Displaced From Your Vocation

leo sun lionIs there is any value in ignoring what’s happening? I’m talking about all the people who are being ejected from their jobs.

Worse, more often than not, the job the person is kicked from actually suits them. They’re great at it; it’s not just their job but their vocation. It’s extremely disorienting and demoralizing.  Like you know something is “off”.

In most cases, it’s the entire industry being hit.  The person affected may very well have to completely retool their life.

I’m talking about re-training or perhaps making a break from traditional work, depending on the individual’s circumstances.  Grappling with loss of income is another enormous issue and challenge. I routinely talk to people in this circumstance. It’s HARD.

I think it’s time to put this out here. I just don’t see the benefit in pretending people aren’t suffering.  This is way beyond, “learn to code”. Never mind the people who took that instruction are far from safe!

I feel we are being we’re encouraged to push towards the future. Make sure you’re there first and if your friends and family fall off the boat, too bad!

Tell me I’m not the only one who can see this?

I used the sun as a picture, because the sun rules a person’s vocation.  This is about more than money.

Have you been affected?  You’re not alone!

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  1. Yes, twice. I was displaced in my first career choice when it was outsourced to various Asian countries (thank you NAFTA). I went back to school and got my masters in library and information science and that is being eliminated as well. Not the best at picking fields lol.

    1. Hello to a fellow LIS’er, Elsa said some were a part of this community. I’ve seen the writing on the wall about our profession since 2018 or so. After much indecision / fear of the unknown / career PTSD, and I finally started a long game in 2021. With so much that is changing, the word ‘long’ gives me some trepidation, but I’m hoping it is retooling with skills I can use in many settings and not just the fields I’m currently in. I would not be surprised if I’m out of the field in 5 years, or that it looks completely different than when I started. Best of luck for the direction you take, and hopefully it is one you’re moving towards.

      1. Seriously, between Medicare and Medicaid (OHP) I get better care than I could get if I had to work 40+ hrs a week and pay for insurance through an employer. I didn’t have enough work credits for SSDI when my kidneys failed so I get SSI and not the full amount bc “in kind” but I’m lucky enough to have a safe place to live with someone that doesn’t make me pay rent bc their house is paid off (he’s a widower, tax preparer Cap/scorp rising)
        Honestly it takes a lot of pressure off my life not having to worry about stuff like holding down a job anymore and I’ve dabbled in art the last few years but I can’t profit from it. In spring 2023 I sold some magnets of photos I took to Peter Buck of REM for $20 and officially felt like an artist.
        Btw I have a 24° Pisces MC w Saturn opposed same degree

          1. I know this is off topic but in the forum discussing Medicare but heard a radio show w weknomedicare.org in the summer when both my parents were in the hospital and they can help you figure out your options in your state

  2. I have three kids, 34, 32 and 28. All college educated, all instant hires at great companies – all nervous in their different jobs within different industries. I’m 72, retired and had felt financially prepared for retirement; there are no guarantees.

      1. Elsa, the days of joining one company and staying your entire career are long, long gone. Ended around 1993. Why do you thing Detroit is such a mess? Long long gone.Until you retire you have to be on your game the entire time, including willing to relocate, take paycuts, more. I have been through this so many time. Your buying choices as a consumer matter.

  3. I think in my case it was more about getting rid of high priced successful sales people and hiring low priced young people in their stead. Luckily my husband was at the top of his game and earnings, so we were not tremendously negatively affected at that time. If one Zooms out, one can see it was openly age based discrimination that boosted the bottom line at the corporation….

  4. I got displaced from my ideal career years ago, settled for “quiet typing in a corner,” then got thrust into “This is the place where you get abused,” where I get bullied and have had nervous breakdowns, had to go into an outpatient program and am still on medical leave from there, hoping I find some slightly less awful job. I don’t have high hopes.

    I will NEVER be able to do a job I love, like, or even am neutral about again, since all jobs are extremely stressful now and in a constant crazy atmosphere–and that’s just typing for money jobs! Every single job is high demand, high stress, high phones, high panic and fear in the listings. I’d like to not hate myself and my job all the time, but the odds of that are low, because the jobs that are still valued these days (i.e. you can get paid for it) are service jobs, which are all about abuse. I can do it in a white collar office or get abused in retail or a restaurant, that’s my worth as a human. And now, we have AI to displace you even further.

    1. I think it’s people’s ego’s that are under pressure and it creates this high pressure, panic, fear, constant stress energy. I work for a really small company which in reality is not high pressure at all. But there is a constant atmosphere, all via remote communication, of imminent meltdown. It’s important to be clear about what exactly is melting down. In some cases it is an entire industry, but it’s also happening within individuals. It’s very hard to negotiate this landscape. I try to avoid certain forms of communication, especially zoom, which are often very unnecessary unplanned ‘meetings’ and are unproductive. It’s very hard to stay centred and grounded, and I’m finding I’m having to observe and quickly modify my boundaries, which is a difficult area for me and I know, many other people. Feels like a destructive, uncreative, and unproductive landscape for sure.

