The Current Virgo / Pisces Opposition – Confusion, Life Force Diminished

I was feeling disillusioned last night, without cause. I didn’t like the feeling so I looked at a chart of current sky for insight.  I found the Sun in Virgo opposing Chiron in Pisces and Mercury in Virgo is opposing Neptune, which certainly explained it.  Ego or life force (Sun) diminished (Pisces), feeling injured (Chiron) and confused, combined with an inability to figure it out (Mercury Neptune).

This is where astrology comes in handy. Understanding the nuts and bolts and strings behind the curtain, today I will try to let information (Virgo) flow (Pisces). I will attempt to tap the ethereal (Pisces) when I write or otherwise communicate (Virgo). This should help (Virgo) if no completely dissolve (Pisces) the confusion and impairment.

Some others things to watch for under this opposition…confusing communications. Not so much of the gaslighting (see tag) or malicious type because Mars is not involved here. Look instead for people to  not know what to say. It’s like sitting in class, looking at a math problem and having no idea how to solve it, so you stare out the window.

Someone asked how long this influence will be with us. Thankfully, it will clear out mid-week. Until them, do what you can to marry your imagination with your intellect.

Is your mind or messages confused at this time?

19 thoughts on “The Current Virgo / Pisces Opposition – Confusion, Life Force Diminished”

  1. The feeling of disillusionment is familiar – spent hours trying to find a holiday yesterday. Found one, phoned up to book, only to find that the price was inexplicably £100 more expensive than that quoted.

    We were incredibly downbeat about it, which isn’t like us. We’re now having to think outside the box to find a solution… Be friendly, Pisces!

  2. Definitely feeling confused. And I have some major tasks that I must deal with, but as I approach them I have much the same feeling as you described: sitting in class, looking at a math problem and having no idea how to solve it, so you stare out the window.

    Glad this will end midweek.

  3. This has summed up my weekend and current feelings thank you Elsa x
    Looking for somewhere to rent and feeling disillusioned
    the prices are so high for what you get I will just have to save my pennys

  4. Yep. You captured it. That, plus Venus square Saturn, Cancer/Libra. Feeling like there’s too many demands, too much expected; not enough left to give. Insecure. Uncertainty. Confused. Hope and faith fading….

  5. I’m actually in a stellar mood today. And have more clarity than I have had in several months. Am I fooling myself? lol. Time will tell…..

  6. You’re funny, CeeCee – me too 12th house Sun.
    Feel like I’m waiting for the ‘other shoe to drop’.
    Tr Venus exactly cj Uranus in my Uranus/Jupiter cjn, sextile my Sun; Tr Mercury sextile my Venus/Saturn cjn; Tr Mars cj Venus/Saturn cjn; and Tr Saturn finally just creeping away from cj my Neptune.

  7. The feeling last night was as though I was cut off, sort of. It was a dark sort of thing, and I didn’t communicate with anybody. I haven’t been feeling this alienated lately. It was noticeable. I sat on my couch and watched one film about the “Dream Machine” (Brion Gysin and William S. Burroughs)- Talk about Pisces/Neptune/Mercury/Chiron. Then, I watched one episode of the Forsythe Saga, which is pretty alienation-heavy. I went to bed early because I wanted to check out of the space I was in.

    When I looked at the chart, I see that Sun/Mercury sit now in my 11th, on either end of natal Pluto. Behind the curtain is right.

    Also spent time earlier in the day using Pinterest like a madwoman, capturing images from various categories that I want to use to help groups of students do art that will communicate by mining and transforming text (language) and images into personal and collective meaning. This is about making art sometimes in a group setting, often for public consumption. Brion Gysin invented the Cut Up, which does exactly that, using pieces of text.

    I didn’t know that when I started pinning and exploring, but in the evening when I saw the film, I got it. Talk about tapping the ethereal.

    The astrology of last night fit like a glove, Elsa. Thank you. It helps focus on the good parts of it, and transform or shift the energy of the painful, disorienting part.

  8. @CeeCee: Same hear. I have to study and my mind just melts under this type of transit especially.

    Elsa, I just get quiet and dive deeper to do away with anxiety. I know I can’t get clear…so I just go as deep as I can into my thoughts and let answers come….or I just have to not worry and let go. Seek out nature.

  9. I love how you were able to pull all that together Elsa! Out of your confusion, you’ve provided a lot of clarity!

    I’m not relating though myself… I’ve been really feeling the Mars energy. The Sun is directly opposite my natal Mars, and transiting Mars is inching towards my AC.

  10. Really grateful for this post. 8th/2nd for me. More about lack of purpose and feeling of self doubt around direction and of course money. Hence the crying jag this morning. Just so overwhelmed sometimes!

  11. I have to say Thank You Elsa…

    I was trying to make up a plan for dealing with a quite recent wound, and I had decided to write things out.

    But I hadn’t done the writing yet, just the CONFUSED obsessing, so reading this was awesome.

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