Crazy, Entertaining, Annoying Minds

I met someone recently, he’s got a super-quirky mind. He can’t quite keep his thoughts in order.

He tends to start in one direction and then veer off and come back, very quickly. He doesn’t necessarily complete the circuit between the story he was telling and the one he decided to tell before he changed his mind and when back to what he was staying before he veered off.

The connection is there, you have to be quick to make it.  He doesn’t help with this. He instructs you to “never mind”.

I know some people are annoyed with him but I enjoy his unpredictability.  I chock this up to growing up with Aquarian parents. I learned to fill in the blanks between their…synapses?

I have this quality myself which I know annoys people. They want me to clean up my act and since I write for the public, I’ve really tried to do exactly that.

It reminded me…here I veer off…of when my husband compared me to a gas molecule. He was right when he said that. It’s all I can do not to bounce.  So right now, I listen to this man bounce in his fashion…and the people around him, attempt to bounce with him. Except for people like me, well acquainted with nuttiness.

I like how he pops off with this original stuff, brilliant, straight out of the blue sky. He quite funny, sort of like a disorganized encyclopedia, set on “Entertain”.

25 thoughts on “Crazy, Entertaining, Annoying Minds”

  1. I am the same way lol. The other night my mind kept having a conversation with itself and even then, it was bouncing around, failing to make a complete thought. Natal Mercury rx square Uranus/Neptune/Saturn here.

  2. Oh boy! I can relate to this post! Having an Aquarian Ascendant makes me a freak! Haha! Thoughts in my head never come out in a “normal” fashion, but rather from middle to end to front. Weird is my middle name. [Not really, but I am strange and everyone knows it.]

  3. I have that quality, when I’m daring to address what really matters to me. Bouncing, I mean… roundabout track in my thought process, out loud. Most of the time, I only dare attempt to speak from my heart of heart with someone who seems able to stomach “sideways approach”. (I have a Mars-ruled Mercury, and my own Mars is in Cancer – sideways is normal – square my Libra AC – which we all know, hates to cause *any* fuss. Yet, Mars = fuss, among all the rest of Mars matters.)

    I figure, life is inherently “messy”, and so those who know that, themselves, and among that grour, those of them that want to engage with me, are going to value what we say to one another, in conversation.

  4. Oh that’s weird. My mother is the daughter of 2 Aquarians and totally goes off on tangents. Like, she will finish a sentence about something completely unrelated to the conversation because she had made 3 connections in her mind and assumes you have been following. Except she’s a Pisces so she doesn’t even know she’s doing this. Bless her : )

    1. I do this too! (My mom is a super-stellium in Aquarius and my stepdad is an Aqua Moon.) People have criticized me for this, but it’s part of who I am. I connect things that others don’t, sometimes.

      1. That connection thing is a gift, we are used to it in our family, we just find it amusing. Because it’s charmingly surreal sometimes (My Venus is in Aquarius). We all look wide eyed at each other. Then someone goes ‘What?’ Then she explains it and you can understand the thread. But because she is quite a serious person generally it’s like being in a real live comedy series – never a dull moment.

  5. I free associate like that, too. I have a Virgo Mercury, but I associate the free association with my Gem moon widely opposite Jupiter in Sag. Also Uranus in Gem, sextile Saturn in Leo, trine Mars in Libra. Does that enter into it?

  6. I heard an ‘interview’ today with Darryl McDaniels (Run DMC) and whew boy, can that guy run at the mouth. Once he revved up, the host might as well have had a sock in it. That Darryl sure was fascinating but he done wore me out just trying to keep up.

  7. I don’t think it’s crazy at all, and I call it “jumping the the synapse”, because I do it too, all the time. You’re on one thought, but then it’s like “Oh! wait a minute!” and there you go, attaching another related thought, a something else that fits right in to the concept of the current conversation. I used to drive my Southern “Sis” crazy by doing so, I suppose because her Grandmother was an elocutionist/speech teacher/founder of the Library in a small Southern town in TN. But my Sis gets it, and we engage in these fluid, interwoven conversations, and it works because it all relates back to our initial thought, and we drag in even more. I can’t believe I’m flawed in communication, and here’s why: Elsa said to me in a consult something like ‘anyone can see you’re not stupid; you have Mercury in the 3rd house.” I’m not stupid, but I might be dumb; I scored high on the ACT, as in getting a letter, but I thought I flunked because it wasn’t 100% (ding dong bell!) Met a young woman who I thought was naturally intelligent, brilliant, and I asked if she had been in the gifted program in our school district. She said that yes, she was placed there, and said “I didn’t know what it meant.” Sometimes people don’t listen fast enough, eh?

