My Dinner Date With A Cancer Man

One time, I went on a date with a double Cancer man. Cancer = home, family, roots, food.

He took me to dinner at a restaurant that was somebody’s converted home. All during dinner he told me about the family that had lived there. He told me their names, and detailed histories with dates of various happenings. He outlined the whole family tree.

He told me about the flood, the wipeout, the son taking over, and so forth. He told me where the kitchen was located in the original house before the son of the son converted it to a family business, I mean. “The one whose highchair once sat in this very room…
This was the entire conversation and I thought I would die. I was bored out of my mind except for the science of it. You know, the astrology.

After dinner, he took me to his house. Instead of trying to have sex with me which I might of liked, he showed me around. He actually pointed out the switch plates in the bathrooms – someone please shoot me – and then he loaded me back in his MINI VAN.

Guess where we went? We drove by the house that he used to live in.

Oh brother.

On that note I asked to go home and he took me but not before driving by his grandmother’s old place so I could see it.

Tell us of your experience dating Cancer men or women?

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  1. Hey, now. I’ve got a sweetie Cancer man who works from home doing real estate. He takes care of annoying things like gutter cleaning and computer problems, He brings me coffee and smoothies and thai food. He likes it when my Taurusness comes home with velvet pillows.

    He’s got lots of Uranian/Aqua stuff though, so that helps with the smother/ boring factor.

    One Cancer daughter, the other a cancer moon daughter. The three of them do make me want to run out of the house screaming sometimes.

    Saturn in my 4th house though.
    I guess I asked for it.

  2. I think Cancer guy was looking for a mommy to share the house with, rather than to get laid. Elsa, you amaze me with your putting up with it, because I think I might have thrashed him through mid-dinner.

  3. LMAO…my husband is Cancer Moon and ASC and the first time he took me back to his hometown of San Diego, we drove around all day in that damn city while he showed me each and every house he lived in growing up. He’s an Aquarius Sun and Venus, so the stories that went went the houses were entertaining enough. I actually liked it, I suppose it satisfied my Cancer Mars.

  4. I know a Cancer woman who writes childrens books. Her life changed when her mom gave her some money to re-do her kitchen. The Cancer woman said she became a new person — more confident and happier. The Cancer woman lives on a canal. Her mom lives on the other side of the canal. They see each everyday scuttling back and forth over the canal bridge. I have visted the Cancer woman before. Either her mom is there, or she has cookbooks spread out and she is reading new recipes. Her favorite outing, which she finds very sexy, is to go to Ikea.

  5. Deirdre-My husband, who I wrote about above, loves my family…we bought a house literally a few blocks away from my parents. We spend every Sunday (and Saturday sometimes too!) with them. Both of our children have Cancer ASC and they want to spend the weekends at home or at “granny’s and tata’s” too. I’ve spent most of my life with them and couldn’t wait to get out….and I go and make myself a Cancer oriented little family…agggrr.

  6. I once went on a couple of dates with a Cancer man. On the first one, he took a call from his mother on his cell phone, at the dinner table. He was also very concerned about the amount of the check and split it meticulously. On another date he told me how he’d spent Mother’s Day refinishing his mom’s deck and rewiring her electricity. I have Cancer Mars and rising, but he did in fact bore me to tears.

    My current squeeze is a Cancer Sun/Saturn/Mercury, but other than some mom-worship, he’s a far-from-home, reject-the-family-home-religion-and-principles boy. (Sagittarius Moon, for sure.) Yeah, he has old pictures of his grandmother up in his house, and sends huge bouquets for Mother’s Day, but I love all of it. And I can’t believe that Cancer dude didn’t put the moves on you, Elsa. He was probably dying for it and going about it sideways, hoping you’d help him out. I think he WAS trying to have sex with you by showing you his house, har har har.

  7. i dated a cancer man once. it was my birthday and i wanted to go out to a comedy club, so I told him that. he decided i actually wanted to go out on a boating outing with his parents. guess what we did?


