Black Moon Lilith in Pisces – Street Saint

lilith piscesIf you have Black Moon Lilith in Pisces, the pain you’ve experienced through your Lilith placement has made you compassionate and empathetic. You’ve learned to embody the kindness the world lacks.

However your Lilith wounds have played out (shown by the house your Black Moon Lilith is located in), you have become acutely sensitized to the harshness of the world. You see how many sharp edges, cruel consequences, and dirty tricks pile up in daily life, and you know in the depths of your soul that it absolutely does not have to be this way. Life can be good, people can be kind, and a loving, caring community of like-minded folks is hardly a pipe dream. So you make an effort to make connections, to show compassion, and to care for those on the margins of society. You reach out and draw the most vulnerable under your wing for protection. In some ways, you become a living avatar of compassion, an everyday bodhisattva spreading beauty through the grimy streets.

Of course, this isn’t without risk. As you know (and as the world has been eager to remind you), there are all too many who would take advantage of that kindness. There are people who want you to fix them without doing any of the work it takes to be fixed. And perhaps even worse, there are people who are so rigid and blocked off that they can’t react to your kindness with anything other than derision and judgement. You remind them of everything they’re rejected in order to ensure their safety. Your softness becomes a repository for other people’s fears about their own vulnerability.

And when your beautiful balloons of compassion are popped by those jagged edges, you understandably just want to hide your head under the covers. You try and try to fix the world, but sometimes the world just doesn’t want fixing. The world can be small and ugly and sharp while your soul is expansive and ethereal and free. So you sometimes decide you’d rather escape or transcend the world entirely. You may turn to drugs or religion or sex or sleep to find that all-encompassing feeling of connection. You may take to spinning fantasies that can’t come true. You may just immerse yourself in fiction or art or beauty. In one way or another, though, you will always find yourself periodically in need of reconnecting to your core idealism. The key is to find a way to reconnect that genuinely inspires you long-term rather than just soothing the more immediate aches.

Another way to alleviate some of the pain of Black Moon Lilith in Pisces is to lean on the sign opposite to Pisces, Virgo. Virgo is just as driven to fix the brokenness of the world as you are. But Virgo recognizes that sometimes practical support means more than limitless compassion. Sometimes helping someone prepare for a job interview is a greater act of kindness than giving them a couch to sleep on forever. Sometimes telling someone they have a stain on their shirt so they can fix it is more effective than giving them the shirt off your own back along with speech about how we shouldn’t be judging others by their clothes anyway. It’s not that it’s not true! We shouldn’t judge over something that small! And if you want to work toward a world that abolishes clothing-related status signaling, go for it. But in the moment, there is still a practical problem that requires a practical solution. And Virgo knows how to discern which is which.

While this placement is enormously complex and merits a chapter all its own, I’ll close here. Just know that your intuition is right: Your compassion is exactly what the world needs most. Your willingness to look beyond the outer shell to the beauty that permeates all of us is your superpower, and you should never let it go. As you work to create a world that is truly rooted in kindness, your wisdom will be more necessary than ever. Just make sure that you direct your energy to where you can do the most good, and you will be a true force of nature.

Do you have Black Moon Lilith in Pisces? What is it like for you?

10 thoughts on “Black Moon Lilith in Pisces – Street Saint”

  1. I have BML in Pisces in 5th H, but alas don’t understand much about the dark energy and how and where it could apply.
    I’ve read a certain number of things (here or elsewhere) about Lilith, but it’s Chinese to me!
    She’s opposite (by 2°) my Mercury – is she trying to mess me up???
    Naughty girl!

    1. Hi Pisces BML. I also have Pisces lilith in house 8. I think Pisces lilith means univers plays with me, No body really understand my real personality, The defence tactic is seclution, Others plays with my nervs and leading to nerv problems, obsession and addiction, Always seeking for a meaningful love, belonging and intimacy but never find, Never ending compassion for everyone, All people is good uless they prove the opposite, Loving low speed foreplay and to wait and wait and wait till the end result when having no patience…
      I hope you enjoy my interpretation of Pisces lilith.

  2. @Midara,
    It was nice to read something positive about BML in Pisces. It’s true. I do kind of enable people thinking I’m being compassionate, referring to letting a person couch surf on my couch forever. And I do see the injustice and unkind acts everyday that are around me and think “if they could only see how they are they would stop.” I do idealize people and hope for the good of all to have peace. I have found a path that is helping me grow in this direction. I always am drawn to Virgo for their unwavering stability and common sense and support. I have Moon in Virgo at 0 degrees in my 9th house and my BML has a very wide opp. to my Moon. I think that’s why I jostle back and forth between being kind, compassionate and letting go and trying to fix things in/for other people.

  3. What you have said is a large aim of mine. I do believe I have found a focus for it. 8th house stuff. The hidden, familial stuff.

    1. I think you are not alone. I’m also dark Aqua Sun with Pisces Lilith and Aries Venus in 8th house. I always try to be compassionate but life is so cruel…

  4. 11th house BML, Aquarius Sun, what a relief it was to have studied it a few years back plus your terrific focused work on it too Midara,(wow) I’ve come to embrace what it all means for me. I keep my compassion handy, on the ready, in the “knowing” zone, always there, even if it’s all for myself and my inner circle, I know I can tap into it at any time needed, wanted, my wisdom, my take on things, the eternal knowing, it’s always there. Now I’m more likely to check in with my own energy levels and perceive if my active compassion is truly needed, or my ability to listen. All good either way now, I’ve learned that compassion comes in many forms as does the healing for those I’ve noticed.

  5. Thank you for this. I read it at the right time. I have my BLM in Pisces in my 4th house. I have not come by my robust compassion easily and I am currently in a period post burnout, of wanting to hide under my covers and trying to sort a way to get back into the world doing the thing I do.

    I am so thankful for my 11H Virgo moon it does provide a practical side to my compassion and desire to help. Though it is, not surprisingly, conjunct Pluto confirming that mother wound, which I believe is not just my wound but also a wound of my maternal lineage.

    My ascendant is in Scorpio and my sun and Mercury are in the 8th house, so people are drawn to me in times of transition and also feel like they can tell me anything. I’m thinking of going back to school to become a therapist. Anyway just wanted to thank you for this very affirming article. I’m happy I read this after I read the 4h bml post Bc that one was very on point but so dark.

  6. in pisces in the 6th house. You are right spot on Elsa. I have learned to help people help themselves. At some point in my life I noticed that I cant fix anyones problems and that the desire to help was ultimately a way for my ego to validate my ‘usefulness’.
    I don’t ever want to be used not even needed, I want to watch people rise up on their own energy.
    And it was all a very worthwhile learning process that taught me much about myself. That Lilith of mine is square my sag sun, trine my scorpio moon and inconjunct my first house jupiter in libra. So it’s feeding on all those energies from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd house. And 12th house Virgo may be an awkward placement for meticulous detail and critical thinking but Libra rising has a unique feature: All signs are placed in the houses that are connected to their opposite sign….and you know what? It really helps to integrate those energies!

  7. This was the most clarifying text about BLM in Pisces that i’ve ever read. You write very well, should do it more!
    I have lilith in pisces in 12th house. I completely resonate to this, it’s so hard for me to figure out what im feeling, why im feeling it, why i am the way i am, and this text just said it all. Thank you.

  8. Thank you. You write this with our words. Other essays just say Pisces don’t see reality when in Pisces.

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