Interpretation Of North Node in Virgo or the Sixth House

Pisces and/or twelfth house energy is…..well, hard to define! Like anything related to Pisces, definition and distinction is hard to find in that foggy Neptunian haze. In the Pisces world, all lines are blurred, all is one, and things might be hidden. In truth, they may disappear altogether!

It might be a grjheat reminder to everyone that not everything in the Neptunian world is what it seems. Be careful not to be sucked into all that glamour. Like fog, nothing in this world is solid. Things shape shift, lions can fly, and pink balloons can talk to you. Everything is just boundless! It’s like a dreamy dimension where there are no rules.

South Node in Pisces usually prefers isolation rather than dealing with the details of the real world. In past lives, or earlier in their life, they must have been through some trauma (s). This trauma (or traumas) might have pushed them towards moving to a place where there were few, or no, people, at all. They might have been victimized, somehow. This left them fearing the outside world, and they isolated themselves out of protection. This could have been a way for them to gain back their sense of stability and power.

Back to ‘the real world’

In this lifetime, you South Node in Pisces folks are learning to re-enter the real world. Isolation has its positive points, but taken to an extreme there can be negative consequences. Consequences such as lack of social skills, depression, lack of motivation, and losing skills you attained while interacting with the outside world.

These past life memories of the real world persecuting, judging, and even hurting, you Pisces South Nodes, still haunt your unconscious memories. Some are even memories from this current life. You might find that your intuition might lead you back to the work force. It might inspire you to hone a craft.

Mind the details, please?

In this lifetime, there is a lesson, for these North Node in Virgos to mind the details of life. There might be an automatic impulse from these people to drift back into their daydreams, forgetting about the troubles and technicalities, of mundane life. But this type of mental habit may endanger them. It is imperative that you South Node in Pisces stay alert to the present moment. The universe will support you if you learn to watch out for yourself, and learn about your surroundings, instead of escaping it.

Who’s to say that there isn’t a bear trap underneath those leaves? And are you sure you want to eat those mushrooms? They might kill you. What about those insects? They might have stingers. The universe is full of debris, sneaky things, and curve balls.

You are also learning how to deal with the technical side of life. Do you know how to change your car’s tire? What about changing the oil? Have you paid your monthly bills? Oh, and don’t forget to lock the back door! This lifetime is a lifetime to learn practicality and responsibility.

For your career, you may need to learn computer skills, or at least enough to keep up at your workplace. You must learn how to fix things in this lifetime. You are used to giving your problems to a higher power, but in this lifetime the solution may lie in your hands literally!

North Node in Virgos can usually help exercise their brains with things such as computer science, engineering, and being a surgeon. But these aren’t the only types of careers that help them pump up their conscious mind. Majors and careers such as art, history, and studying culture, can be great subjects for them to practice their analytical skills. They are also great subjects for delving deeper into details. South Node in Pisces will realize all the intricate, and beautiful, details, they have missed out on, in life, by isolating themselves too much from the world.


You South Node in Pisces are used to floating with the oneness of the universe. This is a great skill, and sometimes coping mechanism, that you have. But sometimes to get something done, a person must roll up their sleeves, plan, and take action. The egoless spirit of the South Node in Pisces is great for mental bliss, but horrible for moving things forward. The human ego is a great tool for motivating someone to move, and get things done.

South Node in Pisces must learn that although life can be foggy, and things can seem meshed all into one big chunk, they can still use their senses to discern, categorize, and sift out, things. This is especially for things that hurt them, or endangers them. The ‘oneness’ that Pisces used to crave may actually blind them to the complexities of the outside world, and even their immediate surroundings.

There is bliss in letting go to the flow of life, but there is wisdom in being wary enough of the world, and people. Your South Node in Pisces can be too accepting of those who take advantage of you. Some may genuinely need your help, but some may be pulling the wool over your eyes. This is where discerning and categorizing who, when, and where, you will help people, will come in handy.

Do you have North Node in Virgo, or the sixth house? Are these challenges familiar to you? If not, what challenges, or lessons, are missing? Do you think you are on your way to mastering your North Node in Virgo, and/or the sixth house?

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44 thoughts on “Interpretation Of North Node in Virgo or the Sixth House”

  1. It might be a grjheat reminder to everyone that not everything in the Neptunian world is what it seems.
    ^This “typo” perfectly fits in context!

