Cowlick In Your Psychology / Your Personal Emotional Template

Psychologically speaking, do all your roads lead to Rome?

The post I mentioned: Mixed Messages, Gaslighting, Manipulation…

Do you have a cowlick in your psychology? If so, it is innocuous or does it cause you a problem?

8 thoughts on “Cowlick In Your Psychology / Your Personal Emotional Template”

  1. Interesting stuff to consider here. I have Libra rising but oppose my sun (Aries). I think people see me as agreeable as well up to a point. I do know what I need/want. And up until that point that boundaries are crossed it’s all good! But I think people are shocked when they see me as suddenly impulsive or not agreeable anymore. They don’t know that I’ve researched, pondered, stayed up late at night thinking about things. It’s like a shock to their system I think. Like “How dare she suddenly have these boundaries?!?” They were actually there all along though.

    1. Exactly!
      I’m a Taurus w/Lib ASC…Venus like a mug. Mr. Nice Guy.
      But nobody ever factors in Libra’s nasty lil shadow side which is quite decisive, can turn on a dime and mean every words said.
      Neptune here adds this misty kinda empath energy.
      Even tho I’m an 8th h Taurus I can and do change.
      Not in a fickle way but it seems ppl don’t take me serious til da nasties show up.

  2. Avatar
    Hildegarde's Noviciate

    Virgo virgo rising. Libra Mercury in 1st house
    I tend to overexplain or try to teach while I inform. Ugh! Its helpful sometimes but I find myself rambling a bit. Im trying to cut it down.

  3. Leo stellium and Uranus on AC: publicly I appear very warm and generous. Uranus makes me really want to just do my thing, which as I grow older, doesn’t involve me doing the two-bit slave act for other people.

  4. I’m sure I do have a cowlick, but I’m not sure how to explain it. But I’m curious, how would Mars in the 9th differ from Mars conjunct Jupiter? Or do they have pretty much the same effect?

    1. The person in this story has Mars conjunct Jupiter in the 9th.

      Mars in a house, hots up the affairs of that house.
      To interpret Mars conjunct Jupiter, you’d consider the house where the conjunction falls. But in both cases, you’d have a hotted-up seeker, in some realm. Education / outdoor sports / religion / traveler, etc.

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