  8. I totally get this. 12th house Merc in aspect to Uranus and Mars. I think waaaaaay too much because I have thoughts assaulting me in a rapidfire way like your guy. Worse stil, instead of coming out in a nice organized fashion in conversation as I imagined (12H), it comes out more like a speeding train that gets derailed frequently while my company gives me this horrific look that I must be a spazzy space cadet. Eek.

    I prefer writing for this reason. At least I can go back and clean it up before another reads it. ?

    1. woohoo. Me too. Mercury conjunct mars in 12H Aries. My thoughts are a nest of mad bees agitated and buzzing trying to get out. I don’t do linear. The benefit is the agility of thought and a quickness of understanding. The downside is that I have to slow way down to put out a coherent and grammatically correct narrative.

  9. Sounds like my exboyfriend! Actually, it could be my ex. He’s in SC too. Well, if he’s a Robert Downey Jr. lookalike named Marc, and passionate rock climber, who likes to talk social justice and English literature, that’s your guy! 😉 Amazingly entertaining storyteller.

  10. My dad was an Aquarius. No wonder I could follow one teacher when the rest of the class was lost in the quick changes of direction/instruction.

  11. Tweek, and mena… I’m so overcome, thoroughly impressed, by your comments here. Thank you, both – each – of you. 🙂 ::huge sigh, of huge happiness, because two people wrote/found words I know are true. Very, very, thank you both.

  12. I really can’t fault that. I have a mercury uranus sextile. It’s good for crisis situations. I can pull it together fast while sometimes others are boo-hooing or in shell shock. It’s something I can do. When there is a death I hold it together and postpone my grieving until later when the rest have reached stability. That’s the downfall.

    This morning I feel like a spy. Developing situation. I was getting a danger feeling. So I spied. I looked at the person’s chart. Mars Uranus conjunct in scorpio. Serious contender. I have been avoiding the person. I find that is best considering I have a mars uranus sesqui in my natal chart. It seems to be not enough to let the person go their merry volatile way. I have to be cut down. I do have to quasi deal with the person. Questioning does not seem to be allowed. I guess mercury retro is not over for me yet. With uranus in mars ruled aries, the world news is filled with nuttiness. And not fun nuttiness. When it enters my immediate environs, I just don’t know, I just don’t know. It is much ado about nothing, but of the utmost importance to mars uranus. I just don’t know. I just don’t know. De-fusing bombs, it’s crazy.

  13. I thought my random mental processes were cute and quirky. But, then i considered maybe they dont think im this precious quirkster but are annoyed. There is also a disrespect of the other person when you force them to surf your wave. Logical and linguistic processes are meant for communication. I find myself drawn to comedy and confessional lyrics rather than modernist or absurdist stuff that forces you to mine the form of language rather than its function. Observational Comedy goes right to the heart of little human experiences without much performative weirdness (I.e. Louis ck or my beloved Maron.) The Mountain Goats tend to nourish my heart with their specific songs whereas Bob Dylan just makes me feel pleasantly bemused. People liked my randomness more in college. For me being random is easy, affecting weirdness is easy. Communicating effectively, getting to really know a person is harder. Stream of consciousness writing is easy, crafting something concise that people can get something from is harder. But, maybe I like my randomness and want to be proud of it. Maybe the grass isn’t greener on the Robert Frost side.

  14. I even think I’m an f-ing precious flower in this comment with my Robert frost references whom I’ve barely read. F. I have nothing to hold over anyone’s head except my weirdness, I’m realizing.

  15. I do this all the time. lol Gemini Sun Aquarian moon. My thoughts are everywhere even while i’m talking so I’ll start another topic as to not forget that other subject that is lurking in my brain. lol

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