Discrediting A Person…

choat face cat“There’s no sense in trying to discuss it,” I explained to a friend. “I’m an astrologer!  If someone wants to discredit me, it’s easy to do…”

I was talking about telling the truth. I can tell the truth ’till I’m blue. If someone wants to refute it or question my competence, all they have to say is, “She’s an astrologer for Christ’s sake! That’s it, it’s a done deal!”

I write about this now and then. Maintaining this blog takes more work and sacrifice then a person might possibly imagine.

In thinking about this, I ran across this post from 2006.  The hate mail…someone called me, Choat Face.

I also remember someone telling me I was a shit-magnet. I think they were trying to validate me; people do throw crap all the time. But the fact is, I attract glorious things in exact proportion.

I really believe these things to be related: it’s called the 8th house!

Anyway, I have learned this and I have learned it well: Once someone comes to believe I am dishonest or stupid or whatever it is they think, I’ve got to leave them in their delusion.

I gave up a lot of rights when I decided to put my name and fact on this blog. I guess it’s been worth it. I’m not sure how to tell!

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  1. What if you have an 8th house with no planets and in two different signs? How would that allow a person to attract things? Would I look to see where Uranus/Saturn/Neptune are since those are the rulers of the 8th? What would that mean? What would it mean for a marriage I’m sorry I know this post isn’t about marriage but I’ve read some of your posts explaining to look towards that as well. If it’s two different signs would marriage life or things we attract in regards to an 8th house mean it has two different sides or be multi faceted?

  2. You are in a public position that has been consistent and frank the other kinds of folks who are not so up on what is 21 st Century we have to pick a better road and avoid them..life is to short to be dragged down by small minds. Keep up your great work.

  3. Elsa, you’re worth your weight in gold. I always believe truth will out.
    Hell, I’ve had people (a few) drive themselves psychotic trying to discredit me. Man, I must have got under their skin. Guess what, their efforts usually rebounded. 8th house, absolutely.

    1. Thank you. I see them as if they’re in a morass, they may or may not find there way out of. But there is nothing I can do about it.

      Each situation is a little different, but generally it’s like I see them, fallen in a bog. At that point it’s sort of a sink or swim or get out. Most swim awhile and then sink. Once in awhile someone gets out.

  4. I know you gave up a lot to declare yourself an Astrologer. I’m not a public figure, but I pick my venues when I can talk about Astrology. I’ve studied it for almost 40 years and think its a valuable self-help tool. It predicts trends in your life that can really help you. The shame of it all is that Astrology is dismissed as bunk when in fact it is based on math and the energies and movements of the planets.

    I’ve lived my life by Astrology and its never let me down. There were times when things were bad and as a tool, Astrology helps. It isn’t a religion, but rather offers an explanation of other ways to deal with your situation.

  5. There is a man that I have been friends with for years. 17 years actually. I worked with him for a long time.

    He was saved “born again” about a year or so ago. And, he is different and that is good if its good for him. The problem is he is very judgmental now. He never had a problem with me before. In fact when I worked with him he was sleeping with so many different women. He was a drinker and a party guy. I never went anywhere with him…just sat next to him at work for years. And, he was nice to work with.

    He has been a friend on FB for years. Sometimes we would talk (on FB) and just about random stuff. This was never a deep friendship…but I always liked him and never judged him when he was a party guy….drinking and sleeping with everyone.

    In July I made an astrology remark on FB. Most people wouldn’t have even caught it. But he did….and he unfriended me. But before he did he let me know I had a screw loose, and was following the work of demons.

    Now, I have been with the same man for so long we are like the same person. I don’t drink. Not at all. Ever. I haven’t been in a bar since ?????? the 80’s??? I don’t know how long its been. I work, take care of my family and bother no one.

    He was a freaking whore….and I never said a word. But I am following the work of demons….he in boxed me and told me so…and I am not fit to communicate with him ever again.

    I think the only thing I said was ‘that has a plutonian flavor to it’ about something I saw…and now I am a demon worshiper.

