Developing Psychological Immunity

muddy hillI notice I’m avoiding writing. I give this to Saturn in Pisces.

I feel a lot of resistance; like whatever I have to write, is sitting up on top a mud-covered hill.  I feel it will be hard and arduous to get there. Also, if I manage, I feel the reward will be extremely limited, assuming there is any reward at all.

I don’t think this is exactly real, but it’s partially real and I don’t know where the lines, in part because they’re constantly moving. I decided to push through resistance, today, because if I don’t, I can easily see myself, disappearing from this landscape, due to the pointlessness of it.

I personally want to live in a civil society. I’m not interested in aligning with psychopaths and adopting their ways and views on things. My husband has been in my ear regarding the collapse of Rome for more than, fifteen years. I am aware, history repeats. Societies are always taken over in the same way.

As I’ve stated, I feel it’s possible we turn things around. I feel the odds of this are significant, and I am highly invested in this, but at the moment, we live in these poor conditions. My writing of late has been geared around maintaining personal integrity at this time as I don’t think it’s ever a good idea to become evil. I want to go beyond this, today.

The social order (I value so highly) has been destroyed for the most part. Psychos in charge. Historically, when this happens, pockets of normal people get together and help each other navigate the Kafkaesque reality. This topic has been covered here before.

Fighting For Freedom And Survival

I’ve wanted to write about this for a a couple of years but damned Libra goes back and forth over whether it’s necessary. If by some miracle, things turn in a better direction..? This has been enough to slow my roll for at least two years.  I’m really tired of waffling limbo.

I’ve been studying this for some time, trying to find my place in it. (More, Mars Mercury in 9th).  Right here is where this post becomes, keen.

To “thrive” in these conditions, you must develop psychological resistance, and eventually immunity to the bs. I know a lot about this, as clearly shown in my stories. My father, blah blahs. I play the game, but I’m internally, psychologically, very strong. I wouldn’t even say “resilient”, which is a modern concept. I was not resilient, I was DEFENDED.

I hope you think about this.  Can you make yourself, Fort Knox? It would be a good idea at this time. Quit gobbling rat poison? If you want to take this position in our current schema, it will be A LOT easier if you have support.

Think along the lines of city-states forming… in this day and age, this can happen online. For example, this blog is a place where you can escape politics and also bots.  Quite an achievement, really.  Where else can you go and not be drowning in fakeness? But I want this post to be about the psychology of this.

If you feel the world is making you crazy, you can withdraw completely, but you’re likely to fare much better if you keep some friends. People have different skills that can complement each other. Further, it’s nice to have company,  but this is key: healing (and immunity) comes from education.   When a group of people know what is going on; they can no longer be gaslit.  Like the people, depicted in that movie up there.  They were not even remotely mixed up about what was going on. They saw what was going on and opted not to align with the perps, but rather, to align together and not to fall prey to evil, losing everything in the process.

Many are caught right now, staring into the abyss, which clearly stares back and even records your eye movements.

Can anyone make heads or tails of what I’m saying?

I followed up on this post here: More On Psychological Immunity.

18 thoughts on “Developing Psychological Immunity”

  1. loving civilized life is my stumbling stone. the urge to disconect has been present for years, but I never made the leap. im also a single female. no way am i living alone in the middle of nowehere. additionaly i realized that my viewpoint makes me isolated from most people- i will be the one suffering, most will happily accept whetever is planned for them. people adjust to wars, or lack, it is usually a slow moving train. I tried to connect to other people who are hip to whats happening, but the thing that makes us individuals also makes us so idiosyncratic that its hard to merge. catch 22. so now im in limbo.

  2. normal people are forced to move to the margins of society, and the margins are now ruling. I guess moving away from the power centers until it implodes is smart, but for how long? To me this doesnt feel like fall of rome. that was a very very slow process lasting hundreds of years. This is Weimerica to me. The parallels are uncanny.