  8. I’m laughing at myself. I’m Cancer, and my husband tells me that on our first date I must have told him my entire life story over chicken sandwiches. He was overwhelmed, but not enough to stay away. I still drive him nuts that way though.:-D

  9. Shell- I think your life sounds very nice. I am sure your kids are happy and you always know where you will be on Christmas. I think security is officially in and you will never regret a move you have made.

  10. My oldest friend is a cancer, and the only times we hang out are when I go to her place.

    I do have cancer guy stories, one in specific which involved a wine and cheese party, a million hours of history of cheese, cheese being forced upon me (No I’m fine! Thanks! Stop FEEDING ME), the guys family history, the history of the guys sheets and when I finally cracked “You have to be a cancer right? Right? Am I right?” an hour of his moms interest in astrology – he was cancer with cancer rising. I did, eventually, get laid. Then I ran screaming “Sorry I uh . . I have a lot to do today . .” (and if I have to hear about how your amazing pillow is ‘the same as the ones the astronauts use’ one more time . .)

  11. I’m laughing! My SO is a Cancer Sun, Venus and Uranus. He does have pictures of his family – back to the 1800’s – hanging on his bedroom wall, which intimidated me a bit the first time I was in there (talk about feeling like you’re being watched – and by great grandma, no less – LOL). He’s done his family history back to about 400 – and even did some of mine and discovered we are 8th cousins. He loves antiques and history. He got me involved in historical reenactment, which I really enjoy. Yes he feeds me and takes very good care that all my needs are met, but his Leo rising, Sag Moon and our Venus conjunct Uranus keeps it very interesting. Besides, as a double Taurus I like all that attention…

  12. Back when I was working at a clinic, I had a gigantically tall and overweight gay client who, partly due to an anxiety disorder, stayed in his home nearly all the time, mostly cooking sweet potato pies and eating them. Unfortunately, his mom was toxic, so I guess he turned to food to self-nurture. I don’t remember much else of his chart, but I recall he was attracted to thug-like guys…

  13. aww…I’m enjoying all these stories. I love Cancer.
    I know I’m lucky to have my Cancer family…because lord knows I love nothing more than SECURITY 🙂

  14. I spent 4 years with a Cancer guy. Very family oriented, and always split every bill exactly down the middle to the penny. If something on the tab wasn’t something he used or needed, he subtracted it out of his half. His family had a family organization. Now, don’t get me wrong – great guy, great family. But I couldn’t hack it in the end. Which is funny because I’m a Cancer Sun, Moon and Mercury.

  15. I dated and lived with a Cancer for 7 years. He was very family oriented. It ended because not only had we grown apart as people (I was with him from ages 16-23) but his inability to take any kind of chance in life stifled me.

    My first love when I was 15 years old was a Cancer, as well. (Am sort of seeing him again currently.) He loves nothing more than to hang out at home, and he is very much the gracious host!

  16. My SO is a Cancer Asc and Moon, though, like Shell’s SO, has Aquarius Sun and Venus.

    Sure enough, on our first date he was afraid to touch me and waiting for me to help him out. Plus, I heard the long story of his family’s tragedy.

    The one difference, though, is that he absolutely despises his mother. And unfortunately, that hatred is very consuming and he sometimes projects that onto me. *rolls eyes*

    On the plus side, he takes care of my splendidly, always bringing me food and other goodies (did I mention I’ve gained about 40lbs in the 5 years we’ve been together? This is why Taurus Rising should avoid Cancer XD). He’s very sensitive to my moods and needs, and I feel such a beautiful security. For someone with the Moon opposite Uranus, security it highly coveted to be sure.

  17. I have never understood the whole “showing you the house” thing. I do like to stay home, but I find it so boring to wander through someone’s house while they show me their stuff. I never do that when people come to my house, I just don’t understand it. It’s not the end of the world, I’ll go through the motions if someone wants to show me their house, but in my head I’m thinking “who cares?”

