Current Mood: Restlessness, Emotional Shock & Confusion

stay in the boat

You may not know how to feel today. The collective emotion seems scrambled with the moon conjunct Uranus, post the eclipse.

Mental restlessness is also a thing with the Mercury Mars conjunction in Scorpio exact today, opposing Jupiter.  Venus in Virgo opposing Neptune confuses and adds to the mental stress.

I’ve just made this sound impossible but in fact, there’s a silver lining in that it provides an opportunity to learn faith. That’s the core task with Saturn in Pisces.

In reality, there are two or more sides to everything, everywhere.  Most things are outside an individual’s control but you do have the option to navigate these choppy waters.

The picture is from the movie, Apocalypse Now. Surrounded by danger, there is a line in the movie; essentially this: “Stay in the boat!”

This is the quintessential instruction for Saturn in Pisces. Understand that to stay in the boat with the expectation you’ll reach safety, eventually, represents “faith” in a positive outcome.

If this is what you’re to learn, making the boat the best option is a brilliant way to set you up to prevail.

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17 thoughts on “Current Mood: Restlessness, Emotional Shock & Confusion”

  1. I’ve been quiet lately, but been feeling this since last Thursday… something is going to go awry soon. I have Virgo & this isn’t worry I’m tasting at the back of my mouth, it’s fear. The big one is yet to pop and soon. Maybe the next week, or the one after?

    It’s just a plain ugly feeling.

      1. And I’ve missed you all 🙂

        Was hoping to come back with a Light & Fluffy mood, but seems I’ll have to wait for that…a bit more

  2. I had this last night…this is the 7 of cups in Tarot, and it’s disquieting but educational..Our world is both real and unreal, but it’s difficult to absorb that…

    1. Venus in Virgo opposite Saturn in Pisces; in a hospital as a support person for my husband. 🤔😁 Spent the weekend preparing for week. I guess it can only get better.

  3. I probably just ticked my sister off on facebook. She posted this stupid fear mongering video. I asked her why she listens to these videos. I should have scrolled by, but she also shouldn’t be posting this so her impressionable family members see them. I guess it made me a little angry she would do that.

  4. Deja vu…l feel like l have done this before– been at this spot.
    The eclipse conj. my Mercury (Sabian:A widow at an open grave…it is about accepting change. Burying the past). My Merc. is a corner of a Mystic Retangle and part of a Grand sextile. l have had moments of peace (and for me that is saying something) just doing and enjoying the simplist things…my roses werent eaten by possums this year. David Austins the scent is gorgeous. Cooking. Cleaning. Gardening. Walking (my knee is so much better!).Getting rid of more stuff too. l will give it to the Op Shop today. Trans Uranus 3rd hse is sq my moon Leo 6th Hs. exact. I have been… that is harder to put into words…if l say ‘ l have been seeing my role more clearly’. It activates my fixed Grand Square as well… when l express the energies of each corner and balance… it works…not so much ‘the doing’ but ‘the being’ is the thing with the sq. The Grand Sexitle is like a tyre; The Cross is the hub. Kind of funny choosing a wheel as a symbol…l dont drive. Pyrrhus mentioned the 7 cups ( so nice to have a reader here)…choices.
    l lay cards each day and throw an I Ching too..l keep getting told wait dont rush…be like the mountain… doesnt feel like being idle this time…Saturn (curently in my 12th) will go direct soon. Different symbols: Elsa’s boat… my wheel…A PaddleSteamer! The oldest one still working in Australia just happens to be called The Mayflower.

    1. Note to self. Yes, you have done this before…re runs. It’s double checking: do you want this? That? l wrote: l am seeing my role more clearly. No, not really. Some what.
      The wheels are coming off a few things l have noticed: old orgs.(the nasty Brownies at the Community gardens are almost the last ones standing). Old bookclub a non- starter. Good. New group with younguns starting.
      No not inventing the wheel either mine still working. A slow roll out.
      A bit more time needed…

  5. I really like thinking of it this way… “stay in the boat”. The amount of change in my personal life (not to mention in the world), to be candid, is just overwhelming. I wrote a “ranting- heady email” yesterday which was coming from real emotion (and an attempt at clarity), but also was my ego not wanting to “stay in the boat”, feel into the emotion and find her humility. Today I am already deciding to stay in the boat!!!!

  6. Thank you Elsa for this analogy. I have Moon in Virgo and my S.O. has Moon in Pisces (conj Jupiter and Chiron). He has been telling me he feels fearful of our future and is mired in frustration of all his added on responsibilities right now. I worry for him. I try to listen (and I am one big ear for him!) and some days it just feels too much for me.

    Last night there were some street take overs (fast and furious fans in cars!) speeding and screeching nearby, a few blocks away. There are so many of these going on here it’s out of control, on top of multiple nightly lethal car crashes by drunks speeding at 100 mph at night. I got so traumatized just hearing them near by I could not sleep all night. It’s rare I feel fear or stressed but these things along with what’s going on planet wise are building up. “Stay in the Boat!” Is such a good reminder we will get to shore.

  7. Thanks you for this advice 🙏 …. Saturn is on my MC right now….should I stay on the boat or leave and get on another boat that brings more money but less free time for being with kids and having my private time… I think I should stay… It has to get better, but first here comes falling down, keeping your chin up and staying calm, I quess. Wish you all luck from Slovenia.🐞

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