Do Uranus Transits Cause Breakups?

insecurityHi, Elsa.

I was told that Uranus conjunct Sun will occur in the chart of someone that I have been dating and that this could be a time of a breakup. This same time period is when he is out of town visiting family. Is it more inclined to be a breakup or a separation from someone.


Hi, Worried. I’m glad you asked this. What you were told is ridiculous.   A person may reinvent themselves with Uranus transiting their Sun. For all we know, you may be an integral part of this!

People tend to experiment when Uranus transits their Sun.  That’s all we know! We do not know what the result will be.

As an example, back in the 1980’s, Bob Dylan decided to record some religious type music. It was a creative (Sun) experiment (Uranus). Some people went berserk!  Some people did not go berserk. They allowed him freedom and space.

If you are dating or married to someone who is under a Uranus transit, allow them some freedom and see what happens.

Your post has virtually nothing to do with this other person or his transit. It’s your own insecurity acting up.

Now think about the clash between a person who is insecure and a person who is trying to innovate and update themselves. This is the threat to the relationship. You play a part here.

If you want to continue dating this man, you simply have to let go and trust that if you belong with him, he’s not going anywhere for long.  And while he’s gone, pay some mind to resolving your own insecurity.

Good luck!

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  1. Great advice! My oldest son a Libra child has just be hired to drive for a company that transports Liquid Nirtorgen this job is in the same state he now lives in but over 200 miles from his current location. He reports for work by the 31st and his wife and children will be staying where they are at for 3 weeks to a month because they have not had the opportunity to secure a house yet. My son is going up to not only start a new more dangerous job but to secure a house for him and his family. He will be very busy. In the mean time his wife who will still be working at their old plant and tending the children will be living with her parents and doing the long distance looking at houses on the internet thing. They have to really work together in order to get this accomplished.

  2. Currently Uranus is square my natal sun. I find that I’m inspired to learn about and upgrade my relationship skills and self awareness, but this is causing conflict in my relationship. I think when one partner goes through changes, the other partner may need to adapt, and change is hard! But I think it will be worth it in the long run. Love your blog Elsa, thanks for your insightful posts!

  3. Good question and clarification on a Uranus transit to Sun. At this point in life Uranus is transiting my natal Uranus (I am near 70) the influence is to experiment with the experiences of life thus far. Uranus is in my 6th House Natally retrograde. For the next few years the experiment is about creative health and revolution from within. Your Dylan reference was nice, having grown up with him as a model of revolution and evolution and Uranus.Can’t satisfy everyone all the time might as well satisfy yourself when you can and light the world from there.

  4. I’ve learned so much about myself with Tr Uranus in my Aries 2H (and my Prog. Aries Moon). I love to go by myself to local festivals and regional parks to explore and photograph. It’s been an empowering time. “Who knew?” said this Libra Sun/Pisces Moon!

  5. Transiting Uranus is conjunct my natal Sun/Mercury at 23 Aries, and squaring my ascendant at 24 Capricorn. I came close to divorce in 2014 when transiting Uranus squared my progressed Venus, but not with this transit. Uranus to Sun for me has been about embracing my body, personality, and spirit with full confidence for the first time in my 54 years; I no longer get concerned about what other people think of me. I am what I am, take it or leave it. I’ve even let my natural hair color grow in, white and gray included. Liberating! To Worried’s question: I wouldn’t worry about your man, have fun watching what unfolds.

  6. Very interesting view. I clashed with Uranus people and agree, that I was requiring from them too much. And I don’t know who is right in break up: either I was insecure and demanding or them were irresponsible.

  7. I dunno. The day Uranus hit my 7th house cusp, I walked out on my first husband and we went through an on-off cycle for another four years before we finally divorced. Now, my current husband is facing that transit at the same time Uranus hits my MC. Uranus transits to angles brings major life changes.

  8. My toxic ex and I broke up just after Uranus transited over her Aquarius Sun.

    She wanted to move out, but still have a relationship, and start over again with the romance.

    I told her “No. You can’t just hit the reset button and pretend the last three years haven’t happened”. I then proceeded to give her lots of options as to how we could address her unhappiness e.g. she could take some holiday time without me, we could get some counselling etc, etc.

    She was fixated on having it her way and spent six weeks making threats, twisting things, trying to leverage through emotional blackmail to get me to agree.

    Eventually events conspired and I said “Ok you can move out”.

    At that moment she then decided she wanted to stay.

    Except I was no longer interested in her staying.

    Zero regrets on my part. Lots of bitterness on hers even though she started it and got what she’d wanted.

    1. It will play out in the areas ruled by the house where your natal Uranus is located as well at the house where Uranus is transiting.

  9. Uranus transits in my chart usually come with a bang and a drumset, very in my face, very obvious. I am restleslly waiting for uranus to be conjunct my sun. It only happens once in 84 years so hopefully I get to experiment something- anything. ⚡️

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