The Astrology Of Lying

lipsIt’s my opinion that given the right situation and provocation a person of any sign can lie. That doesn’t mean they will. I’m not entirely convinced that because one has told a lie that they are now a capital L liar. Suppose that you were in a situation where telling the truth would cause someone’s death and telling a lie would spare them. This takes the morality of a lie into an entirely different sphere than the simplistic.

Gemini and Pisces are most often pegged as the signs most likely to lie, Capricorn and Virgo the least. But insert the quantity of free will and anything is possible. Libra might lie to avoid ugliness. Taurus might lie to protect the status quo. In the case of Gemini, they often have so much information that some of it conflicts and the truth becomes relative. Pisces might find telling a lie less painful than telling the truth. Capricorn might lie because it advances their career. Give any sign a hefty toot of cocaine and see how truthful they are. Any sign can be a sociopath and they’re not known for their overwhelming honesty.

I have a Saturn in Libra tip that can minimize the amount of lying you encounter. Respect other people’s boundaries. Take no for answer without pushing. If you allow people to make their own choices without pushing or exerting control, they are more likely to make more respectful choices about how they communicate with you. If you’re encroaching on someone else’s boundaries they are more likely to prevaricate to push you back. Most people don’t lie for entertainment; I find that most people lie as a defense mechanism. Don’t trigger that defensive stance and you’re less likely to encounter lying.

Do you lie? If you said, “no,” are you lying?

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  1. I’ve known Moon in Libra to lie, to spare feelings and preserve a familial relationship – I’ve known more that one Moon in Libra to admit lying to save feelings.

    I’ve lied a few times, to protect other people, but have an awful time trying to lie on my own behalf. If I think someone has got the wrong end of the stick, then I feel awful, let alone when it comes to outright lying- and I have a Gemini Moon/Venus, Mars in pisces, Aries Sun, Scorpio Rising.

  2. Yes I have lied, I have told half truths, and yes I have even admitted to doing things I never really did. For example once when I was 18, the legal drinking age at that time, I lied about taking liquor from my parents liquor cabinet. I did it to keep my 15 year old brother from getting his ass reamed out. They couldn’t ream me, I was legal.

  3. lying about stealing (when you didn’t) cancels each other out, right? it’s a moral sum zero! 😀

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    Anna in Canada

    I know I lie as a defense mechanism but for the most part, I’m pretty truthful. My gemini planets are squared by Pluto and Mars in the 12th house. I’m much more likely to change the subject (oh, look, there’s a shiny chicken!) than to lie. Also, I withhold information so I can control what and how much is asked of me. Does that make sense? Finally, because I can be a little “blunt” in my comments, my friends and family know better than to ask me questions that would encourage a very truthful response from me. Don’t ever ask me what I think of your outfit, boyfriend, taste in books, the size of your ass or your new haircut, because I’ll tell you what you don’t want to hear!

  5. I’m very much a Libra, but with a strong Virgo influence. It’s the hardest thing in the world for me to lie. Once interviewed for a job where it was kinda crucial that I own a car, 30 miles from my home(long story). Still amazes me how confidently I conducted myself during the 2-hr interview, yet all the while hoping she wouldn’t ask about transportation. Because I would have told her the truth (despite being desperate for a job), and that likely would have ended the interview. She never asked, and I got the job 🙂

    As you indicate, the only way I would purposely lie is to prevent physical harm or hurt feelings. I would surely artfully dance around the truth if a sweet little old lady asked me how I liked her blue beehive hair with her pink polka dot dress, lol 😉


  6. I mostly lie by omission. I saw “A” today but I don’t say that they were with “B”.

    Or I will tell only the part of the story that I want to share,intentionally leaving out stuff that I just don’t want people to know.

  7. I lie to myself constantly. I don’t like lying to others unless it is absolutely necessary because it makes me nervous.

  8. Gemini sun with a lot of Saturn and Pluto, and I find that 1) lying via withholding is sometimes the better option rather than spewing too much truth, but it’s hard! My Merc’s in gem too. 2) sometimes I’ll lie when declining an invite, by saying I have other obligations, and then I’ll actually fill my calendar with an obligation just to feel better about the fact that I lied.

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    Anna in Canada

    Ha, Maureen, I just realized I lie most often to get out of social obligations. I’m the most anti-social Gemini I know.

  10. i used to lie to myself and to others all the time, jupiter is strong in my chart. i am a very positive person, i am funny, i am a storyteller, a big bullshitter….
    then one day i suddenly woke up- like i had been under a neptoon nebula- pluto passed venus, node, and ascendent opposed saturn and squared mars& uranus- and everything got real- real fast. rule number 1 became Value Yourself (don’t lie, it is just so much truer lighter and easier to live this way) pure jupiter/ not corrupted 2.stop the half truths, take control of your energy 3.did i say don’t lie?!! hahaha. lies are an interesting topic….

  11. Yes. I am a lot better about it than I used to be. When I was 19 I moved to this little town and pretended to be someone completely different for three months just to see if I could pull it off. New name. New background. New experiences. New person. I left and no one there knows (I think) that I wasn’t who I said I was.

    I think that lying for me has become one of two things: Aquarius Sun loves to conduct experiments just to see if “whatever” is possible and if I can actually get away with proverbial murder. It’s one big mind game of chess.

    The other is the defense mechanism. I have a very pushy family and with Pluto in Scorpio in the 2nd I am extremely secretive about my stuff and my values. My mum constantly asks me how much money I make at work and I can feel my skin crawl when she does because I don’t want to tell her, so I lie. And being adamant about boundaries makes no difference with her or my grandmother, they Virgo (both have Virgo rising) nag me until I crack and either lash out or let loose a string of lies.

  12. Hard Neptune is usually found in the charts of big liars too. Geminis are notorious for it….I’ve seen it firsthand a million times. My boss is a Gemini rising and he always ‘doctors’ the truth. An ex of mine is a Gemini, and he explained it well. He said that whenever he said something, he truly meant it in the moment, but then he changes his mind so fast that he doesn’t mean it 5 minutes later! Neptune again.

  13. I’m mostly honest, but it’s scary how well I can lie. 😉 I think it’s because no one expects it; I’m known for blunt truth blurting!

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