  18. Oh lordy, my Cancer side fantasizes about all sorts of things. Writing a comfort food cookbook… all sorts of things.

  19. Mom’s a Cancer, and I spent the weekend around her AND my extended family. I heard stories all weekend… which isn’t bad, they were some good stories, plus I actually knew the people. But she nearly took me by the house we lived in when I was a baby, and I think that would have finally crossed the boredom line for me. 🙂

    Oh, and she and my sister (Taurus) just LOVE going around new housing developments… just driving through them and looking at the new houses. Or any neighborhood, just LOOKING AT THE HOUSES. Gemini me is going, “I could be at home reading a book on contagious diseases right now.”

    My kitchen is set up perfectly, but I don’t get the house thing. My own house is the only house I’m really into. I’ll give someone else’s house the time of day if I want to be polite.

  20. My boyfriend of almost two years is a Cancer sun with a gemini moon and sagitarrius rising, which makes for an interesting pairing my leo/aquarius/sag rising… lots of security and trust issues, but at the center of it all he’s definitely the best friend i’ve ever had- although he can’t even SPELL romance and knows nothing about kitchens or fancy dinners. fake cancer. :p

  21. Going back and reading through all these comments… The bill-splitting seems to be a common thing, and my SO is certainly… Thrifty. I am.. Ha, an IMPULSIVE and extravagant spender. Interesting balance.

  22. Yup, almost made it 17 years with a Cancer SO. I think our first Christmas, my big gift was TOWELS! Very exciting, right?

    Also, we didn’t share a bank-account for years! Yup, bill-splitting is right on the money.

    I know Scorpio’s and Cancer’s are supposed to be a good match, but I think if another Cancer comes my way, I’m gonna run screaming for the hills!

  23. I’m a Cancer but it seems that I’m a fake – too much Gemini perhaps 😉 My kitchen is a mess and I practically use it only for making coffee or tea. The only thing about houses that I’m interested in is the furniture and design (Moon in Libra?). However, it would have never occurred to me that someone might be bored to death by listening to other people’s life stories – I’ve always found it a fascinating conversation subject 🙂 But storytelling is also Gemini, isn’t it?

  24. ROFL. Isn’t astrology something? I’ll bet he had a major stellium in Cancer. Sooooo interesting. I think you were smart to avoid hanging around with him long enough to meet the mother, which would have happened on the second date or the next morning, which ever came first.

  25. Avatar
    Little Miss Hermit

    I briefly dated a guy with the Moon and Mars in Cancer. When it dawned on him that I wasn’t really into him, he said “You’d get along really well with my family, you know”. Sorry, no deal;)

  26. I’m a Sag with Scorpio rising and I am intrigued with a Cancer with Aries rising.

    On our first date he invited me back to his place, and he started steaming vegetables. We had been drinking, and if I wanted anything, it was a cheeseburger. He made veggies and I left. I thought he wasn’t interested. Then, I realized that he is just a little baby Cancer and he wanted me to come sit around apartment. He had a coin-sorting machine with paper rolls full of coins on his coffee table. Weird?

    I think the Aries-rising makes him tolerable with my Sag 🙂

  27. i briefly dated a cancer man who took me to his photo studio on the first date. i guess this was a little different though because i had the distinct impression that he wanted me to jump his bones there. this being a studio in a university and all – and i thought, mildly narcissistic on his part – i wasn’t so into it. have to say this cancer man was worth it once i got him back to my place though. he brought his own cds 😉 made himself right at home. but oh boy he was worth it. maybe that’s my cancer mars talking.

  28. Ahahahahah.

    And now that Cancer man is nicely snuggled up with his hausfrau watching HGTV at this very moment.

    Let me guess, dinner and dancing is more your style?

    I once had an ex with a Cancer Mars. To this day, he laments never cooking for me. He likes to tell me what he’s made for dinner, and I tell him to make a food blog.

  29. Lol!

    I was once friends with a Cancer guy who liked me *in that way* but I never did, so I stopped being friends with him.

