The Importance Of Identifying The Chiron Wound

centaur painting“The wounds she gave me were the wounds that would heal me.”
                      –Sting, “I Was Brought to My Senses”

It’s said that when one sense is lost the others become heightened. It is this compensation that is the basis of the gift behind the Chiron wound. When someone loses the function in one leg, the other leg and the whole rest of the body must be strengthened in order to get around. In fact, there’s also the tendency toward overcompensation in this regard. Who is the true adept, the one who has always walked easily or the one who was forced to strengthen themselves beyond normal? When things come easily they are often taken for granted.

When we are forced to work to achieve “normal” function we more often reach greater heights of accomplishment, of mastery. The limp may be visible but it is the overall function that matters. The placement and aspects of Chiron show where we were damaged. But they also show where we have gained special function through compensation. They show where we have something unique that we have achieved through effort, something unique that we can use to benefit others through our example or teaching.

Sometimes the wounds are physical but more often they are spiritual or within the psyche.

It was Superman’s alien physiology that made him “super” but what was his wound? It was being an alien among humans. He would have just been an average Joe on Krypton. Batman was frightened by an onslaught of bats and traumatized by the murder of his parents; he put these together and manifested his superhero greatness. Spiderman was just a nerd till he was bitten by a radioactive spider. If you want to know your superpower, look no further than your Chiron placement. Once you figure that out you can work with it and enhance your superpower rather than sitting around in your metaphorical wheelchair bemoaning your wound.

Where is your Chiron? What is your superpower?

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42 thoughts on “The Importance Of Identifying The Chiron Wound”

  1. That’s BabyJane. I grabbed her arm and was turning her to see what the post-it note on her back said. I wish I could remember.

  2. Great post and excellent timing. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Chiron- as mine is at 8 degrees Pisces.

    It’s in the 4th house. It also aspects just about everything in my chart, including opposing Pluto. To say it’s deep and has multiple layers would be an understatement.

    Don’t ask me why, but I also think it’s multi-generational… an opportunity to ‘break the cycle’.

  3. Honestly out of my whole chart my chiron is my least understood placement. I think I know what my superpower is, but I don’t know what my wound is or where it came from. It is part of my kite, the top part, not the tail part. Aqua house 11

  4. My Chiron is 10th house Aquarius, conjunct mercury and MC, square Mars and sextile Saturn.
    When I was a teenager and didn’t know what I wanted to do for a job, my mother took me to do an aptitude test… one of the first things I told the tester was that I didn’t want to work with people because I didn’t like them (I was bullied and teased at school).
    Decades later and I have two jobs that I love… one as a school secretary/receptionist and the other as a supervisor in an after school care program. Both working with people big time.

  5. Chiron Pisces in the 7th…an integral part of my mystic rectangle pattern…or as I like to say, I’m not complete without my wounds/healing 🙂

    Truly, my superpower must be my ability to relate to people (intimate and business partnerships) – lol, must be a latent talent!

    I see now that others see me as I see myself which has worked very well for me work-wise because I have high confidence. Not so well in intimate relationships because I feel such lack. But the healing part is to understand my own impact on others – something that has only recently started coming into focus in intimate relationships.

  6. Sun/Chiron conjunction on the descendant. I can tell you how you should act in your relationships, dump the bastard, etc. even if I can’t do it myself.

    I wouldn’t call that a superpower, though. Most people don’t want to listen to you about that sort of thing.

  7. I lost most of my hearing 2yrs ago and completely 1yr later. My wound is still raw. Dealing with my business independently in the outside world is my challenge. My eye sight is precious. Chiron 10th Aries opposition chart ruler Moon 4th.

  8. I have Chiron in the 11th, part of a t-square with Uranus and moon (my only opposition). I really, truly understand friendships even if I don’t have many of ’em. 🙂

  9. Jesus, I just realized everything in that t-square is Uranian… Chiron in 11th, Aqua moon, and, of course, Uranus. *facepalm*

    Myabe I’m deluding myself. Maybe my wound is as much about friendships (where it feeeeeeels ouchy) as it is with innovation and quirkiness?

  10. Chiron deep down in the fourth in pisces conj ic opposing pluto/moon.

    My upbringing was highly unusually traumatic I suppose – thats if other were to rate it. But it was normal to me. No family – very rarely met any relations – just me and my mother. 22 schools and seven childrens homes.