    I have known him for 17 years and have never been impolite, rude, unfriendly….I have been nothing but very nice. But, the minute I made a remark about astrology I was treated like I need my head examined.

    It didn’t hurt my feelings nor did it make me mad. I am used to either being loved or hated. No in between. People are drawn to me or completely repulsed by me. This has been a thing I have dealt with all my life. And they will find a reason. Any reason. And then use something like astrology to prove they have a right to do it.

    Nothing in the middle. Extremes …. hate or love.

    He made much more of an attempt to talk to me than I did him. At my past job and online.

    But, it’s true. You mention astrology and you’d think you are summoning up the devil himself when all it is, is energy and math.

    I normally don’t tell a soul about astrology for this reason. I don’t hide it….but I don’t talk about it either. There are a lot of people that are very weird about it.

  6. I sell flowers at a local market
    A being came
    I am thinking to hurt me
    ” you make me laugh, I think how you copy
    This old man downtown he sold flowers for years”
    I respond to cretins usually “hmm”I batted my eyelashes
    I can look past people if non human
    Later”copy” for 35+years I plant seeds weed cut arrange and market
    Tons of work and time alone hard stuff “. Copy “?
    Some cretins so lazy can’t build sentences

  7. I agree with what you are saying…all it takes is for someone to point out how you are an astrologer or ‘into’ astrology, and that’s it. People look at you like you are a lunatic, a weirdo, or untrustworthy in your judgement. And you did give up a lot to not only put your name out there like that, but to keep doing it daily. I’m no expert on your life, but at least professionally speaking, I do believe it was worth it to you to do so. Your blog is still the highest ranked, out of the many thousands of astrology blogs out there. Your name is respected (as far as I can tell) as an astrologer who knows her stuff. People I’ve never met before that I have come across out of state know about you, and they have spoken glowingly about your abilities. Maybe privately it was not worth the price, but…professionally you have blazed quite the path.

  8. Some people are in so much pain themselves they take the easy, unconscious way out & they just fling their crap onto others. They can spend their entire lives doing this. And hey, aren’t we all in some kind of pain here people?
    They could instead, take the time & effort it takes to look at themselves consciously. But heaven forbid, that would would mean working on themselves! Some are just plain jerks.
    Now if I can’t say it out loud, I just say “jerk” in my head at the time & then go spit into a toilet to literally let the crap they flung at me outta my body. I don’t have time for that shit anymore.

  9. I know what you mean, Elsa.
    “You have to leave them in their delusion”

    I have 3 planets in the 8th – Moon and Pluto-Saturn in a conjunction.
    It’s in Libra, so you can’t really NOT care what they think, eh?

    But the fact is, these two Big Boys have a quincunx to Chiron in the 3rd. I seem to say things that make people angry. But when I’m done with someone, it’s not always clear to me, so I do and say and act it out in a lot of ways, instead of realizing my destruction of a relationship, because that’s what it leads to. It often leads to disaster with Algol-type men…

    Other times people have formed an opinion about me and been angry at something their own fear has conjured up. So, I have to leave them to their “delusion” and to let them work it out themselves. It’s hard. But then Scorpio’s amputating arm comes out, and my Scorpio Stellium chops off their connection to me.

    It always takes a while to grow that soul piece back…

  10. I have an 8th House Sun and Mercury in Pisces, Venus in Aries in the 8th House (Pisces is the 8th H cusp, but I use a quadrant house system), with Moon exactly conjunct Lilith (true bml), closely conjunct Chiron in the 10th. I wish I had the same resilience to face public judgement that you have. I have an acute sensitivity to how people perceive me, which makes the full expression of my chart really difficult… I really appreciate your blog posts and authenticity. Thank you for what you do.

  11. Pisces Ascendant. Intrigue and scandal are very common with this sign! I can only laugh at the life and stories other concoct for me even when they know I’m a straight shooter! I consider myself more open and honest than average and uncomplicated in character. Many Virgos (Desc) and Aquarians (12th) have been involved in this.

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