Dissatisfaction With Life: Free Your Mind, Your Ass Will Follow

stubborn muleI wrote about the collective depression brought on by Pluto in Capricorn, back in 2015.  I updated that post over the years as I saw people in general, sink lower and lower.

I’ve also written about the widespread addiction; not just to drugs but to the internet.  I give this to Neptune in Pisces…. it’s an escape that leads to widespread disillusionment.

These two problems combined, with a pandemic thrown in for good measure, to create a situation where most people feel isolated. Many feel very isolated.  Some have disappeared themselves altogether. I’m talking online and off.  They’ve ceased to interact with others for their own personal mix of reasons.

I talk to people who are unhappy with their life, pretty frequently. I generally have a good boundary with this, but it’s weakened with Saturn in Pisces.  Some stories are truly heart-wrenching.

I’ve asked my husband a few times, what he thinks of this. Of all the sadness.  He straight up tells me, we’re a country in decline. “This is how it is when your country is going down the tubes,” he says.

I can’t really argue this. We’re folding in or ratcheting down or however you may view it. I personally think this will turn around.

Either way, it makes sense a person acclimate to their circumstance.  Live in the now. Because pining for how it was, which will never, ever come back, drains energy and wastes time (Saturn in Pisces).  There are so many positive things you could be doing, but they are placed on the horizon, which makes sense.  How better to coax you from your rut?

It’s remarkable, Saturn and Neptune will flirt around in Pisces, but not hook up until the reach Aries in February of 2026. There is a discussion on this here.  I know a lot of astrologers predict a civil war and while it’s possible it’s not a forgone conclusion. It’ll be the start of something, though.

Saturn in Pisces supports those who have faith while disabling those who do not.  This is also an ideal time to learn to transcend.  Think about it.

In reality, you can be happy, even if there are things lacking in your life. The stories I’ve published on this blog over the last twenty-three years, demonstrate this over and over and over. How many stories do you need?  Seriously, if you plan to wait until your life or your partner or your job is perfect, before you call yourself, satisfied, you will never get there.  In my view, you’re stuck. Stuck and stubborn, refusing to see things differently.  It can only be YOUR way, right?

Jupiter will be heading into Gemini this month, providing a great opportunity to change your mind or change you view on things…more than once.  Matter of fact, it’s going to be increasingly hard to NOT shift your thinking, as planets move into Mutable Gemini over the next few weeks.   Why not go with it? How do they say it?

Free your mind and your ass will follow!

Is anybody with me on this?

13 thoughts on “Dissatisfaction With Life: Free Your Mind, Your Ass Will Follow”

  1. It’s sort of tricky to address in our current times due to so much that is so amiss being out of our direct control, but yes: unrealistic expectations are huge in terms of personal unhappiness, and what you’ve said about being online, particularly within the confines of a smart phone, is absolutely a warping factor IMO, and these transits can certainly be a factor in *that* aspect of the conversation.

    Couldn’t agree more about freeing one’s mind.

  2. Avatar

    I’m undergoing a HUGE shift, have to keep remembering to Let go and breathe and watch the breath and calm myself. And repeat; I am enough. We’re all evolving…ride the waves:)

  3. I could’ve doubled my net worth years ago if I hadn’t waited and waited until the “right time” to invest.

    Even if somehow the evil agenda is finally derailed, so many people in the more developed nations are now living in either denial or fear about their future health. But that can be used as an impetus to make the most of today in the best way possible. It has Always been true that Today is All We Really Know We Have.

    1. “Always been true that Today is All We Really Know We Have.”

      Excellent point. You die waiting for perfect conditions… or you have have faith.

  4. I agree that Jupiter in Gemini will give us the opportunity to alter our mindset (for the better). By doing this we are increasing our chances of experiencing positivity/joy. I’m all for this 🌞.

  5. “Seriously, if you plan to wait until your life or your partner or your job is perfect, before you call yourself, satisfied, you will never get there. In my view, you’re stuck. Stuck and stubborn, refusing to see things differently.”


    It’s a common theme I see in most people. Once they get a good job, a relationship, money, weight loss especially, then their life will be all puppies and rainbows. It’s a faulty mindset.

    Firstly, when a person does reach their destined goal, it comes with a NEW set of problems! The dream job may be a hard commute. The dream partner may microwave their fish dinners, or leave wet towels on the floor. The weight loss still needs to be maintained with diet and exercise, otherwise it piles back on!

    Secondly, when you reach the destined goal, the existing problems may still … exist. That ongoing rift with a friend/relative. The roof that is still leaky. Those inner issues and core wounds that still remain. Life still happens whether you are a size 10 or not!

    It’s best to cultivate that sense of satisfaction and healing now, BEFORE you commit to those goals, and regardless of what is going on. The rest will follow organically 🙂

    1. This is so true. When I finally got to move to Florida, I loved living there but I missed family in Ohio that refused to move there. Even though I flew back every 3 months to visit it was just not enough. Now that I am back in ohio with family I so miss the florida weather. Satisfaction is so difficult to come by for me.

  6. Additionally, what do you feel about how Jupiter Gemini will affect that particular generation born between 1965-1967, they have Uranus/Pluto Virgo opposite Saturn/Chiron Pisces.

    And from what I’ve seen from that generation (I have friends in that generation) is how unbelievably tough that natal aspect is for them. They are in the midst their second Saturn return too. It seems like old inner core woundings are really coming up to the surface over the past couple of years, almost with the force of Mount Etna!

    Surely Jupiter Gemini and the squares it will make to both the Virgo/Pisces opposition will exacerbate that? Will mental health issues be a problem? Or will it provide a burst of mental clarity, and maybe even healing (it is Jupiter after all)

    Would like to see responses from others on here with that configuration 🙂

    1. as one of that cohort…um, yeah. it’s been rough on the more stubborn of us (oooh, it ME). lights are coming on, and as the mirror is illuminated, so may we be. but DAMN if it isn’t unflattering and revealing *continued* work to be done! we’re used to it. 😆 I’m tired, but soldiering on, as I’m the only one who can make the necessary changes. i sense the expansive clarifying energy. that said, it sure would be nice to rest my mind and heart. sheesh.

  7. I’m comforted Elsa, that you think the downward spiral will turn around for America. I believe this, too, but is it wisdom or denial on my part? Am I hanging too much hope on Pluto (not usually a planet given to hopeful outcomes). Dictators seem to be in ascendancy, but how can their grip on power survive Aquarius?
    My younger friends anticipate blood in the streets; I fervently pray we are better than that.

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