Six Planet Stellium in Scorpio – October 2006

The Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter will all be in Scorpio this month and some people are scared. Why, is baffling to me. If you want to know how this is going to affect you, check your chart. Where is Scorpio in your chart? What house? Because wherever these planets fall, that area of your life is going to be super energized. And this is very straightforward!

For example, the planets will fall in my 10th house. That’s the public. And sure enough there will be an ad campaign for this blog this month which will undoubtedly increase my visibility.

And I didn’t elect this. By that, I mean the timing was not by design. This is my editor, HQ’s gig. He set it up and he set it up for now which is how astrology works, you know. It’s works perfectly!

So you see how SLAMMING this is. There is no trick to interpreting this because it’s impossible to miss. So what about you?

In what house(s) will these planets land?

And can you see how it might my manifest? Because the conjunction is forming now. It’s close enough that if you pay attention you ought to be able to see what’s setting up…

26 thoughts on “Six Planet Stellium in Scorpio – October 2006”

  1. 5th house, venus and uranus – and I am not surprised at all that it’s sex and psychology and freedom urges in my love life involved…

  2. Neptune + Scorpio in 12th house. I’m so out of my body and so intuitive right now I feel like I can hear the walls breathe. My resentments are popping up like goblins, only to be squashed by the other-world qualities of my more subtle paranoias. It’s IS actually kind of fun!

  3. Scorpio moon and Neptune in the 12th, Scorp asc. I’m a little nervous about the line up wondering what is lurking there in my 12th house. I don’t want any unpleasant emotional surprises. Trying not to give in to fear though. I know there is great potential for positive change for me.

  4. Neptune (vision/dream), Jupiter (expansion/luck), and Part of Fortune in 9th house (international/publishing/wisdom).

    A friend and I are just starting a business that is both very Scorp and very 9th house, and yes, we are supremely energized!!

    We have also just gotten involved in a ‘social activity’ (also 9th and 11th houses — see below), and that too has us highly charged!!!

    All those planets in Scorp will soon be squaring her massive stellium in Leo/11th house.

    We’re bopping already!!

    A couple of other things on my own personal front also feel like they are about to be lanced, to break free (finally!!)… so I eagerly await the unfolding of the coming month or so.

    No fear here, only great anticipation! It’s GOTTA be good (for me anyway)!! (It already has started… and I’m betting it will only get better!)

  5. Well, in my natal chart, Scorpio is split evenly between the 2nd and 3rd houses. Only natal planet in Scorpio is the 2nd house moon.

    I am not as knowledgable about 2nd house issues (values and possessions?) as the 3rd house, but I see 3rd house action shaping up already. On 10/23 I will begin working (observing and participating) with a high school teacher (I am a secondary ED major) that I can tell will teach me a lot. I finally have secured two sign language interpreters that will do a good job there.

    I am excited! Come January I will be student-teaching!!! Oh, I’m petrified too.

  6. 4th house Scorpio, sun, merc. and part of fortune natally. I am very nervous. Roomate is threatening to move, hope not.

  7. I have a scorp moon and pluto conjunct in my 9th house. Also scorpio rules both my 9th and 10th house. I hope that things improve for me in school. I think maybe I’ll be more driven in school and have the extra energy to do better.

  8. The sun and mars will be almost on top of pluto in the eigth, for me. My only scorp planet is saturn, and it’s around 11 degrees. Then, the other three will be in my 9th house, which is ruled by scorpio, though the only planets in that house are in sadge. My MC is also in the 9th house.

    So, I don’t know, I suppose something to do with death, sex, other people’s money, travel, career, learning, ambition, and restrictions. But really, it’ll be an ordinary day- I’ll have class, I’ll do some work…

    oh bother, now I’m worried.

  9. oh well i didnt know that was going to happen.

    i got firefox, and interestingly i used to have a car – a polo fox, and i stuck a big sign on the back of the symbol of fjallraven – the arctic (polar fox) which is almost identical to the firefox symbol, just not fiery.

    i was just checking out i got a stellium spanning scorpio and sag beginning vertex, ceres, mars, venus, juno, blackmoonlilith, mercury and neptune.
    and of course, i just found out that actually technically scorpio and sagitarrius span ophiocus the mysterious 13th sign. so technically that is all about life death healing rebirth and combines qualities of the centaur healing the scorpio wound.

    i have got the demons on me and turning my entire life upside down and just had pluto transit. i have serious paperwork issues dealing with money, ill health related to sex, marriage and death, had problems with my self employment, and have been abandoned by everyone and have to face it myself. i have to write a letter for appeal to tribunal for a year, and am sheeeeeeting maself. and in the middle of it, my sister is about to give birth, but is refusing to answer my calls, because i was supposed to give birth too, but i had a miscarriage, so she doesn’t want to upset me, but inevitably is! oh well.

