How To Survive A Pluto Transit

Plutonian copyrightIt’s not uncommon a person wants to die during the throes of a Pluto transit.  Sorry, but this is not allowed!

I know these transits are freakishly painful. I just had to advise a client to play dead as a tactic to get through her day. I’m talking about pulling your horns in when you reach your capacity.

I don’t think most realize; Pluto is not only yin. It’s super-yin. Pull your energy in and I mean IN.

Fetal position is fine. But I prefer to lie still like a corpse. You want to go black and if you do this… the energy you need with come to you.

Here are more instructions:

Are you having a Pluto transit? How’s it going?

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  1. Yes @Elsa! I am having a Pluto transit but as you well know my Moon is conj Pluto in the 9th House. You’d think I’d be good at going in and self analyzing philosophically or letting my subconscious come to light. I have Mercury in Sag and I’d say it’s the bane of my existence in many cases. It prompts me to shoot of my mouth before I think, or speak over honestly (TMI) and it certainly does not want to believe anything negative about me or the World and people. Being in the 1st house can also make me a bit self centered. I don’t like it. But there you go.
    Pluto has been tracking through my 2nd house, has ran over Venus there several times. It has nearly destroyed my relationship, I’ve lost tons in my retirement accounts and had to move.
    I love your suggestion of lying done in corpse pose and just going down into the dark for answers, or pulling in horns when heated.

    1. Hi! My daughter will have this transit over her venus next year (venus on first degree of Aquarius in 8 house), I am hoping it is a good one, she is 19 so I am guessing a relationship. Can you please tell me how is your venus aspected? I only had a trine myself years ago and I did a lot of creative work.

      1. Hi Maja,
        My Venus is in Capricorn and Sextiles my Moon Pluto in Virgo in my 9th. I am a creative person but this transit has hammered my relationship (maybe for the better but it’s not over yet). I truly hope for your daughter it is a very positive transit.
        I hope I answered your question Maja.😊

        1. Yes you did, thank you. I know it is a different story for everyone but my daughter also has moon pluto conjunction and emotions are Like a volcano. Lots of drama, hope it gets easier for her as She gets older. I hope it works out for you, I wish you all the best.

  2. My natal Pluto is 28 Cap, conjunct my midheaven 28 Cap. In mid Jan 2023 Pluto will be at 28 Cap. Over the past several years i have been experiencing clearing out and cleaning up my deepest fears about who I am and how I relate to the universe. Many scars from early early childhood, my near death at 8 months and a siblings actual death four months after. Feeling so much deep deep, almost on a cellular level, of “lacking”. In the time period when I was so ill, I am told I saved myself by sucking my thumb, which they put whiskey on. That was many years ago, but I fall into a mindset that I can pull through anything by myself. I do not need anyone. So for the present time period I am aware of how I see events and have overcome some of the mindset. I have as an elderly adult changed so much there are times I sit and wonder who I am today. So not sure what else will surface as the exact conjunction shows up next month.

    1. Is that even possible? How is your natal Pluto at 28° Capricorn? You’d have to be either 1 month old or 240 years old. Please go back and check. This must be a typo.

      1. OOPS Thanks for catching that mistake. In too much of a rush these days. It should have read my midheaven has Pluto at 28 Capricon.My natal Pluto is elsewhere in my chart.


        1. I wasn’t sure if you were a time traveler or what…lol just kidding, I figured it was a typo 😅

          Well it would be interesting to see how/if the transit hits any of your personal planets and what house? Does your midheaven aspect anything in your chart? This will be telling.

  3. I’m getting ready to have several years of Pluto oppositions once he settles into Aquarius. First Saturn then the Moon. Has anyone had this? I’m pretty anxious.

