Mars In Gemini Triggers Natal Pluto In Virgo Or Sagittarius

mars warriorMars is currently in Gemini and will remain in the sign for seven months.  If you have Pluto in Virgo or Sagittarius, Mars will clash with your natal Pluto at some point.

This is a potentially explosive, transformative transit. For good or ill, of course!

Just consider Mars to bring the heat and the provocation so Pluto, a deeply buried charge. This is a classic setup to see a person “triggered”.  Fury unleashed before a person has a change to examine what’s causing them to react.

Theoretically, you should be able to avoid this by keeping your head and wits about you. It’s not always easy to do, especially in these conditions.

If you have Pluto in either sign, it’s probably worth determining which week(s) Mars will tweak your Pluto. This way you’ll know when to tread carefully with your brain engaged.

Do you have Pluto in Virgo or Sagittarius?  How to you feel about Mars prodding that thing?


31 thoughts on “Mars In Gemini Triggers Natal Pluto In Virgo Or Sagittarius”

  1. Pluto in Virgo generation here, plus Pluto square Mars personal transit. I am bloated. I don’t want trouble so I am swallowing it all, obviously. I have no idea how long I will be able to sustain this, especially that for the past two years Pluto has been squaring my Sun as well.. (born in the Via Combusta….)

  2. Same here – – Pluto in Virgo generation so aptly put by you; I pray that my current Pluto trine Jupiter will help diffuse at least some of the volatile energy.
    Wishful thinking? Time will tell.


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    Shimmering Light

    Natal T-square here with Uranus-Pluto in Virgo opposite Chiron in Pisces and Mars in Sagittarius at the Apex. Mars in Gemini is the ‘missing leg’ so will turn this energy into a mutable Grand Cross. It’s the week(s) I’m meeting up with family first time in almost 3 years, thanks to Covid.
    It should be interesting…especially as it also hammers those family members I’m seeing.

  4. Not sure what my chart says do seem to think Virgos on the constant I can fix this and make it better long ago I was told the enemy of good is better you could really screw stuff up if you persist to think that should be better perhaps you get what you get and Happy is the state of mine not a physical excellence

  5. Yes. I have the same transit, however I was gifted with a Natal Mars (last degrees of Leo 12th H) and Pluto (early degrees of Virgo in the 12th House). Plus Venus in the early degrees of Virgo 12 H is also in the mix. Big conjunction.

    Every day of my life is pretty much what you describe for this transit. But I guess this natal conjunction is tempered by SAT in the early degrees of Cappy in the 4th house. My home has been anything but calm and quiet. Alternates between amazing calmness followed by sudden hurricanes. Bring it on!

  6. I have Pluto in Virgo at 4 degrees and Mercury in Sag at 5. I am already feeling the energies. I am doing more Yoga, Meditation and reading a book on how to master your emotions (I bought the workbook too). It talks about realizing emotions are just in the mind and are not who you are. True, but when you feel them like I do in my body, (Moon in Virgo), it’s hard to remember that!
    Suddenly getting more emails and an urge to keep writing my story. I think that’s a good way to channel this energy.

  7. I so appreciate how you remind us of these transits, Elsa. With this one it’s especially important to be aware so we can work with it mindfully. These energies can work in a hair-trigger way. The window of opportunity to exercise choice is pretty small with Mars-Pluto. But I’ll try nonetheless to seed habit energies/unconscious by continuing spiritual practices, so that the higher expressions of these two might manifest. I don’t want to cause harm to others or self.

    Like AstroJazz I have Pluto at 4 degrees (in 1st house). Mars is transiting my 10th. This square is coming just as I’m announcing that I’m leaving my work. I hope it will give me the forebearance to compassionately deal with folk’s emotions in the workplace. It’s likely to be an intense time. I’m part of the Pluto-Chiron opposition cohort, so I’m more likely to have tender spots triggered by this square. We’ll see.

    Thanks again, Elsa, for the heads up.

    1. You’re welcome, Judy. This is why I suggested you look it up. Because you know it’s coming you can hijack the energy for your own use (effort to transform something in your life), which dramatically lessens the chance of your acting out.

  8. I have Pluto in Virgo three degrees, also Mars and Venus in Virgo. moon in Gemini and rising in Gemini.Seems like I have the full house for this Mars in Gemini. Hoping for a good outcome.

