  12. Does this apply for Neptune in capricorn? Neptune opposes my Sun in the 10th house.I felt invisible in a board meeting today but later several people gave me kudos for being candid and holding people accountable. Unconsciously I seem to make a deep impact on others. Maybe its neptune or maybe they are running from the intensity of my sun-pluto.
    But when I tell you I was in a daze during my briefing, I had no idea how I was perceived from the outside. Its hard because I want to control my public image, and I think i do to a large degree because of the emphasis on 10th house matters in my chart. Most of the time I feel invisible and unsure of my impact. I have a hard time getting a clear read on myself.

  13. Hmmm… I can relate to this as well, (Sag)Neptune (4th) trine Ascendant/Saturn(late 12th house) I usually do the blinders thing when I am in an area that has the potential for a lot of social interaction. It’s not that I am trying to avoid people, but if I stop and converse with everyone I run into, I find that I don’t have enough time or the energy to get through the day. (might be the whole Saturn in the fourth transit) It’s like “the ‘shop’ exists… but it isn’t open for business…yet. Elsa, I’m sure that anyone that sees you “with blinders on” would probably say that you are a different person than you appear to be, upon closer interaction. Might that be a form of invisibility?

    1. I don’t know what they see, Ken. I mean, are we talking, in person?

      I can tell you what I think people see…depending on my mood and the environment…

      – a lot of the time, I appear to be friendly upbeat and gregarious. This is most common. I do greet everyone, I come in direct contact with, in every scenario.
      – I am often impatient.
      – If I am by myself, in any kind of church thing, the men my age who are single, hope that I am too. My hand is looked at, a lot. By anyone who know someone who, looking for a wife in my age range.
      – I appear serious a lot of time…like if I am waiting in a line and it’s my turn, I am aware there are people behind me and do everything I can not to dawdle!

      I don’t think I appear especially kind..or sensitive.
      Sometimes I appear to be flat out crazy, I’m sure.
      And pissed!

      Over time though, like in the scenario above, I am fairly predictable. I may or may not chat. I sometimes ask for something, but I won’t cause anyone any trouble.

      One thing I am pretty consistent with, is I am respectful to people who are working. I support them, however I can. Like by not being a bitch, for example. Because I am fully capable, that’s for sure! 🙂

      All of this is veneer, frankly. I am 95% private and that’s a fact Even with the thousands of posts on this blog, it’s still a fact.

  14. Yep and same as Wildstarz1 and similar to LisLioness, you feel innocent like you are just minding your own busines, but suddenly you pick up with your Neptune, you can feel people projecting their stuff. Sometimes bitchy women will come out with something at a party or you realise a guy has been trying to get you onside, or conversely is outright nasty, because he feels intimidated by the way you look, or his perception of your attitude. I got over it by getting on stage and splitting my persona into public and private selves. It’s more simple that way. And you get to be in total control.

  15. Alle very inspiring and interesting. I love the “fly on the wall thing” so getting these glimpses into different people´s perception of saturn-neptune interaction is great. I think I´m going to re-read you saturn-neptune workshop transcript, Elsa 🙂 Ang thanks for all your great work and inspirational blog-posts.

  16. Saturn rising, conjunct ASC with a strong 12th house (moon, mercury, Jupiter) all in aspect to 4th house Neptune. Saturn has a wide square with Neptune; 12th house planets have a tight trine. For a long, long time I felt invisible and didn’t realize that people saw or noticed me. When different people told me their first impressions of me I was shocked, but slowly began to discover different aspects of myself and what I can present to others. Although often, especially in stressful situations, I much prefer to hide my emotions and be alone.

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    10,000 daydreams

    Late to commenting but so glad I read this! I have felt invisible my entire life! I am always shocked when people see me, or make note of me or my habits. Because I like being invisible. I have Sun/Mercury/Saturn in the 12th so I always feel strangely raw, revealed and invisible all at once. I never knew anyone else felt this way! Such a relief to learn I’m not a weirdo. Thanks for sharing Elsa.

  18. I don’t know how to describe my birth chart or anything, but I can say that I relate to the story above. In short, I usually don’t know what’s going on. I justify by secretly knowing that everything I’m doing-my quirks-all makes sense later. I walk crooked and leap from left to right, and do spin moves in life like a intergalactic football player, but it’s all in honest hopes of being completely fulfilled later in life. I expect my goals to be accomplished. People must think I’m weird. Many people get the cold shoulder because I’m intuitive or arrogant to know that they don’t exist in my future. *Shrug*

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