  4. Hi everyone! Can someone please shed some light on how soon would you start to feel a Pluto transit? My Sun is at 1 Scorpio. lists the Pluto square is set to begin in April 2023. But I’m pretty sure I’m feeling it already. I have other no significant transits to explain feeling just as you describe Elsa. Pluto just finished to square my MC. This is next level. I have Sun conjunct Pluto natally, I’ve had the opposition to my Moon in Cancer, around cca 2017-2019. I feel I’ve lived (and died)through many lifetimes in this time. The only other thing that could be the reason im in major crisis mode recently could be my progressed Moon in Scorpio, which is currently opossite Uranus in Taurus. I’m really curious what this Pluto square to my Sun will bring, so I’m trying to pinpoint if I’m actually already feeling it? Sorry for the long post, but any help would be really appreciated! Thank you in advance!

  5. “I don’t think most realize; Pluto is not only yin. It’s super-yin. Pull your energy in and I mean IN.”

    Maybe I am bias and selfishly desiring the info as it applies to me, but I think you elaborating more on this subject is a good topic.

    It’s such an abstract concept that I think it’s difficult to grasp. Sort of like anything unconscious that becomes conscious- it’s not easy to make it click but once it does, it does.

    You’ve always seemed to have good insight about Pluto Yin energy, and understanding its power. I’m fascinated!

  6. Conjunct Moon (exact, third pass), opposite Sun (exact-ish), square Mars (incoming, almost there) and nodal axis (incoming, two degrees past Mars), sextile Chiron (might as well call it exact), 3 degrees past squaring MC/IC.

  7. Fear is the keyword for me.
    I’ve been meditating on this. I talk about it with those closest to me.

    Others have been dumping their stuff onto me. Stuff most would hurt said person over.

    Pluto transit is conjunct MC, Mercury, squaring Moon (Taurus) and Pluto (Scorpio), and opposing my ASC.

    My step and biological mothers have been taxing. And we don’t even live in the same city, or state.

    I’ve been asked to either buy the home I am renting, or leave in less than 3 months.

    My dreams are EXTREMELY vivid, much of which highlights desires, concerns, or old friends I haven’t seen in a while.

  8. Very interesting.

    It reminded me of hearing Ray Dalio (hedge fund manager) describe why he meditates every day. He said meditation allowed him to connect his subconscious mind to his everyday mind and this allowed him to work much more effectively.

  9. Great post and video! The lying in stillness bit I most heartily recommend – leaning into the darkness and pain always results in a nugget of gold working its’ way to the surface. It hurts, but it helps.

  10. As 59 yo Aquarius rising/Pisces Sun sign, I’ve been knee-deep in my 2nd Saturn Return as he transits my 1st house–soon to transit into Pisces–my 2nd house. When Pluto enters Aquarius in March, he will be transiting my 1st house for the rest of my life! I’m very unsure of how all of this will go!

  11. I am about to have pluto trine pluto in January. Books are vague about it but hopefully it is a good one. It is from fourth house and I am hoping to move.

    1. Maja,
      I did have to move too. Better to be by choice than a couple of us here who were or are under duress.
      Best of luck to you!

  12. He’s been ploughing up my 12th house for years now approaching ascendant and unearthed buried family secrets. 46 yr old son divorced me in August. Late 2021 vaccinations caused hair to fall out and teeth to become loose. Hospitals frighten me and I wondered if, like Elsa, that would be on my agenda then yes, almost went there to have all teeth extracted under anaesthetic, but was saved by bronchitis, as well as covid which put me to bed at home for three weeks and this week the anaesthetist came to my dentist’s surgery instead. Whew! Keeping still, lying low, surviving by turning inward. Ex husband came and held my hand. Instinct said ” Keep your head below the parapet”. Elsa’s advice is spot on!

    1. oh Gosh, (((Maria)))
      I send my best wishes to you
      I am so sorry to hear you also walk through this hellish landscape of PLuto transition through the 12th house, I have similar transit and I am keeping on walking through hell

      1. (((Alice))) Thanks. As well as Elsa’s advice, am finding the Pluto book by Jeff Green ‘ pages 28 and 308 very insightful for this transformation process. The only way round it is through it and apparently it doesn’t last so long if we treat it as evolution of the soul. All the best!

