Saturn In Sagittarius & Gifted Children & Stress

red dwarfThe Sun and Mercury in Libra are highly stressed by Uranus and Pluto today. This morning’s newsletter dealt with this but I have more to say.

I have the Saturn in Sadge class going on right now, on a private message board. It turns out the content is challenging people for a variety of reasons. A few of them want to bolt.

This is typical of Sagittarius. When in doubt – leave!  But Saturn is going to thwart that.

Are you seeing this scenario play out in your life?  This is hard – get me out of here!

This reminds me of gifted children, when they finally meet curriculum that challenges them. Or some kind of character test they can’t skate by.

When you get yourself into something, do you get yourself through it?  Or do you hit the door?

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  1. Sadge AC – I definitely hit the road every time when I was younger, now, at 43, I’m thinking about leaving twice, at least 🙂

          1. Yep. My Sadge ASC always has one foot out the door. The Taurus Moon in my chart nails my feet to the floor most of the time. The urge to bolt is always there, but the Moon ignores it. My sister used to tell me “When things get tough, you punk out!” Sadge can be a bit of a wimp in the commitment department.

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    I am a Sagittarius sun, Scorpio moon Aqua rising and definitely not looking forward to Saturn forcing me to stay where I don’t want to be no matter how great the potential rewards. Very few things to me in life are worth the effort it takes to achieve them and the ones that are mostly involve hedonistic pleasure :). Any suggestions on how to cope with feeling trapped and enraged about it?

    1. Hi Elsa, plant your feet firmly, because she’s about to blow :)Thanks for the welcome.

      Regarding dealing with a Saturn transit, your strategy for focusing on the feeling of rage at being trapped to see if it morphs into something more manageable makes a lot of sense to me. It’s the polar opposite of that “thought-stopping” technique which has always seemed ridiculously ineffective.

      Along with your advice, I’m thinking a good approach to handling Saturn might include binge-watching a ton of Tony Robbins videos and accepting that taking on more responsibility, no matter how dreaded and bitterly hated, is sometimes the only way to avoid creating an even worse situation. In between the requisite masturbatory marinating in infuriated angst at uncomfortable circumstances, of course. One has to experience some pleasure, after all :).

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    My first thought is, try to find a way to turn the difficulty itself into a source of hedonistic pleasure if possible. I guess this is why people will always have sex at work no matter the risk :).

  4. I usually have a desire to BOLT! …but often I have a strong intuition to stay as well that normally over rides leaving. For the most important of things I get myself through it.

  5. Sagittarius Moon and Scorp Sun. I think that means I yearn to leave but I stick it out. Sticking it out is usually the best course, if what I’m doing is the right thing to begin with.

  6. I have to admit, I am amazed and even envious at other people’s ability to physically ‘bolt’ to ‘leave’ to ‘hit the door.’ I could use some of that energy in my life. My problem is quite the opposite. I don’t know what aspects in my chart influence or contribute to my sense of determination to ‘make things work’ or ‘beat the odds’ or ‘make lemonade out of lemons,’ (Gemini Sun, Sag Moon, Cancer rising, Saturn and Aries in the 11th house), but I see now how there are times when my sense of loyalty and determination hinder me from walking away when I need to. And that’s when things get tricky. Because the older I get, the more I realize my ability to physically stay and fight and persevere in a situation doesn’t mean I’m emotionally or spiritually not checking out and disappearing in other ways, and moreover, that I’m even emotionally or spiritually maturing.

    Like the saying goes, surviving isn’t the same thing as living. Of course, there are some situations that do require surviving first before you can get back to living.

    Looking back at my younger past, I think, if only I could have redirected the energy I spent ‘ just trying to survive ’ towards getting to a “higher ground,” as Elsa put it, I could have made some real progress back then. Instead, I am still learning how to ‘get unstuck.’ And now the real fight for me is surrendering, letting go and holy hell, it’s painful staying present with all that comes up. It’s uncomfortable. In fact, just saying it’ s uncomfortable makes me sad.

    1. I don’t know your exact chart so I’m just guessing … that Saturn might be squared your ascendant in cancer … which would make you have difficulty moving forward. Both Geminis and Sag Moons love change!

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      Warped by Wuthering Heights

      I used to be more of a bolter, lately I’ve done the opposite, beating the dead horse more often than not, to my detriment. Some sort of perverse Spartan thinking has made me choose the worst possible option at times, and even when offered a delightful alternative, deny myself the joy of that in some misguided need to be absolutely sure the horse is really dead first! Why? I hate it, must revive the bolting mechanism!

  7. I’m trying to identify where the higher ground is. I don’t see it clearly from where I am. It requires me to be honest with myself and figure out what I want…what I really want, not what other people think I should want. There’s so much murk out there and so many mixed signals. For me, patience is definitely required. I’m trying to let the self-criticism drop for once so I can get some real insight as to what’s worth going after.

  8. I’m a Sag Sun/Pisces Moon/Virgo rising. I’ve bolted several times in my life but always because I felt the door had been locked and the barn set on fire.
    It was time to go.
    In this my second Sagittarius Saturn transit I’m more patient. But as Saturn moves closer to a conjunction with my sun I will make sure I’m holding my own reins – just in case.

  9. 4′ Sadge IC. I can’t believe I’ve now lived in the same appartment – renting, none the less – for 9 and 1/2 years! This is the longest I’ve been in one apartment since my childhood home, where I stayed for 14 years. We’d really need a bigger one, but that’s another story. My 2016/17 SR has Cancer Rising at 0′ degree (supposing we’re still here) and Jupiter/Moon/Sun conjunction in the 4th house.

