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    This is a wee bit off subject in that it’s regarding my sister, not anyone I’ve dated, but I can TOTALLY see that wild horse on a short leash analogy when I think of my sister…
    To compound her need for freedom, she has an Aqua Moon… You can’t even pretend to try to control her, she’ll stomp you to death with her hooves!
    You’re SO spot-on, Elsa. Never try to tether the Saggie. You’ll be sorry.

  2. My Sadge moon agrees – and if you keep the door open, we tend to come back through it often enough to keep everyone involved happy 😀

  3. Hey Elsa, I’m a Capricorn sun/Capricorn rising and my husband is a Sagittarius.

    After 10 years together I’ve figured out that the only way to keep the peace is to never ever say anything about HOW he does something. Everything takes twice as long or is done super fast but super sloppy… but if I say anything it turns into a big ordeal.

    Also, never engage them in a conversation while they’re working on a task, or the task will never, ever go completed.

  4. Elsa,

    Thanks for pointing this out. I always thought it was my Uranus 7th (only) that needed the door open! Bingo- it’s also all my Sadge (Mars, MC)!

    Love your hair today btw:)

  5. Oh Elsa,

    Also thought about Liv and her Pluto Sadge rising! Recently I asked her if she wanted to check in (on ElsaElsa), letting her know that people might miss her, blah blah. Uh, she didn’t bite! Then, I guilted her (or tried to) for half a second. Again, that wild horse bucked and kept on roaming! Later, she returned to let me know she’d check in “soon” when she felt like it! Nothing like a “who needs ya” kid (wild horse)!

  6. My mother is a Sadge, and the only person who managed to actually get her down the aisle was my father (more than once). He’s a taurus with a Sadge ascendant, and I told them the other night that they were a match made in the gutter (dirty minds), which made mum laugh. On their wedding day, she was chatting to an old boyfriend, outside the church, and my Uncle had to hurry her along. Her friends laughed when she said she was getting married; she usually dated for several weeks, until they wanted to get serious. She admitted that she didn’t go out with one man, because he had such a strong (Neptune) effect on her, that she was afraid she’d lose herself.

    Dad, at times, feels more Sadge than Mum. He never wanted to buy a house, would prefer to be able to do this own thing and roam freely (with the people that he loves – he doesn’t like to spend a night away from my mother). Mum loves to travel, and doesn’t like to feel controlled – she left my father when I was little, because he made decisions without her, that affected all of us, and in general, acted like an ass over certain things. She’s the one who wanted the house, and stability – she was working to buy a house back home, so that my sister and I would have a home (if something happened to her, she’d arranged for it to somehow be paid off, so that we wouldn’t be homeless).

    My dad is a hard worker, but mum has complained about his evading promotions, or jobs with more responsibility, that would bring in more money, thereby giving them more freedom and security outside of work. I’m rambling.. still not awake, but

  7. oops – they laugh a lot together. That’s one of the big things. And he’s still attracted to her – he was jokingly being a letch as he helped her into the van the other day, but also made the remark that he couldn’t understand someone running around, trying to pick up younger women, when he had his wife at home.

  8. @Elsa: Just yesterday, I surrendered in almost those exact words when I said, “Take it or leave it, I’m a mustang. Barn must be open or at least have a sliding back door that I can easily manuever open. Do you even understand? I see a fence I will jump, I see a whip, I will get on my hind legs. Make sense?” hahah This video was awesome.

    @Salali: wow, what a wonderful tale of life-long love. I’ve got a Taurus sun sibling who I couldn’t live with for their painfully stubborn disposition, but be sure they’re the first person who feels most like home. I love my earth folk!

  9. great video! I spoke to you this summer about that larger than life sage, in my life, everything you said was true. Now I’m with a man with a sadge moon. All my closest long term friendships and relationships are sadge moons, it’s kind of a funny match for my virgo moon, but my sun square uranus just needs a lot of freedom too, plus I love their bounce.