    spanning my 6th and 7th.all square my true node and MC conj. in aquarius.
    bejeezers. my sun is just off the stellium in sag, but conj my DC and opposed by my saturn which isn’t very nice. and my poor jupiter in cap retrograde.
    i need a plan but i am not very good at doing it. or rather i am good at it when i get down to it, but get it all gets very complicated, and have problems just dealing with the pressure and get real problems stress induced pain and emotional anxiety.
    my brain goes numb and i fall over or crawl on the floor crying.
    ok. this did happen yesterday. going through all the paperwork. even my solicitor has said she is out of her depth.
    i am being melodramatic. maybe that is helping to get it off my chest and look at it in a humorous way. aargh.
    i called my acupuncturist to give me an emergency treatment but she is not there!
    dont ask me why there is a part of me that wants to do it on my own, but i need some guidance and support surely.
    thats the whole point.

  10. Split between 4th and 5th houses for me. I don’t know what’s gonna happen, but I’m glad nothing’s conjunct my natal Uranus!

    BTW, I love these topics! Being a novice, they’re really helping me to expand my knowledge. Thanks!

  11. Hehee…Ditto SaDiablo…these topics both make me feel like a novice and enlighten me.

    I was informed by a friendly astrologer friend that my Scorpio resides in the 10-11 houses.

    Hmm…well, good luck to you all. Perhaps we could come back here and comment with updates on how things are going with our respective Scorpionesses?

    Your Uncle,

  12. It will fall in my 5th house.
    Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter.
    I hope it improve my love life.
    You know, “fill the void”. Lol.

  13. Well, the 24th is my birthday, so I’m a Scorp with all this going on. Should be a big day!! From what is shaping up it means lots of admirers remembering me, actually vying for my attention, as it were..anyway, from an online calculating thing, and I have no idea what it means, I have Scorpio in my Sun, Mercury and Neptune and 3rd house.
    In fact, people are all over me, I’m actually almost tired before my birthday is even here! Hope all this Scorp energy is working out for everyone… XO

  14. I have Scorpio in Neptune in 6th House, along with Uranus and Pluto.

    I suppose this means my day-to-day life will be energised, my work and health? Is that correct? I am currently in my third week of a diet and exercise programme that definitely seems to be sticking for me. I am getting results and ENJOYING it. I usually give up way before this. I am helping my hub organising a presentation for his business and I’ve put out a marketing letter which is yielding great results already. I have NO marketing experience whatsoever.

    If the planets are influencing this, thank you planets!!!

  15. Cusp of the intercepted 4th house. Mercury and Jupiter have just past my natal 5th house Neptune and Jupiter is opposed natal Jupiter. Not too much is going on right now – of course with Neptune involved, maybe I’m just not aware of it 😀

  16. They’ll fall in my 5th house. Saturn, Mercury and the Moon will conjunct my native Neptune in Scorpio. I’m looking forward to the Scorpio stellium. I think it will help my therapy tremendously and hopefully I’ll be able to channel my inner Scorpio. I’m sick and tired of being Piscean/Cancerian! I could use some power.

  17. Oh, that’s not the symbol for Saturn, it’s the symbol for Jupiter. Duh. So Jupiter will conjunct my Neptune which is a little scary for me bc I’m always apt to delude myself in love. Might be good creatively, though.

  18. Oh crap..
    My Fourth House (Home/Family)
    I have my Moon & Saturn there..
    Doesn’t sound fun, but we’ll see :]
    I’m excited

  19. anyway
    it all comes out in the wash
    2 guys experts rang me to give me advice
    then my sister rang me and we discussed babies and births etc – and i gave her advice on breathing techniques
    i went to see one of the guys
    he gave me more advice with the strucutre –
    told me what i’d wrote so far was great
    wants to use it as a case study!
    feeling better
    didnt fall over
    so my sisters baby is going to be intensely scorpio, hope everything ok
    just saw that uk hospitals are worse in europe for child birth apart from poland and czech republic.
    fortunately my sister didn’t want to go to hospital and chose midwife centre!

  20. I have a Scorpio stellium in my 4th house:

    Sun: 5Sco24’31”
    Mer: 6Sco36’12”
    Jup: 14Sco03’05”
    Ven: 23Sco44’48″r

    with Nep 29Sco41’55” in the 5th.

    October 2006 is when I began rebuilding my home, which had been destroyed by hurricane Katrina.

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