    He lived with his mom. Bleh.

    My ex in Tucson is Cancer Rising. He has a Master’s degree in history 😀

  30. My daughter’s father is Cancer. We hit it off. Our first date, he cooked me dinner…..with dessert. He lied about his age, lied about what he did for a living (he was on unemployment)….after I found out I was pregnant, he moved back home. I traveled to meet them, and spent the weekend. At one point he told his mother to shut up. He really had issues with her, but said she made really good scrambled eggs. (her eggs sucked!!! They were so rubbery, you could have bounced them off the floor). Anyways, oh yeah, she made quite the *huff* at my delivery. SHE wanted to see HER grandbaby being born. HELLO bitch, my MOM is going to see HER grandbaby being born. I did NOT get along with her. He on the other hand, was *really* good at getting me to feel sorry for him. I had to confront him on shit, and he would avoid the issue, so cleverly. I’d end up feeling sorry for *him*. (?)

    ETA: his momma was a pisces. He was really good at controlling her.

    My Dad on the other hand is a cancer, a homebody, and is married to a pisces. (stepmom). They are both homebodies, and very, verrrrryyy, frugal. He loves sweets. 🙂

  31. I’ve never dated another cancer. They just don’t appeal, maybe it’s my own cancer stellium, my mars in cancer or venus in gemini, I’m not really sure. What I know is that they just don’t appeal to me and I’m not sure ones ever been interested in me either, but I’m not totally sure about that, given I don’t know them (don’t know they are cancer’s or that they are interested). I also don’t feel a great sense of loss from this,

  32. This is so funny! I grew up in an uber-cancer household; Mmum & Grandma both cancer suns and my dad cancer merc.He was always talking about ancestors and family stories. All very thrifty, home orientated and no-risks. Fun was old-fashioned. My sis is cancer moon & mars and now has cancer sun twins. She’s very sentimental about family, loves nothing better than to roll about in memories. She calls mum every night, as mum did her parents. Sag says AGGHHH!! Cloying, stifling, tedious….frightful. Even when I galloped off to the other side of the world, they’d ring me to tell me about the drapes & the new car…lol!

    A lovely ex is taurus with 3h Saturn in Cancer. He had to take responsibility for his siblings at a young age. He liked to talk about food and take photos of his meals. Any trip was 90% about food.

    Now I see a cancer merc guy – he also talks ancestors and history a lot. Once we drove around where he grew up and he told funny ascerbic stories about all the locals. He comes at emotional topics sideways.
    My cancer houses are bare, just vesta. I don’t fully get how this energy shows in me. But I did recently buy a book about the history of where I grew up. 😀

  33. I’ve never dated a Cancer however my ex was Aries with his Mars in Cancer. Every night he wanted to catch up over dinner whereas I feel like I’m wasting my time eating in a restaurant. All he talked about was his family – family he never knew, family he wished to have, the family who adopted him, friends who were ‘like family,’ my son who quickly became ‘his son’ and so on.

    He talked on and on about the daughter he wanted to have one day, down to how he wanted to dress her! That’s when I knew we had no future because I refuse to play second fiddle to my kid – that may sound selfish but not to me, because I think it’s twisted when fathers raise princesses who then think every man on earth should worship them, and if they don’t they run back to daddy.

  34. My significant other has Sun/Mars/Venus/Jupiter in Cancer. House tour-check, Family album exhibitions – check, Food Pics – Check, Mommie issues – check, Infinite childhood stories – check.

    My Cap Sun and Scorpio Venus adore the sentimentality. But my Sag Moon does get a little itchy if we sit in the past too long. They have Jupiter on the IC so that helps bring a sort of an adventurous balance to the personality. They definitely have a mobile shell. Nothing like a good uprooting and replanting just for shits and giggles.

