Dumped By A Scorpio – It’s No Joke…

snake-in-the-grass.jpgLoonsounds wrote on Astro-Humor: Dumping Your Lover Around The Zodiac:

“Dumped by Scorpio You come home and your keys don’t work. When you try to break in the police come and arrest you for violation of a restraining order you didn’t know existed….”

Now this actually happened to me. Yep. I had a Scorpio file a bogus restraining order on me and furthermore show up in court with this woman (a mother figure, he had a 4th house Sun) damned near holding his hand as if he were actually scared of me or something. I was flabbergasted, there is no other word for it and boy did that judge ream him out.

Yep, the judge saw right through him and humiliated him to the bone. As I have said many times I am really not someone you want to face in court but I have to say this was my worst throat-cutting by a lover, ever. And get this:

Two days prior I woke up in bed with this guy having had a nightmare. “I dreamed of a snake in the grass,” I said.

He stared at me, that regular Scorpio Sun stare with Pluto conjunct his Leo rising square the Sun.

“And you’re the snake!” I blurted out without a thought.

I can’t remember his response, I don’t think there was one but 2 days later there was a knock on the door. I opened it was served with a restraining order and forced to leave my (MY) apartment, taking only what I could grab in 5 minutes with 2 cops standing by.


What was your worst dumping ever?

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  1. I got dumped in the middle of sex. I asked him to stop and he didn’t. it took years of therapy, a deep depression with suicidal thoughts, and just plain time to get over. but I’m not looking for pity– I grew a lot.

  2. Ugh, satori. It sounds like you’re past it, but still, fucking A.

    I got dumped on Valentine’s Day by a Taurus I’d been dating for a year who had made dinner reservations for us that night and had asked me to move in with him, but then his other girlfriend showed up at the airport that day and plans were off. That was 12 years ago and I think I’m almost over it. What a jerk.

  3. Worse dumping ever? I’d have to say that the worse one would be the one that’s not final.

    Cancer #1 We were together as teenagers 10 years ago, and we’d be together on and off. I can’t even remember the reasons why anymore. Then one day during our “off” times he called to tell me he was getting married. Now fast forward to round 2, for the last two months we’ve been together on and off. Right now we are “off” and I think he is serious but the worse thing is knowing how he changes his mind, so not knowing whether I actually have a chance or not is what kills me.

    Cancer #2 – You would think that this breakup would have been the worse, but it really didn’t bother me much. I was living with him, had moved in, we’d been together for 7 years. One weekend he asked if I could go to my parents because he needed to think and come Monday he had packed up all my stuff. (I had attempted to leave him a month before, but he begged me to stay, maybe that’s why it didn’t really bother me too much.)

  4. I’ve been the dumper in all of my major relationships. A couple of times I got re-hooked and then later rejected but it’s not the same as being dumped out of the blue.

    Venus in the 8th, Gemini Jupiter in the 7th and Scorpio moon and ascendant. Don’t call me. I’ll call you. Only with dumping instead of calling.

  5. I was dumped on Valentine’s Day. His old girlfriend had called him and there was still feelings he said. That’s ok, he was a bad kisser anyway.

  6. Hehe. When my ex dumped me she took me for a short drive in her car, parked us in an out-of-the-way parking lot, and then proceeded to tell me how (exactly) I had failed her. This took an hour.
    None of it was true.

    What stung was she had no idea who the person sitting opposite her was. We had known each other for what must have been 11 years. I’d take anything over that, any day.

    The astrology behind it is vaguely interesting.
    She has a 3rd stellium (the drive)
    a Pluto/Mars rising (the out-of-the-way ambush)
    a Libra ascendant (I am always right)
    and Virgo SN (criticism)

  7. I’ve always been the “official” dumper, too. I have usually been left with little choice – break up or die. :p They both (a Taurus and a Cancer) really pushed me until I felt I had no other real options and then both acted shocked that I was leaving. I just don’t get it!

  8. I am embarrassed, because I am a Scorpio with Leo Rising; didn’t know we came off that way, to anyone.

  9. Jilly – wtf?!

    I’m with foxxy… I’ve had some really tough break-ups (not so much ‘dumping’) but my “friends” have been much more harsh when it comes to ending relationships.

  10. Weirdest: I was the dumper but the dumpee sent me a dozen thoroughly dead roses a couple weeks later. And his shaved-off facial hair in an envelope.


  11. October27: I am a Scorpio, Pisces Asc.

    We can’t all be painted with the same brush – everyone is not the same.

  12. I’ve never been dumped in a romantic relationship… I’ve always had to be the bad guy calling it off. That’s not so much fun, really.

    But in friendships… I think the most stunning was the one who up and moved out of state without saying goodbye, then got offended when I got upset. I had been very emotionally supportive of her over the years when a lot of people were dropping her and her drama. I thought I deserved a goodbye, whether it was by phone or email or whatever. Other people got emails… I didn’t. We haven’t spoken since.

  13. “Elsa, wow! It is as if you have recently been shot out of a cannon with all your updates to this blog! I can’t even keep up!”

    Well, the Top 10 is gone and this is how much I work on it…

  14. Well in my case, it had to do with my sister and his brother. My sister pissed off his brother ROYALLY. The brother was an attorney so this is the nifty trick he came up with. Not that the scorp was not at fault – he executed and he was 40 years old so come on!