  10. I will happily open the door and let the Sadge man go. I’ll even whip ’em and get them to run run run as fast as they can away from me. In my personal experience, the only advice I can give in regards to dating a Sadge man is.. don’t do it. All three that I’ve dated have damn near ruined me to bits and pieces. Still picking up shit from when I was 14, I’m 20 now.

    My very best friend is a Sadge though, so I’m not saying I don’t love ’em, because I do. Just not “in that way” I guess.

  11. My husband’s ex-wife is a Sag and her need for freedom and not wanting to take on any kind of responsibility pretty much ruined their marriage and is keeping her from the kind of stability her kids need. She dates younger married men she hooks up with on dating sites–and she’s not embarassed to facebook this info. My former Sag mother-in-law (who was a ranch woman with a stable of horses) was financially irresponsible and over a long period of time lost everything her husband worked for and now, in old age, rely on family. My former Sag boss bought out a thriving communications company, spent way too much money on non-essential staff, took us on expensive weekend retreats, and claimed bankruptcy within two years. My Sag cousin refuses to “get tied down” by marriage but doesn’t see a problem with carrying on long-term relationships with married men…and leaving the guys to clean up the mess after my cousin delivers the news of the affair to the wife (usally because the guy fails to show up for a date at Christmas or another family event). Not a huge fan of Sag women here…
    I dated a Sag sun and venus man many years ago. He was a fun, affectionate man but he cost me too much in terms of time, money and energy. It got to the point where I realized that dating him was costing me MY freedom.

  12. I know a couple he is sag, she is pices with scorp moon… They have been together of an on for 10 years and they have a great relationship normally , unless she starts talking about marriage…it is always followed by a weeklong pause.hahah…But I think it actually works, because she is a commitmenphobe herself , …she has aqua rising and uranus on her mc.

    Great video Elsa!!! Def have to respect peoples nature!!
    Great hair!!!!

  13. that sums it up pretty well.
    it’s especially important to not freak out if they don’t call or don’t show up for awhile. they’re probably busy having an adventure- like getting stuck in a raging snowstorm driving to meet an old friend who needs help, or towing some hapless traveller 40 miles down a deserted highway. a little trust and faith goes a long way… assuming, of course, they’ve never given you evidence to distrust them. clinginess and insecurity seem to freak them out. so a little patience and a lot of confidence helps in dealing with them.
    (er. so. sag asc.)

  14. ps i ADORE sag. but they’re one of the few signs that don’t try to tell my aries what to do- and inspire me to go out and have bigger, grander adventures! 😉

  15. Thanks on the hair, you guys. That is my non-bigified hair. I know I look frightful but had a challenge to get a vid out and have one for tomorrow as well.
    With the shuffle around here, I am hoping to do things differently. Evolve, I guess. 🙂

  16. Sagittarian *raises hand*. Yes Shannon has it right “Don’t fence me in”! And we do come back after our big adventures if we like who is on the other side of the door when we get back. And we always have lots of ideas for new adventures in our heads so yes we will be leaving again shortly. We generally like company so you can come along on the next one if you want – just travel light and learn to laugh!

  17. I’m a Virgo w/ Sag rising and Mars in Sag so I’m all to familiar with this problem. Though I read once:

    “I describe myself as a kite, I need to fly free but I still want someone to hold the kite string. Hold it too tightly and I crash to the ground, give me just enough string to let me fly, but not so much I hang myself.”


  18. Me (the double Capricorn…) again! I have a great Sagittarius marriage story 🙂

    My Sadge and I had planned two weddings two years in a row, complete with location, date, dress, food, guest list, etc. and at the last minute they kept getting canceled.

    Finally, he lost his health insurance. When he lost it he knew the only way he could be insured would be if we married and he got on my family plan. Once he got the final letter from the insurance stating they were gone, done, over, I called the courthouse and asked them when the next available date was for a civil ceremony.

    I called him on my lunch break at work and asked him if he was free that Friday. After he said yes, I told him “good, we’re getting married”.

    It wasn’t that he didn’t want to commit to marriage, but that he didn’t want to commit to a wedding. It’s been 10 years now, so the method worked.

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