  3. Transit Mars moving to conjunct transit Chiron both in Aries may be affecting urge to write and communicate (as your Mars ties to Mercury). It’s a sensitive passage which may inhibit our own Mars (Mars-es?) for the duration. I think it’s OK to be resistant for a while and observe.

  4. Thank you for writing this, Elsa. It’s possible to stand and face the future, even with a smile. For me it’s just change, equally daunting and exciting. Reading a book about neurological foundations of our habitual reactions to change helps. Small steps to drive change instead of suffering it helps. Our brain is not at all objective, if that exists at all, it is predictive, full stop. It can only predict using what’s already in the chambers. It really likes the outcome to fit the prediction, even if it predicted misery.
    Saturn in Pisces is a blessing, it adds timing and frames of reference to the endless piscean ocean of dreams, we only need to embrace Saturnian intention and perseverance.

    Again, I’m not sure if my perspective can be helpful to all of you living in the US. I’ve got family there too, so I’m not oblivious. I can only repeat that the world is big, a lot of what the people in so called industrialised 1st world countries have assimilated about the rest of the world is plain wrong, outright lies and misleading.

    Why it matters? Well, even if it looks as if every supermarket sells the same crap, every website is driven by the same marketing or every shout produces the same echo it’s not true. There a millions of sane, connected, grounded and healthy people who couldn’t care less who will be the next in power, no matter where. They live in their own power, creative, innovative and driving change.

  5. Like the Soldier, I have always that that the US would fall like Rome someday. Rome got too big and the fall was inevitable. The same is happening to the US. Newton’s Law? But, I believe it’s because the few in power are holding too tightly. They purposely kept the masses uneducated and docile. But, that allowed the crazies to take over.

    However, I have hope in this new generation coming up. I see their intelligence despite circumstances. And, they have empathy. I think they fear the young people seeing through the BS and trying to suppress them. But, after crumble, they will be the ones to lead putting our society back together again.

    I see smaller independent groups coming together in communes of some kind. People are too isolated in overpopulated cities and remote places. Getting to that point will be a arduous journey. There will be suffering before we can reach peace…

  6. To be clear… and it’s my fault, it isn’t clear, I mentioned, Rome, in regards to my husband. But this is also about WW2 which is more what I’m personally looking at.

    My husband’s view is that all societies go down for the same reason – they lose their moral values. Like you’re full of yourself, you don’t need, God, anymore, etc. You begin to decay; you get taken over or whatever.

    I take his word for that. My interest is in living (and thriving) amongst psychopaths and with personality disordered people in charge. This is where I have a lot of experience and feel I can really help.

    I’m telling you, the immunity I speak of is what you want right now. Very, very, very few people have it, at least in the United States. This seems worldwide to me, but I don’t know. If you lived through a war or someone taught you, then you may see a good deal of it, but in this case, I feel the more important or key fact still elude people… at least 95% and closer to 99%.

    1. once i realized that the mental poison is intentionally spread, in a systematic fashion by a small group of people- i completely disregarded anything said on tv, news, talk shows, movies, cant defent yourself if you dont know who is the enemy because the attack is subversive and corosive. i no longer value the opinion of anyone official, or anyone i know repeating what someone official said. ive been traveling for a few years and bumping into young wstern people is scary-the all sound like a woke borg cell. genx ers seem tohave kept their sanity mostly,

    2. I think you are right about your views here, Elsa. The first thing they taught us when I started University, was the theories about power.

      Power corrupts, and sizes does too. It only takes a book by e.g. Foucault to make you realise how many times history have repeated itself to the Nth degree. Will we ever learn?

      I don’t think so, to be honest. Our brains are million’s of years old, and the software haven’t been upgraded since then, and the small updates/patches are often full of errors and bugs… I saw the Netflix series about the earth, and how we have seen lots of apocalypses through time, narrated by the black actor I can’t remember the name of. That was immense food for thought!

