Uranus Transit The IC & 4th House: Culture Shock

Uranus cartoonBen and I continue to talk about the possibility of his moving here. The more we talk, the more likely it seems it may happen.

I told him it would be a culture shock but we both know he can deal with such a thing.  Ben had lived in New York before moving to San Francisco, before moving to Tucson, Arizona.  Massive change.

He then moved to a Texas border city that I believe is upwards of 95% Spanish-speaking.  He’s been there about 25 years!

He’s utterly cosmopolitan and no matter where you put him, he’s utterly cosmopolitan!  It’s pretty cool. He just comes to your town and lives and breathes and demonstrates this phenomenal individualism that’s appealing.

Ben is a Scorpio with an Aquarius rising and Uranus opposing, conjunct his 7th house cusp. Uranus in Taurus is tweaking the angles of his chart and his natal Uranus.  A sudden, surprising move is not at all out of the question.

It’s been interesting, telling him about the area here and the way people are. He’s intrigued! People around here stay out of your business for one thing. If you don’t want to be bothered, you’ll not be bothered. This is something that would suit, Ben, who’s spent his life being stalked by people who want to push their way into his life.

How different it would be, if he could be free of that.

Do you have Uranus transiting your Nadir or 4th house? Are you considering making a move?

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  1. I have natal Uranus in 2nd house, too young to remember much
    about when it crossed the IC.

    However, when it transited my MC a few years back….I knew it
    ahead of time and was someone prepared mentally. In my case, I
    lived in a house that I knew I was going to lose.

    I was facing foreclosure. I had hired and fired realtors. In
    true Uranus fashion, I just happened to call when the realtor I had been searching for answered. Thanks to him, I was able to sell my house and not foreclose. By the time Uranus crossed my
    MC, I was safely in a rental and the house was sold.

    I always look forward to Uranus transits. I like the jolts.

  2. Hi Elsa
    I was surprised by this comment about where you live:

    People around here stay out of your business for one thing. If you don’t want to be bothered, you’ll not be bothered.

    I got the impression from many of your previous posts that people were very much ‘in’ your business where you live, and not always in a good way. It’s interesting how I misinterpreted your posts.

    I hope Ben enjoys living where you are if he does move!

    1. You might have read right. I have been more or less involved at various times in the last four years. But my point was, people respect boundaries here – property lines. And if you’re someone who likes to keep to yourself, then you’re someone who likes to keep to yourself.

      It’s the same as being someone who likes to talk to everyone. If you’re like that, then you’re like that. If you bake pies or like to garden or if you’re a hell-raiser; you get to choose this.

      So I would say that people will be curious about who you are but if you don’t want to be curious, they’ll stop being curious.

      I appreciate this!

      The other day some gal wanted me to discuss my chart, which I don’t like to do. I explained this and she responded that I must be mentally ill.


      I’m still not going to discuss my chart.

      A person like that would not fare well here. It’s all about individual rights. You can do what you want on your land… but if it’s not your land…

      Like we have these deer, that are sort of, “our” deer. See the pic..


      We share them with one of our neighbors.

      Now there are people who are up on the ridge that like to shoot deer… they best not shoot our deer on our property. That’s the way it is.

      See.. Ben is in a land where you fight and claw for “first chair”. It’s not that way here. People don’t covet their neighbor’s chair. Seriously, they don’t. So as long as you don’t come onto their land and try to steal their chair, then all is fine.

      So he’s thinking about that. What might suit him in retirement. And I am his family and he is mine.

  3. I’ll add this… Jilly moved here and now her sister is also moving here.

    You get here and see that it’s quite nice. It’s very peaceful. And when my neighbors saw all my tomato plants failing… that I grew from seed, they left 100# of tomatoes on my deck. They knew I’d planned to can sauce… which I did, thanks to their generosity.

  4. I also told him, people don’t care if you fat, ugly, old or toothless. They do care that you do what you say you’re going to do, don’t lie and don’t steal, so much as a dime.

    This is so he can compare the social climates between the two places.

  5. Hi Elsa
    Thanks for explaining – it sounds like a good set up. We don’t share deer here (Oxford, UK), but I share a chicken with the next door farm! She hops over her fence and waddles into my garden and runs down to my kitchen door and pecks on the door for food. We give her a few oats and a slice of seeded bread that she loves, and some water. She rules us, including the cat, who’s terrified of the chicken.

  6. I hope Ben moves close, like Jilly and her sister. Not only have you made a home for your family, you have made one for your friends. That is so delightful!

  7. I had the transit.

    When Uranus hit my IC I turned into reality an idea that had been bubbling up in me for 4/5 months and I moved to France by myself (no job, 5 weeks of French lessons…)

    Then I decided to move to another country. Then I decided to move again, this time to England.

    I remain in England yet kept moving homes in my first city there. This was not my choice: the owners kept deciding to sell so I had to find a new place every year.

    When I moved to the last apartment where I lived I asked the owner if they were planning to sell in a year. She laughed and said ‘No way.’ She kept her word and I lived there for almost 3 years.

    The transit really shoke up my internal psychological make up with every move. It forced me to make a ‘home’ 4th house basically from within as for years I kept moving because of my wish to live in different cultures and because owners sold their apartments or buildings.

    As I result I regularly declutter. It was a hectic time yet it really woke (uranus) me up in many ways.

  8. Funny you ask that because I moved from the suburbs into the city a month ago. Transiting Uranus was square my natal Moon, which we traditionally know rules the IC and the 4th house. In my case, I have an Aquarius IC and my Moon is also in Aquarius, both ruled by Uranus.

  9. It is a funny thing.
    If I use the whole sign system on my horoscope, my 4th house is Taurus. My IC is in Gemini, so there’s that.

    In some ways the whole sign system has been more “clear” in its direction. There’s something about the Chiron conjunct Algol in the 4th house, and Neptune + Saturn/Pluto tied to it by degrees that makes more sense with regards to the way I’m feeling, living and prioritize.
    My dad was an alcoholic, and Chiron conjunct Algol in the 4th by degree, tied up to Neptune hammers this fact home like nothing else I’d say. So, for me, it kinda works with the whole signs business, as an extra dimension or layer to my life.

    In my Placidus chart Uranus is transitting my 2nd and 3rd house.
    In my whole signs horoscope he is transitting my 4th house.
    I am looking for a new apartment. I will probably find it, my progressed moon is in Aquarius, the sign of my Ascendant. And it will probably not be a regular one, it will be quirky, or in an unusual place I guess. Or maybe I will go in another direction altogether and move in with my BF for real – just not now perhaps…

    So far I have had no luck in finding a new apartment, but maybe I should turn to Uranus and see if I can come up with a place that is unusual or quirky in some way. Or a place with unusual people. I sure live in such a place right now. It’s called a ghetto!
    But perhaps some other place, with better and not so criminal people instead, hmmmm….. Even if, in a broad way, criminals ARE pretty creative, huh?!

  10. Just before anew moon my mind is moving all over the place, I’ve decide my ill feeling is probably the weather preparing to twist the globe so I am keeping in tiny prayer for an easy shift, it’s hard for me to label my worries,I almost been experiencing a nauseous state.So Moving sounds so exciting,cheers to those who adventure and
    Minty relief to anyone quezy

  11. Yes Uranus is transiting 4th house at present. No have not contemplated a move…but possibly with Jupiter increasing Capricorn…could bring about huge changes.

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