    But I dont know. what ever doesnt kill you makes you stronger. We cannot unlearn or completely forget. We also cannot deal with the past in the present. Dont linger trying to sort out the past – life moves pretty quick. Try to behave as if it never happened – I dont mean denial either – pick youself up – dust yourself down – and go on.

  11. Chiron in Aries house 2 opposing Mars/Uranus sextile Saturn. For me, it’s all about self worth and value, as in, I can show you yours. It’s also the driving force behind me kicking someone’s butt if they hurt Shew, I hurt if you think I’m not smart or strong enough. “Because you are a girl” used to set me off like a rocket. I have learned to reign that in (sextile saturn). I used to feel like I had to prove myself all the time.

    It also smacks of the second house placement in being comfortable in my own skin. But, I’m really good at helping others embrace themselves and realize their value.

  12. Funny, I was just thinking about this the other day. My Chiron is late in Pisces and the 11th House, conj North Node early in Aries and the 12th and opposite of cluster of Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter straddling the Virgo-Libra/5th-6th boundaries.

    Not sure I see superpower so much as just soup.

  13. Chiron in Taurus..early 3rd house here..I’m great at communicatting and helping others with their self worth or life path ..but need to heal myself in both very fitting as I am an astrologer n song writer who has a love for both very deeply..yet can feel its wound..someone in a past life n close to me ..injured my self worth in some form of communication to me lol ..maybe I was outted in a past life as a witch or one of those types for.being into astrology previously?? Lol…

  14. Satori, such a deeply beautifully written article…and so much truth embedded in it

    And I love reading about everybody’s chiron and how it affects them, very enlightening….

    Mine is on taurus conj. my ascendant… I feel like this relates to self worth/esteem … all my life I’ve felt like an ugly duckling. This comes from me feeling ugly as a child, developing boobies and reaching my growth spurt by the 3rd grade. Being mixed nationality in a mostly white school. This and other factors had me cave in and be real shy and self-conscious, affected my self esteem bc I felt so ugly.People would actually call me “ugly” as a child. The wound played a role in shaping how I carry myself, the importance I put on my looks, fashion, the need to feel and be pretty. Feeling beautiful is defnitely connected to my self-esteem. Not everything, but an essential element. People tell me I’m so pretty, kind of often, it’s weird bcause tho I feel I am, I am still also the Ugly Duckling inside and it never lets me get conceited about it. Also , the wound allows me to heal others self-worth through appreciating beauty in people. Helping them realize and discover their beauty, both physical and their unique overall identity (remember Chiron is conjunct my ASC) I love complimenting people and making them feel good about themselves. Helping them find their own beauty, their own fashion style. Helping them free themselves from themselves and all those “labels” and ugly hateful words we’ve defined oruselves by.

    I love feeling beautiful, inside and out. And you should too!


  15. Chiron in Aries in the 11th.

    My superpower *is* friendship. Acceptance, support, acknowledgement. I am a builder of tribes and healer of old loves and hurts. I will find the thing deep in your psyche that you didn’t know was there, I will bring it to the light, and I will accept it as part of you so that you can do the same.

    The wound is that I’m the one left behind when the tribe is built, the desire is acknowledged, and the wounds are healed.

  16. Taurus Chiron conj. IC (5th House side), trine my Moon. My superpower is to being able to uproot emotion and take an objective look at it.

  17. Aquarius Chiron 7H (Libra House), Trine Venus 11H (Libra/Taurus Planet & Aqua House), Trine Neptune 4H (Pisces Planet & Cancer House).

    Friends, partnerships, lovers … Duh. I need to think about this more.

    Great post, satori 🙂

  18. @mahchi … I see now that others see me as I see myself

    I also have 7H Chiron, and I think that’s true for me as well!

  19. @bitsandbobs – I also have hearing loss and Chiron in Aries. I still have like half of mine but it can still be difficult to function in some “normal” situations. It is very difficult to accept this. Mine started when I was 30 and I needed hearing aids three years later. People aren’t used to seeing a “younger” person will hearing aids.

    My Chiron in Aries is my 4th house. I am not sure how to interpret this but based on your “wound” post here, if it represents our “wound” than I have Chiron opposition Mercury (I would think Mercury would represents hearing??) – I actually have a badly aspected Chiron. 3 oppositions (Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus) 1 square (Mars). Two trines – one to Moon and Neptune.

    So does Chiron represent your superpower than too? I am not sure how to interpret in the 4th?