  13. Dear Elsa, you are truly a clairvoyant! Pluto is going to oppose my Saturn 29 Cancer 6th house… then it will conjunct my ASC in Aqua, oppose my DSC and MARS square Uranus in Scorpio.
    I am not moaning, life is already very hard for me after Saturn was there at my ASC and while Uranus is blowing up my Taurus stellium one by one.
    is there any consolation? I begin to be very concerned and scared as I was never before.

  14. I am a brooder by nature too, Scorpio squares a wide angle stellium with Pluto, Mara and Saturn. I live with this energy , it’s not a transit
    But my son is in the middle of a Scorpio Progressed Sun(8 yrs into a 13 year progression) Tho different it’s energetically are just as you describe; this man is heavy Libra but definitely in the deep work of Pluto/Scorpio. We talk often
    Your post boosts this native brooder and that is timely help!
    Coincidentally my grandson, now 2 is Sag so your video resonates for future times.

  15. I am. Pluto is currently heading for my Mercury for the 3rd time next week. It has been transiting my stellium since 2018 and will be done by the end of 2024. It was conjunct my sun in 2012/13 when my father died unexpectedly. My mother has been affected by cancer in these years and has had multiple major surgeries. She’s currently doing well and continues to be a miracle. Obviously deep contemplation about life and death and loss of caregivers/ now being a caregiver. I am grateful for this transit. Its tough but I can see it’s fruits. It seems the turmoil of my 20’s could set me up to feel deeper than some for the rest of my life and I can appreciate that. I don’t feel that I am deeply Plutonian by nature even though it’s in my 4th natal. I am getting rather comfortable in here though. I have had the thought cross my mind about wether I’ll be bored when it rolls on. That’s silly.

  16. Little bit behind you Elsa. Pluto into 1st house for the last time. The 12th house Pluto transit, enjoyable is not a word that I could attribute to that transit…

    ….interesting though for 2 weeks before Pluto left my 12th I felt that I was physically dying and 3 days before it crossed into my first I died. All went quiet and silent within for that 3 days and then the day Pluto crossed into my 1st I was restored.

  17. Another reason I love what you do.

    I am a deep low silent brooder all my life with a dastardly leo asc, merc and venus to mess things up. I mean ffs. But. BUT. I know when to go low. And do. Often for long periods. And I have a very outgoing see people talk to people be visible job right now. As soon as the day ends, or the weekend comes, I am to the ground.

    When I can’t do it, because life etc etc., I am in quite a bit of discomfort.

  18. Pluto is at 27.59 Capricorn. My Asc is 29.45.

    I think I might be looking forward to when it goes beyond my ascendant but then it will be angular, powerful, and as soon as it goes into Aquarius, it squares my natal Saturn. I think the long haul is longer and longer……

  19. While I am about to celebrate Pluto exiting my 6H, I am terrified of its ingression into aquarius as it will hit by opposition my 2degrees Leo asc and then sun, mars, mercury in 10H by square.
    Will I survive??

      1. No natal planets in 6H but Pluto transit was very painful for me. I didn’t have major health issues like others did, but employment was and still is a struggle. If you don’t like your job you better find something else before the transit begins. Mine started when I graduated. It kept me stagnant. Mind you Pluto in this house wants you to serve others and to be humble. Has it started for you already, how is it so far?

        1. Thanks, Sofie
          I do have a strong role in service, by choice. It’s in rebuilding, regenerating, community. And I have a strong serve or suffer 12th house and saturn related signature natally. Progressed sun now in 12th too. Progressed Saturn in 6th (and I just had that killer transit natal). So it seems unavoidable, this is where I am meant to be. I’m at other end of career, a few more years to retire, so determined to make it meaningful, to matter, and for me to define the boundaries to keep me healthy, fulfilled, sane.

          1. it’s a good thing that you are serving others and was a choice. Your job sounds Plutonian.. Pluto is going to transform your daily routines, to a more healthy approach in life. You are lucky that you will retire in a few years. The 6/12 axis is a difficult one with or without planets in it when malefics are in transit

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