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      Tess Charbonneau

      Yes my chart shows Pluto in Virgo at 2 degrees 11 minutes? in the 11th house.
      How do I find when ole Mars is near?

  9. Well my natal Pluto at 5 degrees Virgo was concerning, and then I realized I also have my North Node in Virgo (25 degrees) and my Jupiter in Sag. (25 degrees). Pluto and North Node 4th house, Jupiter 7th house.

    So, the retrograde will be…wild? Yikes

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    Gabriella L Garlock

    Yep…Pluto in Virgo 12th House conjunct Un, Uranus & Mercury: Mars’ square is gonna light up the whole conflagration! 🌋
    And at the same time Mars will conjunct my natal Moon after squaring my natal Saturn–whoops, that’s happening NOW. 😄

  11. I realize that Mars ( 9) will square my Saturn in the 11th house on the day I return back home from holiday .

    How can I interpret that? Or better said what can I expect ? No falling planes right ?

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    Must be the Libra

    Hi Elsa -what should we use as an orb for the Mars transit? I’m bound to have lots of fun as I’m late Pluto Virgo and Sun Gemini too 🤣 thanks for the heads up!!

    1. Roughly six degrees applying and about three separating.

      You’ll just be more prone to an outbound reaction or some other bad happening, if you don’t direct it.

      I have Pluto in Virgo. I am diving down to re-write and or discard some of the things I think or think about. I’m busy but productive. Best of all, no one is getting hurt!

  13. Hi Elsa! I have Pluto in Virgo too – 10th house & 4 degrees… when can I expect this Mars transit to land?!? This is a great post, btw… as are ALL of yours 🙂

  14. I’m guessing this won’t hit me until sometime early next year. Pluto is at 29°Virgo in 10H natally squaring my Mars Venus conjunction (26°/27° Gemini)in my 6H. So I will be having my Mars Return first up.

      1. Thank you so much for this, i always forget to check ephemera. I have wide aspects by end of October 2022 right before Mars goes retrograde. I went to the website to find 2023. My exact Mars return is 17 March 2023, with exact Pluto square on 24 March 2023.

  15. Gemini rules the sixth house in my chart. This translates into having every day lots of choices, the mind of a child
    When it comes to everyday activities, thirsty to learn new ways etc. becoming bored is what I dread the most, so I constantly look for ways of improving, modifying, altering my routines. I guess this will be on steroids for seven months now that Mars is transiting this house. Virgo rules the ninth house, and Pluto sits at 28 degrees. Deep attachment to beliefs and dogmas, the “right way” or “the only way” attitude, through the transformation of my deepest beliefs I died several times and been reborn a new person. It has hurt- no doubt
    – but it has also empowered me. I guess Mars will trigger the death of yet another deep dogma? My world and the “truths” that were sustaining it are being shaken anyway since Pluto just transited over my AC and natal Venus in Capricorn recently and just weeks ago Uranus and the north node transited over natal Saturn in Taurus. I feel like in the Matrix, hanging “up in the air”, no floor underneath. No idea what the new world/reality will be like… Thank Goodness, Neptune and Jupiter transiting Pisces (and Jupiter in and out of Aries) this year are reassuring my Pisces Sun and Aries moon, that although I can’t see it with my worldly eyes… in the spiritual world all is exactly where it should be, there is meaning in this apparent chaos 🙌🏻

  16. Oh Lord, Transiting Pluto is conjunct my natal Mars and transiting Mars is squaring my natal Pluto and Uranus. This can’t be good!! My game plan is to exercise and exercise some more and stay the heck away from people.

  17. Mars in Gemini square Pluto in Virgo natally, 1° orb. Not fun. My whole astrologically-literate life, I hide under a rock (figuratively speaking) when transiting Mars is square transiting Pluto; and when transiting Mars triggers my natal square, I go off-grid hide in a cave! Mars-Pluto square has, in my life, manifested as brutal assaults, physical, sexual and psychological; so for me it feels like sheer survival mode to avoid ANY interpersonal friction when the natal square is being energized.

    I don’t think I can hide for 7 months, though. Last Mars in Gemini transit left me with estranged family members, broken friendships and a career change. Looks like I’ll have to learn to handle this energy rather than merely hoping it doesn’t kill me!

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