Hello… My name is Moon Pluto. What’s yours?

It’s 2003, and I’m in a drop-in astrology class. I’m so wild about the instructor that I book a natal-chart reading right away. A couple days later, I’m sitting across from him in a little room at a little table with a velvet covering and he’s got my chart in front of him. “Moon Pluto!” he says. You’ve got Moon Pluto.” Of course he said much more than that, but that was the beginning.

A few years later, when I found Elsa’s blog and wanted to leave a comment, moonpluto was the only nickname that occurred to me, or appealed to me.

I’ve got this theory that everybody’s got SOME THING in their natal chart that screams out THIS IS ME! THIS IS ME OR ELSE!

So what about you?

What is that one thing in your chart that tells your story most of all and helps to explain all the neuroses and confusions and stumbling blocks and cravings, desires, and you say, out loud, to yourself, “Ohhhhhhhhh, so that’s why. So that’s who.”

Do you see yourself in your chart? What stands out the most?

78 thoughts on “Hello… My name is Moon Pluto. What’s yours?”

  1. MP! Way to go! 😀 Awesomeness.
    Hmmm… Well, my first thought is, well my WHOLE chart is ME! lol
    But… the aspect that is obvious on it I think.. at least visually is my Grand Trine between Saturn, Uranus, and Sun/Jupiter. I often feel like I’m trying to integrate two different personalities, I want to be a disciplined nutball. 😛

  2. Yay moonpluto!

    And well, I’ve got the Mars/Uranus/Pluto stellium in Virgo…I can be a bit like a rocketship – full of energy drive and determination. Just don’t get in my way!

  3. Hi MoonPluto!

    It all depends which day you meet me..

    Could be:
    Sum trine Moon (Sweet me)
    Pluto & Uranus Square Sun (Impossible me)
    Venus in Taurus (Wow! me)


  4. H.- I don’t know…venusflytrap just inexplicably popped into my head. I do have sun-venus-NN in Virgo but sometimes I really groove with my moon-nep in sag or tell a tale courtesy of merc-jupin leo. Or, less proudly sometimes I blow a fuse w mars sq Pluto!

    Welcome moonpluto, I’ve always liked your messages here.

  5. Heyyyyy!! Moonpie for lunch, what a lovely surprise!!!!

    Er, I have no idea, so it’s probably Neptune something or other 🙂

  6. Yay! Congrats, MP, and I look forward to reading more from you!

    Despite being a Cancer sun, I have always been extremely straight forward and no bullshit. When I am angry, I am even more in your face. And shy? Not so anyone outside could see it!

    It was Elsa who pointed out the Uranus/Pluto conjunction in my first house to me, and it was an audible click, even to a deaf woman!

    Later, I learned what an Aries moon was, and wowza. Yep.

    As for my more sensitive side – that Chiron in my 7th defines my wound I bury under the big mouth.

  7. yeah, the only time i’ve had an ‘oh my goooooood’ moment is finding out about the meaning of the Moon-Neptune conj.

    But I also like my Merc/Uranus mutual reception, I relate well to that, even if no one else does 🙂

  8. Welcome Moonpluto. I’ve always enjoyed your comments.
    My astro name??? Cap’s Cradle? Saturn with a Smirk? Jupiter’s Joke? CapDragon? I could go on for days, Merc in Sag.

  9. Great to see you writing, MP!! 🙂
    Me? Youse can call me Ms. Mercury, I guess. Elsa once described my Mercury as “…so, er, enhanced?” Har!

    But I also like Satori’s answer and may swipe it for parties. It’s more dramatically appealing.

  10. I love reading all these response 🙂 I swear I would write back to everyone (yes I have too much virgo) but then my hands would fall off. That would be bad lol.

  11. MoonPluto, you mentioned Moon-pluto aspects – I have the trine, but it’s wide. 🙂 With Equal House, my Moon/Venus/Sth Node conjunction moves to the end of the 7th, and out of the 8th.

    I didn’t go into Mercury/Ceres/Chiron/Sun, because I would have written an essay. The conjunction is in Aries, in my 6th, Mercury squared by Saturn… when I read about Chiron and the wounding, it made perfect sense – I can sort of see that grouping as a “poor little rich girl” mindset, not in terms of finances, but relationships, and how I deal (or don’t deal) with things. I’m not a bad person – I occasionally lose my cool like everyone else, but I’m not Jeffrey Dahmer – yet ever since I had certain experiences, I’m surprised when I find out hoe much someone likes and respects me.. I also become sad over what I missed out on for years – like in the bookstore the other night: this great young guy, working his way through college, really nice kid, and I’m thinking about when I was his age, and how much time I spent alone (mostly enjoying myself, doing my own thing), but avoiding people my own age, because I didn’t trust them, and I got upset: “I could have had more friends!” Silly, but another wounding of sorts, because I didn’t work on it when I was younger. I’m lucky, but stuck with this stupid wound in ways, that has me doubting myself (until I’m working hard, or induced to fight – Aries!). Ceres, I’ve seen described as Moon, Venus and Jupiter, all rolled into one – I see how lucky I am, but have trouble accessing it in all ways, so that stupid ‘wound’ is always present, because of my own neuroses (working along with Saturn square Mercury, Pluto & Jupiter).

    See? essay. I’m not curled up in a ball of misery every day, but it’s definitely a big part of me. Nickname? I’ve collected all kinds of nicknames, but this one once had me joking to someone that I should go by something like “ImaDoofus”.

    Jupiter trine Neptune and Midheaven = Welcome to the Hallmark Channel in my head.

  12. Great post. My fixed grand cross used to run me and it wasn’t pretty and not a happy place for anyone (including myself) to live from. Today I would call myself “Spirit Runner”. Moonpluto, I just love the simplicity of this posting today.

  13. Hi Moonpluto, Great to see you writing here on Elsaelsa;) Congrats!

    Mars Sag 9th
    Mc Sag

    Uh…call me Truth Seeker, Teacher Preacher:)

  14. @MP that too – and Merc conjunct on the 12H side. I get knowledge from beyond the veil, and work it into a solution for almost any problem.

    Hence, Crafty.

    Glad to see you here, btw. Looking forward to more 😀

  15. Congratulations moonpluto! I think the first thing Elsa said about my chart was something similar to “you are a real piece of work” LOL

    Maybe my name should be POW 😉

  16. Congrats Moonpluto!!!!! Can’t wait to read your posts!!!!

    I’m a “3-Ring Circus ASC” & “Afflicted Pisces Moon”; one for each of my Gemini personalities;-)

  17. Did I say I have Libra? – I’ve been reading up on Neptune in Libra in House 1 today, since that’s where it falls under the equal house system which I recently adopted.

    So I’ve now changed my mind (for today at least) and had one of those Eureks Moments: “ARRGGHH So that’s what been the matter all along! It’s all Neptooooon!”

  18. Hi Moon Pluto, I’m a Moon Pluto too! Now here’s where it gets interesting: my mother is a Moon Pluto, my older sister is one too and my younger sister as well! I bet you can figure out what the family atmosphere was like! Still, for us connoisseurs of astrology, this becomes a tool, like any other, for our soul’s advancement… That’s a really interesting part of astrology chart comparison with relatives to identify family themes.

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