Coping With The Current Saturn Neptune Opposition:My Encounter With The Police

I got a speeding ticket the other day. I got pulled over by this big ol’ cop. Very studly but with an attitude. He meant to mock me, I think. But in a way that was funny. He sidled on up to my car with his hand on his belt like some kind of 6’4″ Texan.

“I guess you didn’t know we was the Po-Leece when you did this and this and this,” he said smugly, as if he’d just busted the notorious criminal of the decade. I shot him my best Thelma and Louise grin.

“Actually, no. I wasn’t trying to get away with something. I’m having a super terrific day, so I’m out driving happily and I was completely oblivious (Neptune) to the police (Saturn). But now here you are,” I said brightly.

“I’m sorry I’m going to have to ruin your day with a speeding ticket.”

“Oh, go right ahead. There are much worse things,” I said, smiling. “I can’t imagine I could care any less about getting a ticket because really, I am feeling very good and days don’t get much better than this.”

He didn’t talk to me after that. He probably thought I was crazy.
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8 thoughts on “Coping With The Current Saturn Neptune Opposition:My Encounter With The Police”

  1. Love it! A former co-worker of mine keeps getting pulled over by the same cop. He’s very short, it’s a wonder how he met the requirements to be on the force. Guess he was bullied a lot and now HE gets to be the bully.

  2. Thelma, Louise and ….. Elsa ! the movie might have had a whole different plot – and ending.
    this also seems to connect to the theme of scorpio planets in the 10 th house.

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