Weekend Love Forecast – Lemon Zombies: Eat Them Up!

still lifeFriday night, the Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius Moon trines Chiron in Aries then heads into square with Neptune, exact by morning. The mood is fizzy, not fuzzy. It tickles with intoxicating trouble, but ultimately it’s more fodder for excitement and fortification than pain and sadness… as long as you don’t lean into any tendency to feel sorry for yourself. Laugh it off, dance it off! You know better than to lean into a crash.

That doesn’t mean you won’t hear something that would normally send you reeling. Venus in Gemini trines Pluto in Aquarius (exact early Saturday), so the socials are erupting and the many tongues are zinging with electric air. The one zombie you thought was gone for good? They’re back in the mix. Here’s my recommendation for your lines: “What, me worry?” (Alfred E. Newman)

You can be of two minds about it: understand the importance, AND let it go. Employ BOTH and you’ll come out smelling like a rose, two of them. Add sugar to lemons and they’re DELICIOUS. Eat them up. Then write the book and make bank. Maybe it’s a cookbook.

Right after Venus perfects its trine to Pluto on Saturday morning, Jupiter leaves Venus-ruled Taurus for Gemini. The most valuable narrative is the one you define for yourself. This change of flavor frees up myriad avenues for improved meaning-making. Get social and open yourself up to a bigger circle of thought. Crowdsource new input on the route to attaining yourself desires. Globalize your worldview, even as it pertains to the strictly personal. Broaden your options.

Even if you open up to the mind of just one other person, you’ve doubled your territory and your reach.

Saturday night, the Saturn-ruled Capricorn Moon heads into trine with Juno in Virgo (exact overnight). The mood of the moment is solid, dynamic, and supported. Committed. Practical matters are sexy: yes they are. Who can you rely on? If you’re being practical, you’ll be able to count all the ways you’re able to rely on yourself… EASILY. Give it a try; confidence is sexy, and attractive.

Sunday morning, the Cap Moon continues into trine with Mercury in Taurus. Opinions, preferences? We’ve got ’em. We’ve also got attitude and discernment. We’re lousy with realistic insights and ideas for bettering… well anything we can touch or envision. Good taste? That too, so write it all down (or pin it) and begin it! Don’t forget to feed your belly first, and make it something indulgently luxe but healthy. Moods improve with happy tummies.

In the afternoon, the Capricorn Moon sextiles Saturn in Pisces then goes on to square Aries Mars and Chiron. If you come up with a project in the morning, the afternoon and evening provide traction and drive. Gear down and take it slow. It’s no cake walk; in fact it’s bound to be effortful. But there’s plenty to learn and improve upon, and no better time to work hard. It feels right. It’s healing.

Do you have any weekend plans?

2 thoughts on “Weekend Love Forecast – Lemon Zombies: Eat Them Up!”

  1. Triggering in law who is a very difficult person to be around for me will be visiting this weekend. Saturday concerns me lol.

  2. Thank you! I hadn’t noticed the effect of Jupiter aspecting – well, this time conjunct, and I hadn’t yet met him 12 years ago – my housemate’s Taurus Moon. So, I learned something very interesting, this evening.
    The conjunction also brought him a shift in his thinking, his mental attitude on several fronts. All good ones. For example, he left for the pharmacy, but got back 2 hours later, saying, “Guess where I was.” I guessed his sister’s (her birthday gift has been waiting here for a few weeks… she’s often away, caring for grandkids). Maybe chalk one more up for Jupiter conjunct Moon, for him. Inspired intuition.
    Anyhoo, thanks always, for the valuable insights.

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