  35. Hahaha I am loving these Cancer posts. My boyfriend is a Cancer and on our first date he took me to the ocean at night where he regaled me with magic tricks, (blew me away! my sadge sun was very entertained) hot chocolate, and star gazing. On our second date he took me to his mom’s birthday party–which I thought was strange. But I get along great with his mom! Haha

  36. geee-zus. I can hardly get my words out. I am laughing so hard. I think I said this before on the blog and I will say it again, I will never date another Cancer man. Just not cut out for it. Love them as friends though.

  37. OMG! This post and the answers have got me rolling on the floor laughing…and feeling better! Ironic that Cancer rules comedy…anyway, the first Cancer man/boy had a crush on me. I have Venus in Cap so I was a little smothered. First date in his hometown when I went to visit was to spend the evening with his mother. I loved her though and she loved me. I saw wedding bells in his eyes. I had to ditch him when I started to have a bad crush which was reciprocated. He was crushed himself and I would see him a local rock shows mooning and looking all butt hurt when he looked at me. The second Cancer man, was very sensual. The first date he took me on, was..gee I wonder! To meet his mommy! Again, I loved her and she loved me. We’d sit on the couch all three of us talking and joking like three crabs in a cozy little tide pool. Then his second date was to the beach were we kind had sex. Yeah I guess you could say it was. He cradled me in his claws and dry humped me. The third was a Virgo Cancer ASC/Cancer Moon man, though I had traveled far to visit and had my own hotel room on with a lovely view of the beach nearby – picked out by him, he insisted I come to stay in his HOUSE! And like the stories above, I thought this meant food cooked by him, music and SEX! Whoo hoo! Nope..I didn’t make the leap and neither did he. But I go on well with his fam and his daughter thought I was pretty cool and thought her Dad should get out of his shell and date me. I thought we kinda were..but being a shy Virgo and a Cancer was like trying to figure out if he wanted distance or for me to just take him. And he is still doing the sideways dance. When I left for back home he gave me a cup of coffee with a heart on it…just like my mommy would have done (only chocolate milk) if I scraped my knee that day. Awwwwww!

  38. My son has Cancer ASC. He won’t go out to eat with us. I have to get a to-go order for him so he can eat it at home.

  39. Cancer stellium in the 7th: sun, Venus, mercury, Saturn. I don’t own a house: don’t want to be shackled to a mortgage, but otherwise no one would call me thrifty. I have a difficult relationship with both of my parents but I’m devoted to my siblings. I don’t cook for anyone except myself & I don’t entertain in my home because it’s my space & I like it that way. Can’t imagine giving a tour. I don’t tell stories about my family or myself, I’d rather listen than talk. I dont have kids. Or a minivan, I like to drive fast; italian sports car, 2 seats. Conspicuous but fast. A very kind astrologer mentioned that my energy is more Scorpionic. Pluto squares everything in my 7th, including descendant, except for my sun, which gets the sextile. I also have sun square Uranus & chiron and a strong 8th h mars in Leo. Maybe a little more frosty than some cancers but I thought some of the comments were hilarious because I LOVE my grandmother (Scorpio sun, asc, aqua moon). She raised me. 🙂 I also watch hgtv and the food network and I’m very protective of the people I love. Astrology…there’s something to it 😉

  40. My cancer boyfriend warned me, “to date him was to date his family”… They’re great people, it took some getting used to and its in his psyche; I can’t help that…

    I feel so weird sometimes… Like somethings wrong with me for not being tied at the hip to mine but it all comes with dating a cancer…

    I like that he’s a family man… We’re moving in together and he said something the other day that I really liked… He said, “we need to make this place a home.”

    And that’s fine with me…


  41. Yes. We would go to the beach, and every time, he’d tell me the story about when he was little he and his family used to play out at the beach. Then he took me to meet his mom, pretty early on. And then when I found out that every morning he’d do the dishes with his mom and they’d have their morning chat… well, that was a bit much. He was 23 at the time.

  42. What a great blog. well i’m living a dream life with my new cancer man. we’ve been together a year and its the best year of my life. First the details (me: sadge sun / scorp rising / pisces moon / venue cap / saturn cancer) (date: cancer sun / asc leo / moon scorp). Our charts slot in together nicely with a tonne of trines / our composite and synastry is lovely too.