  7. Avatar

    Seeing ahead of the curve can be a blessing and allows for mindful thinking. Taking the lead, leads to an awareness not always visible to others immediately. This site stretches out the possibilities available to us. Once seen, usually can’t be unseen. Yes, you keep pushing the envelope and more become aware and Leveling Up is happening. Thats what I can see. You do make a difference!

    1. Thank you, Alice. God, I hope so.

      I do know most things I realize, come to the front due to some remark someone made, often, years prior. Then I see something or a different person tells me something and voila! There it is!

  8. I is no surprise, but today I learned that the content on META is being used as fodder for the AI software on their platforms.

    This is not surprising to me. I deleted all my content from my FB profile several years ago.
    On META I am very conscious of not sharing too much of my art either.

    But the thing is – you can actually make an objection to this, which they are obligated to take into account.

    I am not so naive that I think they will stop using AI or anything like that. But it *will* send a signal about people not being willing to accept what they do without taking a stand.

    Meta (and many other giant tech companies) will over time kill themselves by using the user data for AI, just as the snake eating its own tail.

    I see LinkedIn being used as the new Facebook. Do we think Microsoft is innocent, just because we PAY to use their products?
    No, we are not. They too – like Google – allow their ad partners to get access to data from your Outlook account (in anonymous form). Why? Because the cookie laws and restrictions are preventing them from collecting data about the users…

    I think this type of resilience is also an important factor to navigate in this day and age.

    1. Meta/FB has become polluted with hacks and scams. I think people will have to abandon FB very soon and, most likely, many other social media. Then what? I don’t know but it will be for the better, whatever it may be.

    2. I agree. The one thing to ponder is when, not if, and how long it takes.

      I have no rose colored glasses about them respecting any objections made to their data consuming activity, but I think it’s sad to leave all the nice people I have met on the platform. I hope to connect with them in other places, but where… That’s the question!

  9. Here’s a poem called “The Fall of Rome” by W.H Auden. If I’m upset, I like to whisper the last lines to myself. And always I feel this response shivering from within. Maybe you’ll like this poem? Here it is in it’s entirety:

    The piers are pummelled by the waves;
    In a lonely field the rain
    Lashes an abandoned train;
    Outlaws fill the mountain caves.

    Fantastic grow the evening gowns;
    Agents of the Fisc pursue
    Absconding tax-defaulters through
    The sewers of provincial towns.

    Private rites of magic send
    The temple prostitutes to sleep;
    All the literati keep
    An imaginary friend.

    Cerebrotonic Cato may
    Extol the Ancient Disciplines,
    But the muscle-bound Marines
    Mutiny for food and pay.

    Caesar’s double-bed is warm
    As an unimportant clerk
    On a pink official form.

    Unendowed with wealth or pity,
    Little birds with scarlet legs,
    Sitting on their speckled eggs,
    Eye each flu-infected city.

    Altogether elsewhere, vast
    Herds of reindeer move across
    Miles and miles of golden moss,
    Silently and very fast.

  10. I’ve been on the road, purposefully cut off from news and using this third world nation’s sensibilities to reset. It may surprise us how they often look up to the first world nations, but it really shows how humans are social by nature, which can help us (we band together during tough times) or badly hinder (hive mind, which Elsa often describes).

    I am definitely leaving this island with 100% agreement that we do need to find our tribe, and with Saturn in Pisces, faith is needed. I had a very Saturn/ Pisces experience. A hike up a mountain that literally kicked my tucchus (with a purple mark to show for it). It was hard when it was dark and foggy, since we were literally hiking through clouds. It was tough to not see the trail ahead, how long the steep inclines would go, but other hiking groups really helped me mentally make the climb. They sang, cheered at the sunrise (through thick cloud), laughed, rested, and eat together at the peak, and in many languages. On the way down, we saw temples and I was able to interact with the spirit of the caldera (more Neptune/ Pisces mixed with the current Mars in Aries).

    The point us, yes, we need to find a good tribes to carry each other through, while also giving and receiving and having faith in that even when current mentalities tell us otherwise.

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