      However, I think there may be a “working through” going on of the difficult emotional experiences people went through in 2020-2022, which were almost entirely suppressed, dealt with via placebos (if you do x, y, z you will be safe from the ego’s greatest fear = annihilation), and now arising vehemently through different unexpected channels, especially rage/anger/grief/sadness/helplessness, etc. It’s a heady cocktail to negotiate personally and collectively.

      1. I should add, Saturn in Pisces seems to me to be the “working through” aspect. Working through is a psychoanalytic term referring to getting in touch/contact repeatedly (this is key, the repetition) with underlying cut off, denied or suppressed, even repressed emotions – in a felt/feeling way, so that they are able to be recognised, understood better by the mind (represented with thoughts, ideas) and thus able to be integrated better into the whole being.

  5. Do not give up Jennifer. Concentrate on what you want and settle for nothing less! You can find it and do it if you believe in your prayer…. Which is simply expressing what you need to God or the Universe, whatever you call it!

  6. I’ve seen this happen. So unfair and unsettling for those involved. Wishing anyone going through this the best of luck.

  7. This is me. Goodness, this has been going on for almost 5 years now.

    Uranus near n. Saturn and Pluto through Capricorn were very disorienting.

    I know caring for and healing animals IS my vocation. But I found a workplace and doctor that recognized that only once. She closed the practice (retirement) and I prepared to move in October 2022. Since then it’s been nothing but loss (Pluto), chaos (Uranus) and wildly fluctuating income (also Uranus – 2nd house with Whole Sign).

    My neuro issues are an issue, but no one gives me the chance to settle in. One is supposed to get a 3 to 6 months training and grace period. Months, not weeks!

    Customer perceptions have also hurt me, which stinks because again, neurodivergent. Problem is everything is so intensely customer focused and the general public is more ill informed, entitled and ignorant than ever before. These are the ones that threaten to leave bad Google or Yelp reviews. Instead of businesses chucking these people, the staff gets blamed instead.

    If I’m going to succeed, I have to go out on my own. I’m tired of the revolving door.

  8. I have seen this personally and, in my family, and community as well. A five-month job fell into my lap last year that was totally out of my vocational history but was in my hobby interests. I felt a bit out of water at first but ended up learning some good tips for what I enjoy doing.

    A nephew retooled his practice, a son began doing something totally different with his vocation, although he goes back to the old at times. Another son of ours had to completely change his life over his chosen profession becoming an outdated field generally.

    I think I see it in my community just looking at all the businesses that have closed or reworked their business plans or mission statement or even closing one company and starting a new one. It seems to currently be fast changes from what I see.

  9. “Learn to code” is redundant now but has no replacement. Tech is the one hemorrhaging the most jobs and we haven’t seen the whole effects of the large language models (termed inaccurately “AI”).

    This is a question that can’t be answered. We do not in the grand scheme of things know if someone being fired from a job that they were apparently very suited and trained for has a positive potential.

    Two times this has happened a little before were, the 2008 crash where many expanding industries were no longer expanding. The 2020 lockdown, where people started investing in home improvement instead of going on holidays and such.

    Two things that strike me though are A) Irrelevant pretend jobs do exist. This is a function of a fiat money system. If money is printed then whole industries that are not useful can be kept going through the preference of controllers. Since America cannot export inflation so easily because of the BRICS trading in their own currencies, for the first time in decades there is some real limitation on USD.

    B) Some of the really important and low status jobs. Garbage men, care workers (A point of second wave feminism dropped by third wave feminism, proper pay for jobs women are inclined to), supermarket workers etc. Will not be being fired. There may be some cuts. But we need food to be distributed. I do think it is an injustice when I meet people that work in those jobs long term and it is also a kind of energy blockage. If people are putting all their energy into those jobs and not getting a commensurate status for the effort they put in. Then that is not a correct energy flow.

    A is directly related to B. People getting high status from pretend jobs detracts from those not getting it in real jobs. It creates an entire culture.

    I cannot know on individual cases. I do think though that there is a lot more transition coming. Personally to get from where we are to where we need to be, there are many things I can imagine, but one possibility is a war. Possibly staring in April when Uranus returns to the exact point of its WW2 position. Then in early May Pluto exactly opposes its WW2 position.

    This would then lead to the mythology of heroism again when Neptune enters Aries as was talked about in the forum.

  10. When I first started working in 2008 the global economy was collapsing and a few service sectors were available to work. It provided an income for a few decent years. Then I was trying to find a more meaningful job, one I can also rely on financially but it was hard. Then the pandemic came and showed me that I wasted my time in those jobs. I had Pluto in my 6H and Uranus still in my 10H. I am looking for a meaningful career now, very curious to see where the planetary energy leads things..

  11. Strangely I’ve been isolated from this. Everyone I know either retired or is in something that has a degree of security due to being a union job. It could change, but so far hasn’t. Even in my neighborhood, school community etc., everyone still has their job. The wages aren’t holding up well though.

    What do kids even do for jobs now as they graduate?

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