Taurus Woman Wants Premature Ejaculating Scorpio Man To Call Her More Often

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Dear ElsaElsa,

I have been seeing this Scorpio guy for the past year. The thing is, he has a premature ejaculation problem but he tells me he never had it before me. I feel like he is lying to me. He has not really opened up to me yet and we hardly meet but when we do, the chemistry is rocking.

How can I get him to confess? And how can I get him to meet me or call me more often?

Taurus Gal

Dear Taurus,

You are probably right about the premature ejaculation but I can’t see where it matters. Fact is, you can’t force anybody to do anything and attempting to is a fruitless pursuit – and I’ll prove it to you.

What if you get this guy to say, “You’re right! I do have this premature ejaculation problem. I am plagued with it!” What do you think the result of that would be… do you think he would call you more often? Want to see you more often? ::shakes head:: No. Matter of fact – if you win, you lose! Because he’ll feel like crap! People have their defenses up for a reason. It’s because they need them.

For example, you have a stellium in Aries, which is a Cardinal sign. All the Cardinal signs are into control, which is essentially what you are trying to do with this man. You also have Saturn (oppression, judgment, control) in Scorpio and you especially want control of this man but it will never work.

If you get him to admit this, what will you want him to admit next? Can’t you find a more worthwhile project? Try to control your own desire to control, because this other way is going to get you nowhere.

Good luck.

4 thoughts on “Taurus Woman Wants Premature Ejaculating Scorpio Man To Call Her More Often”

  1. Gods, this is akin to people wanting ‘love spells’ for a specific person…you can’t control people, can’t make them do what you want when you want, and honestly, if you can’t think of it any other way, would you want someone to do this to you? Would you want to call (or be with) someone who is hounding you?

    If the pre-jack is a lie (and it might be), then he told you for a reason, something as simple (and complicated) as he’s just not interested in you and doesn’t think telling you the truth is going to get you to go away. I mean, come on, you’re pushing for the lie…if someone told you they didn’t want to be with you, would you just let that go?

    I don’t think you would. I think you’d want to know why! And how does that help his cause?! It doesn’t!

    I agree with Elsa. Move on to another project, cos this one doesn’t want to play with you.

    1. how does a person with lots of cardinal deal with this kind of thing? i do notice that in life with loved ones who have a strong cardinal signature. their partner ends up in misery or runs away.

      great article &advise!

  2. Lol at the title of this post. Ive learned that when dealing with a scorpio, the best thing is just to enjoy the mystery.

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