  10. Hey Saggies! Just hang on! Coming from a Stellium Scorpio who just lived through Saturn in Scorpio! You can do it…. there is growth in staying put! I was married to two runners, I mean Saggies…. I know how they like to bolt!! 🙂

  11. I got a bolt for ya!!!!

    Usain St. Leo Bolt.

    Sun: 28Leo20
    Mercury: 13Leo53
    Saturn: 3Sag14
    Uranus: 22Sag18
    This is a man who put “running” to good use.
    Check out his Saturn!!!

    Here’s another: San Diego Chargers
    I gotta bolt…

  12. Holy cow- I’ve been feeling like this all day. I texted my husband while at work telling him I’m about to quit my job. I’m married to Saturn, so that’s not going to happen. I am a bolter.

  13. Wtf… Sag Moon (very early degree), just felt like a kid who’s is the best handball player @ his school when he finally gets a chance to see the big boys/girls (adults) play… Oh so hurtful! :). Elsa, nice little ba-Bump! with the newsletter and post. Thank you.

  14. Today I wanted to bolt from my FB, REAL BAD. Not the first time. And like all the other times before, a whole bunch of things miraculously happened that addressed the reasons I wanted to bolt. It’s eery. It’s like people eavesdrop in my head, go oh-oh, Tango needs X, Y and Z and they serve it to me on a silver platter, without a word from me. So instead of closing shop, I opened the doors wide and invited more people in.

  15. Oh, it was my birthday this weekend and someone gave me a mug that says “It may not be easy but it will be worth it.” Ironically, this person thinks astrology is the spawn of Satan, but me, I immediately saw “Saturn transit in Sagittarius” in those words.

  16. Well, I have a Sag moon and a Sag saturn. I ALWAYS want to run when the going gets tough, but my pride (sun in tenth, trine pluto) will find me staying in situations long passed their due. What does this produce? Staying put in a situation but not really giving my all because I’ve said to hell with it. I am in a situation like this now. I hit a wall and I want to bolt. I do await your guidance on this Elsa, because I’d love to understand that there is a way to make both impulses work together rather than leave me in a state of apathy.

    1. I have a 10th house Sun too! After 15 years in the same job, I’m surrounded by people who weren’t here when I started there. Part of me is DONE with this line of work and this job, but leaving feels irresponsible. Will my residents fall apart and die if I leave? (Sounds silly, I know, but a 10th house Sun cannot just walk out on a responsibility. Period.


    2. Saturn in Sagittarius combines Jupiter/Saturn energy which actually complement each other. Are you in the workshop? This is getting covered, extensively.

  17. Sadge moon, packed 9th house. First instinct is to bolt. But I’ve learned to lean into my moon’s trine to Saturn, and work my way through. Once my panic subsides and the procrastination stops, I now know ‘I’ve got this. Just go slow and steady till you get through it, even if it’s endless. By the end you’ll have learned something and you’ll get a prize.’
    Jupiter in Taurus in the tenth house probably helps.
    Totally relate to the gifted kid hitting a wall the first time challenged. Flunked my first year of college because I had no idea how to manage my time, despite all AP classes in high school. It’s taken a while but in finally about to graduate twenty years later. Assuming I can get going with this week’s work of course…appreciate the inspiration. 😉

  18. I have Moon in Sadge and I’ve always bolted. Didn’t like a job? Bolt. Didn’t like a relationship? Bolt. I never stuck around in a situation that I didn’t want to be in. The only time I didn’t bolt was when I started getting older. I stayed in a job that I loathed for 14 years because I was already in my 50s and I just wanted to stop working, so I figured I’d try to make it ’til retirement. Unfortunately, they bolted me. I got laid off at age 62 and I haven’t worked since. I’m totally okay with that. Now I’m 65 and I don’t think I’ll be bolting from anything because I’m not well and I just don’t have the energy.

  19. I am Sagittarius rising, I only bolt within, usually because
    It means I get to wait then and see what happens. Some may say not bolting means I am having an easier time,
    That may be true but in my mind it seems futile either way.
    You learn now or learn later, or even the same lesson every time. People teach me things, valuable stuff. It almost never feels good at first, then later it does, like it was worth the effort to see things through.

  20. I have Ascendant, sun, mercury, mars, and venus in Sag. Yes, when I was younger I would bolt or do a 180.

    This is my second time for Saturn transit Sag. I don’t remember the first time being too hard. Just a lot of growing up, figuring out what I wanted, and more importantly didn’t want in my life.

    I have a different perspective and I think that comes from having Pluto transit those personal planets and crossing my ascendant.

  21. This post really hit a cord. . .

    I was the “gifted” child who never met a problem I couldn’t solve–until I got married. He battered me for 10 years before I had sense enough to leave.

    However, I do have Sun square Jupiter, which rules my 11th. So, yes, I bolt from friendships–but only after giving them the benefit of the doubt (sometimes for many years).

    I attribute “lack of bolting” to the fixed signs on the angles, no planets in the 9th, no planets in Sag.

  22. I’m so late to the game. Anyway:

    So many people feel that they succeed because they’re more talented and they made more of an effort than other people. So many talented people who made an effort can never make it. Not everybody can, society doesn’t work that way. Truth as I know it is: Luck And Shit Happens.

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