Cooking (Nurturing), Then & Now

Herman LayMany know, I worked for Frito Lay when I was younger.  The company was founded by a man named, Herman Lay.  When I moved to the South, I met one of Herman Lay’s nephews who told me a wild tale.

This boy grew up on a farm. His Uncle Herman, got rich.  This is what he knew of it.  He had a rich uncle and some rich cousins, who he saw at Christmas and other holidays.

Eventually, the Herman Lay family became arriving for holidays in a private plane, which they would land, right there on the farm. The boy looked forward to this because he got to see his cousins, but also because the plane was full of chips and snacks!  Yes!  The Herman Lay family, came loaded with cases and cases of potato chips and Fritos. The family all had a great time.

What struck this boy, was the aftermath of these visits.  He said there was trash, everywhere.  Wrappers, right?  Prior to this Frito thing, he and his family never had to deal with trash. They literally had no garbage.  You milk your cow into a reusable container, milk bottles are used over and over. They just generated no trash to speak of.

His family was stunned by the trash, not in a judgmental way. It had just never seen before and they didn’t know what to do, initially.  They opted to burn it and from then on, this was the new holiday situation.   Plane landed, everyone ate Fritos, plane took off and the farm family burned the trash.

It’s another situation like this…

Roll Over To A New Reality

People will eventually come back to cooking, I think. This, if they don’t want to eat poison. Eating out is also becoming unaffordable for many.

In a way, the big family dinners reflect “abundance”, that no longer exists.  People may also be tiring over overconsumption of all kinds.

We’re programmed to overeat in December and diet in January.  If people are breaking out of that, it’s probably good.

9 thoughts on “Cooking (Nurturing), Then & Now”

  1. I grew up with only home cooked food and I’m (mostly) keeping it that way as a mom. When my kid grows up and moves on, his choices will be his own. But he will have this childhood full of from scratch meals eaten together. I want to make sure he knows how to cook and grow food too. From there, he can take it anywhere he wants.

  2. What a great story. The part I like best is how the chips and the plane didn’t get in the way of them Howards being friendly (appear s that way). We had an uncle who’d show up at Christmas with toys and presents too, but we were the poor relations and I spent many decades sorting that.

    I am a good cook (my mom was an old fashioned cook with love kind of woman) perhaps the most important activity I’m proud to maintain in all kinds of weather;to innovate and keep going with food bank points, smart spending, and knowing what goes into our meals. These are skills worth developing and sharing. I’ve made a story out of them skills I call The Safety Pin Cafe😘

    1. Yes, the family had no problem with the wealth. It was just a new time, coming in. They just happened to be on the front line in this way and this is one little boy’s view. Like he remembers his parents talking about what to do with waste!

  3. It has been demonstrated that eating dinner together keeps families together..It’s a great way to fight the cabal’s attempt to fragment and isolate Americans….

  4. I have my nodes in Cap/Cancer and tradition is important to me. I also have Venus in Taurus and I would much rather eat a home cooked meal,fresh fruits and veggies over fast food or even a restaurant(although that can be a nice treat from time to time ) but I am a homebody and cook pretty much every night.There’s something abut the energetics of a home cooked meal vs. anything else. I don’t keep much processed food in the house either.To each their own I always say but sometimes people look at me like I’ve got 2 heads when they learn this about me lol :).

  5. Just returned from buying…you guessed it fritos, we are having a cold snap in FL and tonight is chili:) Happy almost New Years!

    1. I haven’t had Frito’s for years! But when I worked there, BBQ Fritos, were my favorite.

      Plain corn Doritos were best for nacho making but they were discontinued. Just some trivia!

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