  2. My boyfriend has his 29′ Virgo NN in his 6H. He’s all what you described and a bag of chips! He has worked toward fulfilling his NN purposes as he is a retired engineer; loves to refinish furniture (work with his hands); and he is a history and now astrology buff! However, he hasn’t mastered closing kitchen cupboard doors and locking house doors. 😉

  3. Much of this is true of my boyfriend and I’m still trying to understand him. NN in Virgo,
    8th house. He’s a mechanic, loves fixing thing even when he’s not working. He’s also completely egoless and I love that about him (it’s so rare), but ego has a function of helping us survive and assert ourselves. He’s always putting everybody else first, not caring about himself and I’m worried about that. there are so many people who will use him for his kindness.

  4. I don’t have these nodal placements but love reading your posts anyway. I always get something out of them. In this case, food for thought re: the Pisces and Virgo energies. Thanks a-h! Much appreciated!

        1. I have Pluto-Vertex-Venus in Virgo.

          And right now my Neptune in Scorpio is figuring prominently in my life. (My Pisces is empty. My piscean energy plays out via my Neptune.)

          Too complex to delineate here, but your post has helped me tremendously!

  5. I have True node in 6th house in Virgo conjunct Saturn there. It’s not so bad with the losing oneself to higher levels of life but I do prefer solitude of reading a book to actual housework or going out. 😀 Working on being more organized because when my life runs like that, everything falls into place perfectly.

  6. “These past life memories of the real world persecuting, judging, and even hurting, you Pisces South Nodes, still haunt your unconscious memories.”

    BOOM! Clairvoyance you say?! 😉

    My NN is in the 6th house of Cancer, and one of the wonderful ways I have used this energy is by taking in a cat from the shelter. This is a perfect fit for a 6H NN Cancer, as small pets are ruled by this house, and cancer looks for family members. I got a really Cancerian cat, so whiney and noisy – but he loved to cuddle and had a 6th sense as sharp as a razor about me. He cared so much and so deep about his family.

    Also, I have struggled a bit with getting things into order. I am a huge neat freak, but I can be sloppy as well. Usually – this is my creative/craft board. Typically Pisces fashion – no restriction or anything in my creative area.

    A way to deal with this energy: I have subconsciously established different “zones” in my home (Cancer) with more or less NN/SN functions – i.e. the sofa is the comfort area, with plush carpets and dreamy colors. The kitchen though, needs to be cleaned up as good as possible, and a good order must be kept in my office area and refrigirator! Only good foods and warm, soft carpets (Taurus in 4th house – go figure).

    I find it can be really hard to live out the Virgo stuff – also, lots of people I took in to “heal” them and not heal myself. Now I Have learned that this is dangerous to me – people can harm me, even if they don’t think they do. So I have to be critical of which energy I let into my life as the wrong energy can quickly drain me, thus affecting my health. I am super sensitive.

  7. Thanks from a NN conjunct Pluto in Virgo. This axis is my playground – and it’s not all roses (hell, i don’t even appreciate roses…. maybe it’s the thorns – have had enough of trauma, wound heal wound heal kinda cyclical). Fine tuning on this axis in my later years with the hope of successfully completing this incarnation and finding balance has only been made easier through understanding the astrology.

  8. I have my natal Virgo Saturn conjunct my Virgo North Node in the 6th. I mind the details way too much. I relate to virgo a lot.

  9. Female born Sunday Apr 9, 1961@7:44amcst. My north node is in my 4th house in Virgo conjunct my R Pluto in Virgo. Your reading 4 south node in Pisces was true: that’s what I have but I’m afraid I will never find sit-down work in winona, mn. Its a college town/hunting town. I must find employment bc I can’t pay my rent w/o it. Most jobs here want diploma or proof of ged & I have neither. SOS

    1. This is obviously beyond my level of helping anyone/someone. Perhaps a reading with Elsa would help?

      Sounds like you’re stuck between a rock, and a hard place. Perhaps get your GED first? I apologize for not having the expertise for this.

      I wish you luck! Here are some luck vibrations! ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  10. wow this was an awesome write up.
    the pisces south node sounds like me,but probably because i’ve already pisces energy, with 12th house moon, pisces rising. the isolation and wanting less people around me; i thought it was capricorn that was like that but i also have capricorn. i’ve always lived in isolation too, from youth, so it’s not surprising that my last husband (i hope to never remarry again and be with my husband till death) doesn’t mind, the isolation. honing my craft is something i am on and off working on.