    In whatever case I was in awe at the time. “Touche, motherfucker” – Like that.

    See I really don’t care what happens to me – I get a story don’t I? But the court was the thing. When he walked into that court with that gal holding his hand… well I burst out laughing the I think the judge took his cue from that.

  15. I’ve been typically the dumper in the past.
    Except for once… he just quit calling, no reason given. I think it was one main reason…he thought I was like my best friend, who was a bit of a slut and had slept with pretty much all the guys in his social circle, I was a virgin and inteded to stay that way ahile longer

    Actually my worse dumps have been friendships and like Seekingzen, my best friend at the time(aka the slut) did the exact same thing to me

  16. “Kicked out of your OWN apartment? Damn, they can do that?”

    Absolutely. And I had to wait 30 days for a hearing to get back in, although I was able to get that moved up due “hardship”. Still I was out for about 15 days – just completely displaced.

    Law is pretty freaky… it can absolutely be manipulated, unfortunately this is something else I know a lot about.

    It ties in with the question about breaking someone’s arm. If the law won’t (or can’t stop) a person – how about their arm getting broken. Would that motivate?

    I realize this stuff is yeccch, however it exists.

    What about the woman who’s ex threatens to kill her and has a violent history. The police can and will do nothing (until she’s been killed) but what if her brother goes over and breaks his arm, hmm?

  17. OH Snap, that Pisces rising prolly tones down and creatively modifies that scorpio stinger, especially seeing as how they are both water signs. All that water, what is your moon sign anyway? I have been meaning to ask.

    Rob, was her stellium in scorpio?

    Elsa, that is funny, and I had a weird experience in this area also, but, since I did not go near him anyway (LOL), I was never served with it nor arrested. You guys know who you are. You should also know that kind of behavior is bazarro and downright creepy.

    Jilly, you win the prize so far for the strangest story I have ever heard yet. Are you sure it was FACIAL hair? what a Weirdo! Any astrology on that one?

    Elsa, wow! It is as if you have recently been shot out of a cannon with all your updates to this blog! I can’t even keep up!

  18. Avatar

    Classic, I walked in on him and the other woman. But that wasn’t the worst part. I had been feeling something was wrong for two months and had accused him of seeing this particular woman – not seeing but that he was treating her better than me and was something going on, etc. etc. He kept saying no, that I was seeing ghosts, messed in the head, etc. etc.

    So I walked in on them. Was a long-term relationship for me so the fabric of reality kind of ripped for me. The lies he had told me and the blame for me he had just did not reconcile with what was in front of me. I went into physical shock.

    The worst part was the way he had blamed me and lied to me. Took a long time to recover from that, the cheating part was incidental to the lying part. He was an aquarius with a capricorn moon. That’s all I remember of his chart as it was when I was much much younger.

  19. Kicked out of your OWN apartment? Damn, they can do that?

    Worst dumping ever? hmm, I avoid this pretty hard. I don’t recover very well, if at all. My usual m.o. is to disappear at the slightest sign the other person’s unhappy with me. I figure if they’re planning to leave me I’ll do it for them easy, and if they aren’t planning to leave then they’ll come back and find me, no? My best defense is always escape.

  20. It wasn’t an official dumping, you understand, but it played out like this.

    I was in a fairly open relationship with a Leo man who traveled a lot. We had some clear ground rules and things had been going really well for about a year.

    He went to Amsterdam for a few weeks, and told me about his trip when he came back. Not too long afterward (as in later the same night) he went into the next room and called his buddies – all of them, in succession – and told THEM about his trip, and amazingly his accounting to them varied greatly from his accounting to me. In his accounting to me it had been a fairly mellow trip … shyeah as if. You don’t send a stoner to Amsterdam and expect he’s not gonna have a good time, you know? I encouraged him to, in fact. But on these calls he went into some really salacious details about what he’d done – with me in earshot – and in that version he had violated every ground rule we’d agreed upon.

    Mmmm, nope. I’m gone. *chuckle*

    All things considered, it’s not so bad but blech. I’d rather be dumped to my face.

  21. The worst was this guy I dated at work (same building, not same company), who told a mutual friend that he got me “nothing” for Valentine’s Day because “we were just friends”.

    Well. When she told me, it was news to me. I bought him red suspenders for V-day. Thank heavens I left them in my car. I was beyond mortified.

    He was a Leo, like me–our birthdays were a day apart.

    He bought me some expensive gifts, but that was so I’d sleep with him. Sigh, typical Leo man. 😉 He bought me a CD that’s been packed away for 13 years! I can’t listen to it, because it reminds me of why he bought it…

    So I decided, f him, I’ll keep them. I was wearing them the day I met my future DH. 😉

  22. Oh my gosh, the stories. Almost makes a person not want to care at all.

    Loonsounds, interestingly enough my Moon is in nice steady Taurus. I also thought you might like to know that my Aquarian daughters rising sign is Pisces as well!

    Oh by the way, I don’t remember who recommended it, but I picked up “Born on a Rotten Day” from the library and have been reading it… FUCK it’s funny!
    Being a Scorpio myself, (and chasing my Scorpio Sun guy) I can sure see what she’s talking about. Even though it’s written tongue-in-cheek, there’s an element of truth…

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