    We met on Facebook through a friend of my parents, and then spent 3 weeks talking constantly on skype (hello 11 hour phone calls! – we spoke about EVERYTHING together and I began to fall in love over the phone.)

    We decided to meet for a date but as we lived in different counties in the UK, we met midway near my sister’s house so we could vet each other before committing to travelling so far. we met at a local pub and we got on famously. my parents texted me to see how i was getting on on my date, and he asked me to invite them. So my mum and dad came and sat with us on our date. Then my sis and her husband and 4 kids came along and it went amazing.

    My previous relationship of 11 years had ended because he didn’t want to spend time with either of our families much and didn’t want to start one. So I loved the contrast of my date who made an effort with mine.

    i decided that i would very much like to stay with him for the weekend and so we said goodbbye to my family and drove to his (this is as he puts it) ‘castle’. we spent the next 2 days talking, walking, him cooking me sumptuous food and he showed me around his town in GREAT DETAIL…we kissed lots but no big smoochies (the sadge in me found the no sex tricky, though it was a delightful surprise!). on day 3 he asked me to move in with him, on day 5 he said he wanted to marry me one day and have kids. On day 12 we conceived our son. This close, vulnerable and super supportive relationship has taught my so much and i continue to be delighted by it. much better than my 11 year barren one to a cap sun, aries moon, who avoided family and didn’t want to create one.

    A year on, we’re living with our newborn son in a little cottage near his youngest daughter who visits regularly. We have a huge extended family, are getting hitched this year and are very much in love. We work together (from home) too. our date simply didn’t end – we’re still on our first date !

    Our baby boy is born in scorpio / pisces asc / aquarius moon).

    Growing up I would have run away from so much intensity. In fact i did by choosing my first partner (cap). But now Im at peace with my emotions, I feel enriched by the depth of my cancer man and my new family with him.

    Thanks Elsa xx

  43. haa I am married to a Cancer and the first time we met I was drunk and woke up next to him!! So no showing of plates in that case- but he is family orientated and very boring sometimes- I don’t know how I ended up with him?? oh yeah I was looking for someone who would be a great dad when I would settle down and have kids- so I got that- just not the exciting/depth part- oh well you can’t win them all!!

  44. oh yeah did I mention I am an Aries with Sag rising- he is a Cancer with Libra rising-lots of tension but then we agree on certain things too!

  45. Mr.Deep was my man. I could not live without him.
    I was so in love, still am. Probably will be forever. But someone got to him before me. Kids, house, even though they are separated, they come first, as does “His People” his town, his this, his that. When I finally got an invite to his Apt. (he was posted out of his home town) which was were his life became a disaster because of his home sickness. Anyways, he has OCD beyond OCD, but that was cute, ok, I was good with it, just don’t expect this Artistic Taurus to follow suit to this degree. But I knew when I saw all those pictures of his “people” that I was not in that picture. Nope, they were everywhere, including his laptop that displayed them all day, all night. I could not make love to him unless he turned off that damned computer. I felt I was in there with them all watching. I think it hurt him to turn it off, I also think that’s when he took me out of any future family tree. Also when I said I’m picky about who touches me. He said “but my family hugs and kisses all the time” Alas, another love lost. I did hang in there through the depression, the tears, the moments of the possibility of sex, (it was damned good) when I got it. But his frequent trips home sans moi left me feeling like a private lover, not something I wanted to be. So I had to end it and go back and end it and go back. But it’s done now. He’s going home for good, to his “people”
    I am not “people” I am “person” so I am MIA now.
    I will miss him dearly, he was “the ONE” and I thought after waiting 40 years to find him, I had thought I was right. Cancer men are adorable. He was adorable. I love him to the core. I am moving away now also, just to get past this whole painfully beautiful chapter. Funny thing is, I was never sentimental until now, wonder where that came from eh?

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