  11. “It is imperative that you South Node in Pisces stay alert to the present moment.” Great advice for those of us with Pisces 12H South Node and a strong Neptune! My progressed Sun went into Virgo a few years ago and it has improved my concentration. I am still sensitive to moods and atmosphere, but now I try to see my impressions as possibilites not certainties so I can stay open and positive if the mood seems less than welcoming.
    Thank you for writing this series- I have learned much about my family members with the Node positions you have covered and look forward to the rest of the series.

    1. “I am still sensitive to moods and atmosphere, but now I try to see my impressions as possibilites not certainties so I can stay open and positive if the mood seems less than welcoming.”

      How Pisces is that?

  12. Can you do a Chiron series? Chiron in Virgo is breakin my heart.. a lot of people with it want to help the world and be of service.. but they can’t. Chiron in Libra is also sad.. I just don’t see how the relationships can improve with that sort of baggage. Or am I reading it wrong?

    1. Hi Kri,

      It’s highly unlikely I will write another series. I might write one more fun writing (not a series) after North Node in Pisces. My intuition (God’s voice???) told me to help Elsa by writing an astrology series. Of course, she does fine on her own, my gut just told me to do it for some higher purpose.

      I do take the suggestion (about Chiron) as a compliment, though! 🙂

  13. NN virgo in the 12th, still not sure how that affects things. I was very chaotic and disorganized when I was younger. I married someone needing saving, but I got my stuff together quick after that. I eventually lost the husband, have a tech oriented career and pretty much have many ducks in a row. I still get sucked into over giving my energy to others, and when life gets hard I can escape into my head like nobody’s business. Not a neat freak…but maybe that’s a future project!

  14. Yes that describes my husband so well.. But thankfully he is doing a lot of Virgo related things n is very hand on in practical matters. N yes life does treat him well!!

  15. Avatar

    I have north node in virgo in the third. Absolutely relate to this.

    I have found in my life that dreaming of the outcome and thinking about the big picture got me precisely nowhere and as soon as I started to systematise and focus on the practical details things miraculously started happening for me. Almost as if the universe cheers me on every time I sit down and get my head out of the clouds.

    1. @scorpioByProgression,

      what a cerebral North Node you have. 🙂

      It sounds like the universe wants you to think more this lifetime!

  16. Thank you for this write-up. This is one of the few articles on the NN 6th house placement that hasn’t entirely repulsed me.

    The problem with my 6th house NN is that I have never found any incentive to pursue it. According to most of the articles I’ve read, I’m supposed to want to be of service. Well… why? I don’t like people very much. Why would I want to be of service to them? I am also supposed to spend more time venturing outside of my dream world. But again… why? My daydreams are deeply satisfying, so why would I leave my internal world? So that I can spend time doing things that don’t interest me? No, thank you. I’d rather sit back and enjoy my 12th house of Self-Undoing. It’s a far more satisfying place and I am much happier there. Not to mention, large animals are much more pleasant than small animals. Rodents, yappy dogs, no thank you. It’s all far too grating for my tastes.

    Come to think of it, I don’t think there is any soul growth in pursuing the 6th house NN at all. Maybe that’s the true lesson of this nodal placement– listen to yourself and what’s best for you above all, lest you end up on another trip around the merry-go-round.

  17. I’m a 6th house NN in Pisces, as well as having my Moon in Pisces. I’ve studied these placements for a long time. And with all that foggy Neptune in my chart found it challenging to grasp.
    I got a bit more grounding by reading both NN Pisces in the 6th and SN Virgo in the 12th.

  18. Wow, an oldie but a goodie here! I’m just about to turn 41 and this was an amazingly accurate description of my lifetime so far. Embarrassing to admit, but it took me this long to figure out that pretty much everybody in my life takes advantage of me. Or did as I’ve been putting up boundaries like nobody’s business now that the fog has cleared to some extent.

    I have a Capricorn SN in the 12th house with my NN in the sixth house in Cancer and I am very thankful for my huge Capricorn stellium as it’s helped me become very responsible (too responsible at times I think). Working as a well-being coach has been a perfect way to lean into my NN and feel purposeful. Thanks for the insights!

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