Neptune in Pisces Retrograde & Direct – Dates & Degrees: 2023-2026

Neptune bustNeptune transits tend to sneak up on people. Hopefully this will help you track your transits!

  • Neptune retrograde in Pisces: June 30, 2023 @ 27 degrees
  • Neptune direct in Pisces: December 6, 2023 @ 24 degrees
  • Neptune retrograde in Pisces: July 2, 2024  @ 29 degrees
  • Neptune direct in Pisces: December 7, 2024 @ 27 degrees
  • Neptune ingress into Aries: March 31st, 2025 @ 0 degrees
  • Neptune retrograde in Aries: July 4, 2025 @ 2 degrees
  • Neptune direct in Pisces: December 10, 2025 @ 29 degrees
  • Neptune ingress into Aries: January 27, 2026 @ 0 degrees

Do you keep an eye on Neptune?

37 thoughts on “Neptune in Pisces Retrograde & Direct – Dates & Degrees: 2023-2026”

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    Thank you! This is super helpful.
    I now have a list of all the upcoming transits into new houses for the next 5 years or so. Neptune moves into my 4th house about a year from now.

  2. Thank you for the neat outline! It will be interesting to see if anything subtle or not so subtle will happen during next birthday when transit neptune will conjunct my sun/moon midpoint.

    1. Transiting Neptune opposing U.S. natal Neptune is also t-squaring U.S. natal Mars in Gemini adding idealized action, for better or worse, during the transformative U.S. Pluto return.

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        Wow sounds intense!
        I think I am ready for some catalyzing events for this country. Not sure what they will be, of course, but whatever it is likely needs to happen and I say bring it on!

  3. I’m a little concerned as it will be approaching my MC at 29’59’59 Pisces…. What happens in the 10th house – last thing I need is more fuzziness around career – seems I’ve lived that over and over.

    I am hoping it will be more a case of dreams come true <3

    1. Same boat… midheaven at 26 Pisces and Saturn at 27 Pisces. **sigh** this too shall pass. I work in the nonprofit arts, which suits me – but the fuzzy headedness is no joke. I guess it good for building beautiful things? Realizing dreams works for me too 🙂 Dunno.

  4. I have Neptune trine my Mercury in Scorpio right now, exactly. I’m really a scrutinizing person and this transit has enhanced my ability to see through BS, no matter where it comes from.

  5. Back and forth over my 21 degree pieces sun. Sometimes I break down crying over silliest things. Then I’m fine 30 minutes later. Very confusing times. I can’t see or hear any sad stories or I’m a mess.

  6. Whoa! My sun is at 29 Pisces so it looks like I will have Neptune conjunct it on and off for almost a year and a half. Should be quite a ride. We shall see…

  7. Great. Neptune (transits my 9th house) will opposite natal Sun (already started), square natal moon and trine ascendant until the end of 2023. What kind of tools do I have to prepare for this adventure?

    1. Hmm, the tools of grounding and open eyes. Open heart too. It’s easy to be swayed during such transits. Intuition and keeping true to yourself will make it turn out better. 9th house with neptune aspects can bring cultish influences, like ending up on a belief scale you wouldn’t want to end on or in a state of total disbelief, divorcing from your actual beliefs, spiritual or others like life philosophy. Or it could make you discover something soulfull about your beliefs, like believing in something greater, maybe getting closer to God, an Energy Source, whatever you call it, or even yourself which can bring more calm and peace into your life. A sense that ‘all will be ok.’ Just my thoughts.

  8. Not so much. But I like actual foggy days. I like the comfort of being engulfed and the impressionistic view of the physical world. And I like dreaming when I sleep. Neptune has been conjunct natal mars for some time now. I like the joint experience of that along with Pluto sextiling natal Saturn. I get the best of both worlds. I feel balanced. I would like to maintain this, incorporate it into my being, but who knows????

  9. November, 1970. Almost to the day that Neptune entered the sign of Sagittarius, a friend at work asked if I wanted to “get stoned.”
    Lost in a fog of smoke for the next 14 years.
    16 December 1984. A day like this is never forgotten. Almost to the day that Neptune entered Capricorn. Had a near-death experience! Was not ready to leave, yet. Things look really clear from a mountain top!
    I believe in Neptune transits.

  10. Outer planet transits to the last 5 degrees of any sign are historically the most intense and challenging years for me. With Jupiter @ 26 Libra, Mars @ 26 Scorpio and Sun at 25:48 Sagittarius I‘ll always have a combo of aspects from wherever. I experienced a conjunction of Neptune to my Moon, Mars, Saturn, Sun, Mercury, IC, Venus and Chiron without folding, so I’m planning to use the time for what it’s good. But I’ll be glad when this endless Neptune transit to my 6th house is over!

  11. I am glad it will be going slow.. Until it hits mt natal Mars at 1 degree Aries in my ninth house… Not sure what to make of that….

  12. My north node is at 23 degrees Pisces, in the 8th house. (I am a Leo rising w/ a Pisces sun, but was born 2/19 so my sun is very far from the north node).

    This is also the degree at which Jupiter and Neptune will conjunct in April.

    Because it’s my 8th house and it’s an exact conjunction, I’m actually very nervous about this.

    Does anyone have any insight? thoughts?

    thanks in advance!

  13. So I have my Sun at 29 degrees Pieces and an astrologer informed me regarding upcoming Neptune transits. Thank you for these dates! Because she informed me it would likely I would likely have some near death experience but would survive between 2024 and 2026. I assume that’s when Neptune hits off the stellium of things in my 6th house, perhaps when Neptune transits my Sun. So I’ll have these dates on my planner and make sure I maintain my health and self care as best as possible! Feeling safer now with this information. Thank you so much!

    1. Neptune transits are not associated with death. I would not be too concerned about that. More like sacrifice at work or maybe caregiver duty. Compassionate service / sacrifice. Time might get away from you.

      1. Yes with Neptune still in my 3rd house, sacrifice and caregiving has played a big role in my life for over a decade. I found that I need to draw some boundaries since Neptune in Pisces feels boundless and unmanageable at times. Natal Neptune was conjunct Mercury in Scorpio so again shows that I serve in my day to day routine

  14. I always check Neptune. Ever since the early 1970s, I’ve noticed how every station of Neptune has had a profound effect on my life. Even had a near death experience back on 16 Dec 1984 when Neptune transited into Capricorn. Ever since then I’ve been paying extra vigilant attention.

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    Irmi1969 / Char555

    I’m dead scared of Neptune. Always in the past, his transit has dissolved something in my life. This time he’ll mostly be in my 4th house – will I lose my home?? The threat is constant.
    This time, he’ll be opposite my Jupiter in Virgo, and opposite my Chiron when he’s in Aries.
    On the other hand, this time he’s making a grand trine with two special name asteroids… Will a dream finally come true?
    But he’s also square my Moon at 28:58:44 Gemini. Together with long-covid and my advancing age, I can do without extra fuzziness of the brain, thanks… not to even mention the Aries / Cancer square with my Venus in 2025 and 2026. 🙁

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