    The only thing I can think of, outside of the house, is the trine to my Moon and Neptune – I think some of my “superpowers” lie in my 1st house with my Moon, Neptune and Scorpio ASC which in turn are sextile to my 10th house planets of Sun conjunct pLuto and uranus. I wonder why my ASC is also not trine to my Chiron because Neptune is 3 degrees away from it.

    So my superpowers are Neptune intuition (makes sense for the 4th) and my Pluto (asc, sun conjunct) of willpower and hidden energies.

    I do believe what they say about when you lose a sense your others are heightened. I didn’t even start realizing how strong my Neptune/Pluto powers were until I started losing my hearing. Good thing my vision is good (hahah – laser surgery!) and my mind is sharp (most of the time). Even though my hearing sucks, I have my other resources on better alert so things (important things) don’t slip past me.

  20. Just realize too that the fourth house represents immediate family/childhood – if so the wound might be that I always felt like an outsiders in my family. I am the blackest sheep there is. I don’t fit in. My family situations is very strained. Not hateful or anything – just strained. Not much support from overprotective parents and no affection and not much communication. It is like living with strangers you know. Maybe that is the wound? I would guess you could have a physical wound too.

  21. Pisces Chiron in 5th, conjunct sun and saturn. Loss of a child at young age here. Know the deep, gut wrenching agony that comes with losing a part of your soul. My super power is the comprehension and compassion I feel for all who have suffered any type of soul loss that results in years+ of suffering and never feeling whole again.

  22. @Jenny: Thanks for your perspective:-) Helps me to get another view on my own experience. I also have Taurus Chiron conj ASC (12th hse side w/ Venus/Mars too).

  23. Chiron in Taurus in the first here. Tropical based anyway. I tend to get hammered where physical stuff is concerned, like money or bodily safety. I can rock out metaphysically, though, and tell you how to make a fortune and then some. So far though, I can’t seem to do that.

  24. I came looking for Chiron stuff today because I had this thought over the weekend.

    P and I keep having versions of the same “fight” – have been doing so for over a year. They are versions – they change and update as we adapt and try to fix the core issue, but ultimately I’m the one who ends up bleeding. He always feels bad about it, but I’m the one who gets hurt worse.

    It hit me like an epiphany late last week: His sun is RIGHT ON MY CHIRON. Like, within a degree or so. And then I thought: THIS. This is how I fix it.

    (big lightbulb picture goes here!)

    I’m learning. Slowly, but I’m learning. I’ve changed my approach to it (as has he, to his credit!) but knowing that I’m not bleeding in vain helps, too.

    1. Shannon! I’m here (two point 5 yrs later) following the thread thanks to Elsa’s post and YouTube this morning. The thing about personal currency and what is valuable … leading to old posts … leading me here. Your insight into Chiron and the repeating ‘same fight’ it’s what happens in my house as well, not every day, but often. His sun is RIGHT ON MY CHIRON, too!! Shannon what a gift to know “I’m not bleeding in vain.” That’s something to apply to the salves and yes, change my approach.

  25. Avatar
    Thomas The Twin

    chiron in 10th house and taurus: Healing through recognition of beauty (taurus singing praise!) in the realm of mundane obligation (10th house prayer bones). PLUS opposite Jupiter— making for more religious imagery i suppose. I am thinking of Saint Francis.

  26. Chiron in Leo in the 12th. My superpower is hidden courage and generosity.

    Hey, I might actually work with this! 🙂

    Henceforth, this shall be my well of strength.

  27. Hi Satori, just read and took a little nourishment from your take on Chiron yet I have also recently read,and similarly nourished,by the opposite opinion from another astrologer. That being Chiron represents wounds that,as per the myth, cannot be healed in this mortal lifetime and acceptance of some wounds helps us spiritually by understanding others as well our own imperfections. The answere to this dichotomy of Chiron, I think is the following well known prayer: Lord grant me the courage to change(heal) the things I can change(heal) to accept the things(wounds) we cannot and the wisdom to know the difference.

  28. My Chiron is in Aries. Casa de ocho. I’m sexually intense, so much so that my sexuality eclipses all other facets of my personality. I’m too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts. But at heart I am a melancholy mermaid (progressed moon in Pisces) singing Billie Holiday songs to the stars. I need LOVE!

  29. 1H Aquarius Chiron conjunct asteroid Diana (rescuer of endangered women and children) sextiling 11H Sagittarius Saturn. I am quick to assist my women friends in need. Probably too quick.

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